Donald Trump


    Hallo Readers, First, you will notice that the blog looks slightly different, and Truth Be Told, WTF has not yet mastered all the intricacies involved and so please bear with her. Some of you have complained that the previous format… Continue reading

  • WTF Democracy Special

    Hallo Readers, Churchill said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried. But ever since people voted for Brexit in June 2016 and then voted for Trump in November 2016, WTF’s… Continue reading

  • WTF Misogyny Special

    Hallo Readers, GB News  is a TV news channel catering to people who are anti-woke, pro-Brexit and intellectually challenged, a poor man’s Fox News without the New York glitz. Jacob Rees-Mogg has a weekly show on it, for Heaven’s sake,… Continue reading

  • WTF Choice Special

    Hallo Readers,  In November 2024, the American people will vote to select the person, most probably male, who will be sworn in as president on January 20 2025. And the choice, if such it can be called, will be between… Continue reading

  • WTF Paella Special

    Hallo Readers, The old adage that the apple does not fall far from the tree was never more true than in the case sexist oaf Luis Rubiales, the man who thought it was perfectly fine to celebrate Spain’s winning the… Continue reading

  • WTF F Off Back To France Special

    Hallo Readers, Time was when a leading politician who told asylum seekers who objected to being housed in a floating barge to  ‘fuck off back to France if they don’t like it’ would have been disciplined by his party and sacked… Continue reading

  • WTF Deranged Special

    Hallo Readers, The former Prime Minister knowingly lied to the House of Commons, including lying about lying. He then lied to the Parliamentary Privileges Committee about whether he had lied to the House of Commons, including lying about lying. On… Continue reading

  • WTF Courtroom Special

    Hallo Readers, ‘You must not tell us what the soldier, or any other man, said, Sir,’ interposed the judge; ‘it’s not evidence.’  ‘Wery good, my Lord,’ replied Sam. In The Pickwick Papers, Mr Pickwick is sued for breach of promise… Continue reading

  • WTF Temper Tantrum Special

    Hallo Readers, In the unlikely event that you needed proof of America having gone to hell in a handcart, look no further than Nashville, Tennessee. Yesterday the State’s House of Representatives voted to expel three members of Congress. And I… Continue reading

  • WTF Indictment Special

    Hallo Readers,  It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Barely an hour after a grand jury in New York handed down indictments against Donald Trump, the former President was already launching a fundraising appeal and even as… Continue reading