3 Responses to WTF Mega-VMAs Special

  1. Sue P says:

    WTF hits it square on the head again with Princess Eugenie. Who cares??? Thank you for the mention too.
    As for the fashion, rich pickings indeed at the VMAs. Who are these people? On second thoughts, who cares again, most be unemployed next year!

  2. Phil D says:

    “regained their pitch having been moved out for May’s carry-on”

    For a moment I thought you were pinning their fate on your PM. Unlike the US & UK we Aussies don’t have any mega-rich royals or celebrities, only mega-rich PM’s, we just lost another one, unfortunately a pro-Republican. The Cavaliers are back in charge .

    I wonder if Madonna trying to convey a social message, or has she come up with a new way of saying “Look at me, Look at me”? As for the rest – ditto Sue P.

  3. Ahj says:

    I’m pretty sure Tiffany’s blue knee pads is just the back ground wall showing thru!
    Kanye’s slippers.. wtf?!
    Definitely many contenders for the summer stinker here!

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