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Voltaire famously said ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ Except that it was not actually Voltaire who said it but the writer Beatrice Evelyn Hall, who published a book about him under a pseudonym, S. G. Tallentyre. Be that howsoever it may be, the principle is one with which – in principle – we all agree. But what would either Voltaire or Miss Hall have said about Facebook’s decision in January 2021 to ban The Former Guy, a ban which this week it extended for another six months?

Supporters of TFG have been up in arms, screaming about ‘cancel culture’,  despite the fact that the GOP is about to sack its no 3 in Congress, Liz Cheney, because she is not prepared to support the lie that TFG won the November 2020 Presidential Election but had it stolen from him by all or any of Joe Biden (‘The Present Guy’), Democrats, Chyn-ah, the late President Chavez of Venezuela (who died in 2013), the manufacturers of the voting machines and/or the software for the voting machines, [add any other unlikely and innocent suspects as wished]. They have also been screaming about free speech and the First Amendment, which does not apply to private companies like Facebook and Twitter. But they have not addressed their mind to the distinction between free speech and blatant lies. And to the consequences of TFG’s blatant lies which have all but brought democracy to its knees in the US with millions of morons brainwashed into believing that TFG should be TPG and TPG should either be in jail or in a home for the terminally bewildered, with the GOP now showing the door to anyone who says differently. 

WTF sees no reason why private companies with – admittedly poor enforced – terms of use should allow blatant lies to be peddled to millions of people, who then repeat them blindly; because if you have read it on Twitter or FaceBook, it must be true. And if you have read it a zillion times, how can it not be true? People only tend to read the tweets and posts of those who share their views, and so truth is defined by volume and repetition, and before you know it rampant fantasy becomes fact and contradiction becomes intolerable. And so TFG should not be allowed to lie on these platforms, and those who oppose him should not be thrown out on their ear because they try and stop the madness. But sadly, it is probably too late, because, as we saw in the summer of 2016 with Brexit and the £350,000,000 a week for the NHS, and in the autumn of 2016 when Mexico was going to pay for the Wall, and now in 2020 and 2021 when TFG had the election stolen from him, lies are just alternative facts that permit of no other alternative.


We start our review off the week’s vomit-making vestments with WTF’s favourite Z lister, celebritee Lizzie Cundy, arriving at her birthday celebrations in London, wearing something nasty and Louboutin bootees.

Lizzie does not look like the Lizzie of recent years and THAT Lizzie did not look like the Lizzie before that and there has clearly been some more interference with the workings of nature. Oh – and blonde is so not her colour. As for the outfit, the dress with that oversized ruffle looks like a particularly virulent snake about to bite. Yurgle.

Next up, we have mega-celebritee Kim Kardashian wearing a load of old nonsense.

No designer has owned up to this. Good call. If Cleopatra went to a fancy dress party wrapped in rug offcuts, this is what she would look like.

Here is model Chrissy Teigen at the Vax Live global event, wearing Valdrin Sahati.

This is the lovechild of a chair and a pumpkin that has been subject to a knife attack by a frenzied lunatic. Who knows? Maybe it originally started off with full sleeves (or at least a symmetrical bodice) before loony boy got going. And what is the point of a modesty panel which fails to achieve modesty and where the flesh colour is not the colour of the wearer’s skin? Frankly, Chrissy should take  that train, wrap it all around her like a shroud and slink away……

This is ‘influencer’ Tana Mongeau (she has 5.7 m Instagram followers), wearing not enough.

O.M.G.  Someone should influence Tana to wear more clothes, including a top that covers at least some parts of her tits and which does not look like a cat’s cradle.

Now we go to the cast party for the TV show Pose which wrapped up its final ever episode this week. There were were some utter shockers on view, starting with actor Angel Bismark Curiel wearing Lanvin.

WTF does not even want to think about why Angel’s hand is down his trousers, like a pervy Napoleon. As for the outfit, someone at Lanvin has clearly been watching a rerun of Casablanca and has fixated on the dastardly but charming Capt. Renault….

And here is actor Jason Rodriguez, wearing who can even say what this is.

This is like an über-camp suit of armour with a willy vajazzle.

Back again, our old friend actor and singer Billy Porter wearing Robert Wun.

WTF has seen Billy look stupendous in skirts and ballgowns, but this is not his finest hour, half washerwoman, half Joseph in his coat of many colours. What is this Joseph thing? A few weeks ago, we had actor Darren Criss in his Balmain version and now Billy. Stop. It. Now.

 And finally this is actress Mj Rodriguez, wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Couture.

It is difficult to know what to hate most. Is it the nip slip? Is it the foot blotch? Or is the truly terrible dress like an explosion in a corset factory?


This week’s It’s Got to Go comes (separately) from WTF aficionados Yvonne from Jedburgh and Daniel from Stevenage, both of whom are rightly appalled by Tony Blair’s hair.

Look. We all got shaggy over lockdown. WTF herself resembled a greying scotty dog. But this is truly the stuff of nightmares…he looks like Bob in Twin Peaks. Is there no pair of kitchen scissors in any of the Blairs’ many houses?  It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Let us meet again next Friday. And keep those splendid suggestions coming in for It’s Got To Gonot to mention your comments. Be good x.











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