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Hallo Readers,

In the unlikely event that you needed proof of America having gone to hell in a handcart, look no further than Nashville, Tennessee. Yesterday the State’s House of Representatives voted to expel three members of Congress. And I don’t mean expel them in the sense of compelling them to leave the Chamber or suspending them for a period of time. I mean expel as in er, that’s it, you are no longer a Member of this Congress even though you were voted in by the people in your district. It will come as no surprise that the Congresspersons, two young black men, and a middle-aged white woman, are Democrats and that the majority trying to send them forth are gerrymandered Republicans in what is admittedly a hotly-contested field, is one of the most revolting legislatures in America. Do not forget that Tennessee is the birthplace of the Klu Klux Klan. So what did Justin Jones, Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson do? Did they conspire to overturn an election? Nope. That was Donald Trump. Did they praise people who rioted in the Capitol, defecated in the corridors and attacked policemen with lasers and American flags while chanting ‘Hang Mike Pence’, and call them ‘patriots’? Nope. That was also Donald Trump, as well as the Senators, Congresspersons and Governors in the Republican Party.  Did they get arrested for falsifying accounts and hiding payments silencing porn stars and Bunny Girls? Nope. That was Donald Trump – again. Did they accuse the President of the United States of being a paedophile? Nope. That was GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Did they stand for election pretending to be university-educated, pet-loving, Wall Street bankers whose mothers sadly met their demise in the Twin Towers on 9/11? Nope. That was GOP Congressman George Santos.

No, the offence committed by the three in Tennessee was to chant ‘No Justice, No Peace’ in the Chamber of the State House for about thirty seconds before the House was put into recess by the Speaker, and then carry on. This was after the GOP State and Federal representatives reacted to the shooting dead of three nine year olds, two teachers and a school janitor, all in their early 60s, by doing absolutely fuck all to control gun violence. And not just doing absolutely fuck all but announcing that they has no intention of doing anything because the 2nd Amendment gives citizens a God-given, inalienable right to bear arms, even if it means splattering little kiddies and devoted Christians over the walls of their school with an AC-15. At which point former teacher Johnson and her two colleagues staged a brief protest with – oh, the horror – a megaphone in the well of the House. Moves were immediately on foot to throw them out, with the House Speaker calling them ‘maybe even worse’ than the January 6 insurrectionists. During the expulsion debate yesterday, the sponsor of the bill to expel, with all the ultimate condescension of generations of Southern white men towards Southern black men, accused Pearson of having  ‘thrown a temper tantrum’ and of being ‘attention-seeking’. It is a wonder he did not call him ‘uppity’ or address him as ‘boy’. The two black men were expelled for breaching the Rules of the House. Johnson – the white woman – survived the vote, having argued that she was not shouting or using the megaphone, a difference of sanction she attributed to the respective colour of their skins. Republicans have got to the point where they will not tolerate dissent against what they want to do, but they may find that their insistence on ramming guns and abortion down the public throat will backfire, as it did in the elections in November 2022. Democracy is on its knees in the land that likes to brag that it is the Greatest Democracy on Earth and the cradle of freedom. But it isn’t. It really isn’t. And it never was.


We start our review of the week’s Easter eggstraordinary egregiousness with pop mogul Simon Cowell on the set of America’s Got Talent, wearing what he always wears, but worse, and a face suggesting some interference with the workings of nature.

COME OFF IT!!! Those jeans are the absolute pits. The stubble is the absolute pits. As is the face. WTF has been watching the new Great Expectations on the BBC and, to be frank, Magwitch looked better dressed.

To the Olivier Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London where we encounter actress and singer Beverley Knight wearing Atsuko Kudo.

Yikes. The whole thing is deeply disturbing, like Batman in a frock, but WTF is particularly exercised by the silver thing on her stomach. WTF is it? It looks like a vial of something? Could it be extra talcum powder to get the dress off? #Baffled… Meanwhile, that puddle on the grass makes it appear as if Bev is melting away in the spring sunshine. Get inside, Bev! Quick!

Next we go to Austin, Texas for the annual fright-fest that is the CMT Country Music Awards with ExtraThost Alecia Davis wearing something absolutely ghastly.

WTF does not even know what this is, but she does know what it is isn’t, and it isn’t nice. Particularly that Minge triangle. If a dinosaur went to a fancy dress party as a disco ball, this is what it would look like.

Singer Cody Belew was also walking the Green Carpet, wearing Any Old Iron.

Never mind ExtraTV, this is extra gay with added gay. WTF could have lived with the trousers, even the Alhambra embroidery, but not the peekaboo tux jacket thingy. And that terrible moustache is an It’s Got to Go all on its own, making him look like the late, lamented Burt Reynolds in need of a blood transfusion.

And here is singer Gwen Stefani wearing Couture (!) Valentino.

The top half is Gwen is fine, other than the turd topnot, which Readers will know WTF deplores almost above all things. But that is not a skirt, it is a sparkling money belt, and those boots, while not quite as stupid as the ones worn by Julia Fox last month, are still pretty bad, conjuring up images of a gorilla somewhere hobbling about on its knees or forced to swing from branch to branch in perpetuity.

To Hollywood and the premiere of the new series of Disney+’s The Crossover and its stars, actors Sabrina Revelle wearing AnnaKiki and Derek Luke wearing a suit made for someone somewhat taller.

Other than the need to go visit a tailor for urgent hemming activity, Derek look OK but his colleague, while undoubtedly cute as a button, appears to be standing behind a giant lectern covered in fabric left over from erecting a circus tent.

This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado  WTF of Islington who has had enough of the crappiness that is Britain’s railway system. It’s a joke but it isn’t funny. At the moment it is taking OVER SIX HOURS to get to Glasgow because of works to the track outside Carlisle. Over Easter and throughout May, all manner of horror is to be visited on unfortunate fare-paying punters as they attempt to lower their carbon footprint and not drive to places. It is a shit show. Nothing works in this country and the rail system is no exception. Abject. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week.  Please keep sending in your suggestions for It’s Got To Go and your top comments, which WTF likes more than anything. Let us meet again next Friday. Happy Easter. Happy Pesach. Happy Ramadan. Be good .

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    I don’t know how you do it. Every week, laugh out loud fashion adventures and every week, excellent commentary.

    Never stop!

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