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WTF Trump Telephone Special

 Hallo Readers,  When Donald J Trump was elected President, some people still hoped for a Damascene conversion to something more thoughtful, more measured, less mendacious, that he would be guided by the knowledge, wisdom and experience of his advisers. Yes, they were really that stupid. Of course, … Continue reading

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WTF Robots Special

Hallo Readers, WTF’s dad used to tell a joke about a man driving around rural Ireland, hopelessly lost. Eventually, he sees a farmer leaning on his fence and stops the car. “Excuse me”, he says, “I’m trying to get to Dublin. … Continue reading

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WTF Loadsamoney Special

Hallo Readers, This week, WTF forked out £25 to join the Labour Party (actually rejoin, she was a member many years ago, then lapsed), for the sole purpose of voting out Jeremy Corbyn. The truth? She is uneasy. The National Executive … Continue reading

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WTF Snakes and Ladders Special

Hallo Readers, WTF is angry. Correction. WTF is boiling bloody mad. She has been boiling bloody mad since the Referendum result and every day increases her fury as the country lurches from one farce to another. And it is like snakes and ladders. … Continue reading

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WTF Sexting Special 2015

Hallo Readers, Happy New Year and welcome to 2016. And what an unedifying start it has been, with the rise (quite a lot of rises, it seems) and fall of priapic Purger-of-Paedophiles-in-Chief Simon Danczuk MP. Six months ago, WTF opined that … Continue reading

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WTF Bullies’ Bonanza Special

Hallo Readers, It has been a most unedifying week in British politics. For a start, we are at war – again. Two years ago, Dave begged the House of Commons to let him bomb Syria to take out President Assad. He lost … Continue reading

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WTF They All Got It Wrong Special

Hallo Readers, On his release 5 weeks ago, WTF expressed the view that although Ched Evans was, on any view, a scumbag, he should on balance be allowed to return to his job playing football for Sheffield United after serving half his … Continue reading

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