WTF Scandal Special

Hallo Readers,

Today, six pieces of filth were given long prison sentences at Sheffield Crown Court for rape, conspiracy to rape, buggery, abduction, false imprisonment and sexual assault. Four of them are Asian men, brothers Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain and their uncle Quaban Ali. Two of them are white women, Shelley Davis and Karen Macdonald, who helped groom the victims, usually girls from dysfunctional families, many of them in care. This had been going on in Rotherham for nearly 20 years but the Council and South Yorkshire Police did nothing, denying that some men of Pakistani heritage were grooming young girls with affection, alcohol and drugs and then passing them around each other and their friends. Those who raised concerns were branded racist and sent on cultural awareness courses. Council officers who tried to regulate taxi drivers ferrying the girls around were stymied. Managers saw nothing dubious in Arshid Hussain being the “boyfriend” of very young girls or that those girls were having sex with four or five much older men a night. Some police officers must have been complicit as the Hussains were never arrested, never even challenged and Arshid’s drug business flourished. The girls were dismissed by the Police and the Council as “slags” who “had made a lifestyle choice”. One officer later consoled a victim by saying: “Don’t worry – you aren’t the first girl to be raped by him and you won’t be the last.” 

In 2002, Ann Cryer, MP for Keighley in West Yorkshire, raised the same issue in her constituency and was shunned by Police and Social Services, although five men were convicted in 2004. In 2003 and 2006, Angie Heal from South Yorkshire Police wrote reports about what was happening in Rotherham. Nothing happened. In 2010, five Rotherham men were convicted of multiple rapes and child grooming. Nothing happened. In 2012 and 2013, The Times published six separate front page articles about Rotherham, naming names. One was about the Deputy Leader, Jahingar Akhtar, a relative of the Hussains and who had himself been convicted of affray in 2003. The paper alleged he had been involved in brokering a deal whereby Arshid handed a girl to the Police but escaped prosecution. Something did happen. The Council protested that it was the victim of a “politically motivated” campaign of lies by the Murdoch press. In 2012, in the Rotherham bye-election, the Respect candidate, prominent Muslim Yvonne Ridley, made grooming a major platform of her campaign and was promptly accused by Councillors of racism and Islamophobia. Nothing happened. Sarah Champion MP did sterling work for the victims but still nothing happened. But because of the Times articles, in 2013, the Council was forced to commission Professor Alexis Jay to produce an independent report. Published in 2014, this found that 1,400 children had been abused and that the Council and the Police had not taken it seriously and shown contempt for the victims. Only then did the Labour Party suspend Council Leader Roger Stone, Akhtar, who by then had lost his seat, and two others. Only then did the Government commission a Review which was published in February 2015 and concluded that the Council was unfit for purpose, in denial and more concerned about its own reputation than what had happened. Remarkably, over 70% of those spoken to “denied that there had been a problem, or if there had been, that it was as big as was said. If there was a problem they certainly were not told – it was someone else’s job. They were no worse than anyone else. They had won awards. The media were out to get them.”  In 2015, the Government took over Rotherham Council.  Finally.

Could this be any more shocking? It was perfect storm of cover-up, political correctness, council employees fearing for their jobs whilst viewing the victims with contempt, shocking Police practices and a Labour Party which failed to put its own house in order until the shit had hit the fan. Denis MacShane, the previous MP for Rotherham, admitted he might have not done enough because he was a “Guardian-reading liberal leftie“. Everyone should hang their heads in shame. Except you know they won’t.  The Council officers are in other well paid jobs, building up their index-linked pensions. During the recent trial, the jury heard that some in the community still think that the girls asked for it or led the men on. The Muslim communities in Rotherham, and in Rochdale and everywhere else where this happens have to realise that they must confront this issue head on and speak out. Because hiding it will not make it go away. And it must be stopped.


We start our assessment of the week’s clothing catastrophes at the Berlin Film festival with actress Cynthia Nixon.

The hills are alive with the sound of laughing….Fraülein Maria with tits and a fancy clutch.

