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SORRY GUYS You got some of the pics for next week without the c commentary or the lookalike pics. Many apologies, IUt will be with you next week xx

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WTF Scarlet Pimpernel Special

This week’s WTF is for WTF aficionados and dear pals Rebecca, Bindy, Rona, and Claire, all of whom had their birthdays this week.  Our shitshow Government is as useful as a sundeck on a submarine. As Barack Obama observed of Trump’s admin, ‘More than anything … Continue reading

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WTF Lies and Incompetence Special

Hallo Readers,  As Abraham Lincoln wisely observed, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Particularly in a pandemic when some of … Continue reading

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WTF Stray At Home Special

Hallo Readers,  On Thursday, the UK death toll had risen to over 30,000, but that did not stop the British press from titillating cabin-feverish citizens that the end of the strict lockdown was in sight. They urged Boris Johnson to permit people to go and about, … Continue reading

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WTF Sick Obsession Special

Lamb casseroleHallo Readers, Boris Johnson, still recovering from his bout with Covid-19, has became a father again (we think this is number six).  But he cannot hide forever behind either his illness or his new baby. The death rate in the UK is … Continue reading

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WTF Corona Choice Special

This is dedicated to the memory of my lovely friend Barbara who died one year ago this week, and who was a great fan of this blog. She is much missed. Hallo Readers, In the great US state of Georgia, Georgians … Continue reading

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WTF Corona Champs and Chumps Special

Hallo Readers Apologies for the layout. Bloody WordPress has buggered around with the format AGAIN. WTF is not happy with WordPress. Not even at all.  But she is very happy with this man. Captain Tom Moore, aged 99 and  a World War 2 … Continue reading

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