Bobby Norris

  • WTF School Special

    Hallo Readers,o The useless, fact-free, science-denying pair of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump  are determined to force children back to school. Because if the children do not go back to school, many of their parents cannot go back to work. And if… Continue reading

  • WTF Anything Could Happen Special

    Hallo Readers,  Do you remember when Boris Johnson spoke at various Tory Party Leadership Election Hustings and said that the chance of a no-deal Brexit was a million to one against? WTF does – it was on 26 June 2019. Then… Continue reading

  • WTF The Worst of the Worst Poll Special

    Hallo Readers,   Imagine that you were to invite someone to your house for the weekend. You steam-clean the carpets, air the spare bed, and get the caterers in for a slap-up dinner. Then he goes on Twitter and announces that he wants to… Continue reading

  • WTF Data Special

    Hallo Readers, Do you know who these two are? You should. They have a finger in all sorts of rightwing apple pies. They have the majority of shares in the cloaca that is Cambridge Analytica. They prop up the Alt-Right… Continue reading

  • WTF UKIP Special

    Hallo Readers, Some concepts are difficult to grasp. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Stephen Hawking’s History of Time. And the notion that UKIP can be brought into disrepute. Teams of rocket scientists are currently working around the clock to solve this conundrum and they may… Continue reading

  • WTF Flashman Special

    Hallo Readers,   “…whatever harm a spiteful heart and venomous tongue could do them, he took care should be done. Only throw dirt enough, and some of it is sure to stick; and so it was with the fifth form and… Continue reading

  • WTF Summer Stinker 2015

    Hallo Readers, Yes, it is that time of year when you get to vote for the WTF Summer Stinker, choosing from 20 horrendous sartorial shockers from the first half of 2015. Frankly, they are all bad and so your task is… Continue reading

  • WTF Outrage Special

    Hallo Readers In Copenhagen last Saturday, a young Muslim man shot through a café window where people had gathered to discuss blasphemy and cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Amongst those present was  Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who had drawn a caricature… Continue reading

  • WTF Old Bailey Special

    Hallo Readers, It is now official. Rebekah Brooks ran a newspaper empire without having the faintest fucking idea what went on in the newspapers she was in charge of. She didn’t know about the hacking.  She didn’t know that Andy Coulson,… Continue reading


    Hallo Readers, It is that time of the year when you, dear Readers, get to choose which one of the following fashion atrocities will have the dubious honour of being accorded the title of the Summer Stinker 2014. You can… Continue reading