Next, to London and pointless reality star Jasmin Walia, formerly of TOWIE and now in some other rubbish, wearing PA5H at the premiere of Grimsby.

And – literally – here is the rear.

Should you be raving mad, you can purchase this for £645. Essentially, this is a giant nappy with attached arse-wipes. And the top doesn’t fit.

To London Fashion Week and model Suki Waterhouse wearing Burberry Prorsum.

Look, if Suki were a student with a whopping loan and a part time job in Nando’s, she would just look bad. But she isn’t, which means that in this Paddington Bear meets Fallen Angel thing, she looks really, really bad.

This is model Bella Hadid at the Elle Style Awards, wearing WTF bugbear Julien Macdonald.

WTF does not even know what this is. But she does know she hates it. A lot.

Next we have model Lottie Moss, little sister of Kate, wearing 3.1 Phillip Lim.

The whole thing is very cigarette girl in a 1950’s Vegas night club. And not in a good way.

Also present was singer Charli XCX wearing Vivienne Westwood.

The colour is horrible, like a dehydrated lizard. The bodice is possibly the most unflattering bodice ever in the history of ever and the side slit induces extreme alarm. Just. Very. Bad.

More Julien Macdonald horror, this time on pointless person, Rosie Fortescue from Made in Chelsea.

The last time WTF saw such a painted, waxy face, it was in Lenin’s Tomb. As for the foul dress, WTF is sorry to say it gives the impression of untended pubes.

To the BRITs, where there was a great abundance of nastiness. For example, there was Britain’s Got Talent presenter Alesha Dixon wearing Emilio Pucci.

Alesha’s sole talent appears to be to stay on the right side of the tombstoned-toothed Simon Cowell. On its own, the jacket (£2,835) might have passed muster, but teamed with the double mullet (hair and skirt) and showgirl sandals, it’s a no from me.

And here is another Cowell acolyte, Cheryl Fernandez-Versiniformerly Cole, née Tweedy, wearing Zuhair Murad. Another mullet…..

Her skin is the colour of an old teabag and she has a horse’s tail on her head. Sindy goes ice dancing….

But nothing beats this last one for sheer awfulness.  WTF, battle-hardened as she is, shrieked like a stricken banshee on seeing it. I refer to designer Pam Hogg (right) and “a friend” (left), both presumably wearing Pam’s creations.



Pam looks like Iggy Pop does The Terminator. The one in the minge pad looks like a pole dancer. AND THAT CROTCH! Like a plucked turkey with freezer burn.

Memo to Ms Minge Pad. It is never a good idea to expose yourself so soon after waxing. Get down to the chemist and buy some Aloe Vera cream.

This week’s It’s Got To Go is a splendidly splenetic attack from WTF aficionado Sean from West London who has taken serious exception, and I quote almost verbatim here, to George Galloway’s hat.

Sean says either George looks in the mirror and sees Bogart or, God help us, Indiana Jones, rather than the little clagnut of self-regard that he is, or he thinks we are stupid enough not to spot that he is bald simply because he wears a Fedora in the shower. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Keep those comments rolling in and do not neglect your most excellent suggestions for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x

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14 Responses to WTF Scandal Special

  1. Laura says:

    Not sure why it is the Muslim communities responsibility to apprehend criminals? Neither do we say the Jews need to sort their communities out nor are British Christians told they are collectively responsible for abusers in the church.

    • fashionshark
      fashionshark says:

      Communities are not responsible for criminals but they are responsible for not covering it up. And in Rotherham, and Rochdale, and Keighley, there was a cover up. Not a dig at Muslims but at a sort of la-la-la-la-la-it’s-not-happening mentality

      • Laura says:

        The ones who covered it up or failed to bring about an and to the abuse appear to have been the police and social services.

