My Mission

Originally was purely about celebrity fashion disasters, so common these days that it allowed me to expose a new collection of horrors on a weekly basis. Then I started putting it in the odd introductory paragraph, which has since grown into a weekly discursion on current affairs. It’s an odd mixture, I grant you, but one that seems to be popular. Of course, if you’re not interested in the politics you can skip to the ‘fashion’ and if you’re not interested in the fashion, you can stop reading after the first few paragraphs…

Anyway, the blog started out because sometimes I simply cannot believe that “celebrities” go out in public in the vilest outfits AND NO-ONE LIES ACROSS THE FRONT DOOR AND STOPS THEM LEAVING. And you have to ask yourself – how can this be? Do they not have friends or family or agents to speak up and say “Are you having a laugh?”. And then we come on to stylists. I can see that some people may need a helping hand, but in many cases the hand in question is not helping them, it is slapping them repeatedly across the face with a wet fish. Why don’t the “celebrities” just say no to the suggested item of clothing, or better still, wrap it around the neck of the said stylist and pull hard? Honestly, no jury on earth would convict. They would be carried shoulder-high out of court by cheering jurors. Instead they end up in wtffashionshark….

As we all know, the word “celebrity” is probably the most inappropriate word in current usage. All sorts of the most ghastly people with no discernible talent are now counted as “celebrities”. Often you need have only a pair of inflatable breasts and a dalliance with another “celebrity”, preferably married. This site will try its hardest to avoid Hiltons, Kardashians, anyone from TOWIE, ZOWIE (OK, I made that one up), Real Housewives of Nowheresville  or anyone off Emmerdale, Hollyoaks or similar, although sometimes so horrifying is the ensemble that they just have to be featured. And some people are not getting in because otherwise they would be in every week, and yes I mean you Nicki Minaj, Jessie J and Su Pollard.

Here’s another thing. Such is the need to get noticed that outfits have become smaller and smaller and more and more tacky. More legs, more (inflatable) breasts, see-through skirts worn with large knickers, the recent and appalling trend of see0through trousers, slits where slits should not be (known on this site as genitalia curtains). And sometimes all of them at the same time. And it is all rank.  WTF has declared war on them all. As you will find out….

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  1. dspallas20
    Rob says:

    You have made my YEAR!! I think I can say from all of us who have been getting your WTF emails passed on by friends that we have been wishing for this blog for years. More power to ya!

  2. Sharyn says:

    Where have you been, hilarious this is what the public really needs to hear. Truth and honesty, served up with such wit. WTF needs to have its own publication. With titles like OMG she done it again, WTF, when will she learn. Biggest belly laugh in years . Thanking you

  3. MDTaz – Bridging the abyss between my ideal self and my real self.
    MDTaz says:

    There are only a few blogs (very few) that get to send emails to my inbox, and yours is, btw, the ONLY fashion blog on my list. Every Friday morning I rub my hands together before opening my computer, in anticipation. Thanks for calling it like it is.

  4. In last post the lady you say is Frederique Bel (French actress) links to Phoebe Tonkin (Australian Actress) IMDB page

  5. Marta says:

    Hi WTF
    Thanks so much for all the writing, the comments and above all for making me laugh so much, it is wonderful to have found, and of course my two best friends also send their regards, you really tell it as its, so, on that note I’m including this link in the hope that you … well do your thing.
    The title of this link is (surprise, surprise!!) “Best Dressed Celebrities This Month – June 2018”, there is even a fluorescent person making an appearance, trust me this is a goodo ne

  6. David Boffey says:

    If you reference the latest edition of Private Eye there is a piece about Seaborne Freight and Ben Sharp.
    I knew said Ben when he was in Hong Kong

  7. Genius, again. Almost every week. Has no-one pointed out wrt Arse-Smugg’s ‘common sense’ remark that it’s probably as much to do with class: the privileged are taught to trust their instinct and to push for what they believe is right (for them / us), whereas the underprivileged are told to stay in their place. Which they did, literally. Arse-Smugg should surely have referred to ‘posh sense’; the common, after all, shouldn’t rely on what they think.

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