      • fashionshark
        fashionshark says:

        Speak to Yvonne Ridley! she will tell you what went on. But certainly others are culpable. Some 26 police officers are currently suspending pending investigation. But as far As I know, no one has ever been sacked from a council post

      • Laura says:

        The authorities failed not the Muslim community. I think “the Muslim community” would be delighted if these scum bags could be dealt with according to Islamic law. Perhaps Muslims should start off their own community police force like the Jewish Shomrin?

  2. The hat is the most acceptable part of George Galloway.

  3. Now then, Laura. *All* communities, including those from which these scum come, should speak out against both this terrible conduct and the way in which so many kept silent. Muslims, Jews, Commies, Trots, Guardian readers and even wheeltappers, shunters and the CofE. Don’t you agree?

    And if several of these scumbags come from one particular sector of society, don’t you agree the leading figures in that sector should condemn, as well as dissociate the rest of his or her cohort?

    Silence might be misunderstood, no?

  4. Lottie says:

    Oi! Leave Paddington out of it!! He is a bear of great style and impeccable manners and would not be seen dead in that pile of cack.

  5. rightpaddock
    rightpaddock says:

    I can’t help but join the dots between NoW etc phone hacking, BBC covering up for Savile, Hall and Co, events in Rotherham, Rochdale end elsewhere, etc, etc…

    Obsession with celebrity and notoriety has long been a feature of segments of UK society (I’m thinking back to Profumo and Mandy, the clientele of Kray Bros clubs like Esmeralda’s), but it seems to have infected a much wider audience – I dare to say all of society. Then there’s that quintessentially British expression ‘least said soonest mended’ – I cringed whenever my mother or grandmother mouthed those words.

    Celebrity obsession is so entrenched at the BBC (World Service listener here) that I often have to turn it off, They’re also obsessed with technology and themselves, I often wish they had commercial adverts rather than the endless drivel of self promotion.

  6. Wow! You pushed some really sensitive buttons this week.
    But I am here to defend George Galloway’s fedora. I like fedoras. I like the way Humphrey Bogart dressed. Indiana Jones too. When gentlemen dress for formal occasions today they as often as not wind up as a feature in this very blog.
    As an aside, I had dinner with Mr. Galloway once. He had come to Texas to help raise money for a human rights organization I was involved with. While they did seat me at his table no one will ever describe me as the reincarnation of Oscar Wilde as far as dinner conversations go so he can’t remember me at all, but throughout dinner and his presentation he kept getting either texts or Tweets about the Israeli military intercepting a humanitarian aid convoy sailing from Turkey to Gaza and apparently shooting at anyone not waving an Israeli flag. I’ve never seen anyone simultaneously turn red with rage and pale with horror and disgust.
    I don’t know all that much about Mr. Galloway other than he is a controversial political figure, but I don’t consider it to be a vice when a politician can express his opinion on a subject in such a way that there is no doubt where he stands.
    And finally, kudos to the ever remarkable Yvonne Ridley. She represents what H. L. Mencken meant when wrote that a journalist should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

  7. Sarah Denby says:

    Jasmin Walla–knickers with side ashes? Charli whatever in snot colored creased satin? And the worst yet: Pam Hogg’s creation reminded me of the Crazy Horse strippers with their minge tape.

  8. Sarah Denby says:

    But I was SO pleased that those pieces of filth are now locked away. Disgusting what they’ve done. And too bad that there are most likely more to take their places….:-(

    • laura says:

      Of course. No one would disagree with that. Sadly grooming and having sex with minors transcends religion and culture. I have heard social workers complain that they have little power to prevent minors in care from going out at night because physical restraint is not allowed. The authorities need to take on better measures that would give them some rights to impose rules on those in car. Presently they can stop pocket money and remove t.v. privileges. Not punishment for someone who wants to be out and doesn’t need money. There is more to these cases than fear of being accused of racism. In any event it is not correct that the Muslim community needs to sort out grooming gangs unless people want to see people being killed. Taking drugs and having sex outside of marriage are not topics that Muslims would discuss outside of the gang. Making all people of a particular race or religion responsible for the crimes of some can have devastating consequences.

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