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Between 1976 and 1979, Cambodia was ruled by a despotic Marxist-Leninist dictator by the name of Pol Pot. During that time, Pol Pot’s regime instigated a policy of Year Zero, the idea of which was to transform the country into an agrarian socialist society where everyone had equal shares of nothing. All the usual norms were swept away. Anyone educated or dissenting or likely to cause trouble was imprisoned or murdered and many more died of starvation. After the fall of his appalling regime, he told a journalist ‘I want you to know that everything I did, I did for my country’.

Watching the lunacy that is Liz Truss’s government reminded WTF of the late, unlamented dictator’s Year Zero policy. To call it chaotic is to be charitable, and WTF is not feeling charitable. In fact she is feeling pretty bloody uncharitable because this is a farce and it is growing evermore farcical. Truss is basically a principle vacuum in a bad bra, laying waste to the economy, political credibility, basic common sense and reality. Together with her Chancellor, she has managed in a matter of weeks to tank the pound, raise interest rates, frighten the life out of anybody with a pension or a mortgage and reduce Britain to an international laughing stock. Frankly, it is embarrassing. Truss is embarrassing. Chancellor Kamikwasi Kwarteng is embarrassing. The whole cabinet is embarrassing, comprising lickspittles you have either never heard of or people you have heard of or always thought were crap. Step forward Therese Coffey, literally the fat friend who is there to make Truss look good.  Step forward Cruella de Braverman, still dreaming of loading asylum seekers onto those non-existent planes to Rwanda and this week objecting to any trade deal with India on the grounds that it would allow lots of brown people into the country. Step forward Jacob Rees-Mogg, who toured the media studios on Wednesday insisting that the current economic debacle was wholly unconnected to the catastrophic mini-budget, a contention equivalent to a child with chocolate smeared around their mouth protesting vehemently they have been nowhere near the larder. And step forward human oxymoron James Cleverly, who did the rounds on Thursday insisting that the Government had a plan. We know that it has a plan. The problem is that the plan is dismal, conceived to appeal to the handful of backwoodsmen who voted her into the leadership of the party and therefore into 10 Downing Street. It was never going to work and anyone with a single brain cell knew it. Which apparently excludes both Truss and Kamikwasi.

Meanwhile, the U-turns continue apace. We have already said goodbye to the abolition of the 45 pence tax rate for higher earners. We have already bid farewell to cuts in public spending, although Truss still has time to change her mind before dinner. Now it appears she is about to ditch the cuts in corporation tax despite campaigning throughout the summer on this very promise. And it is very probable that she is going to ditch Kamikwasi as well because someone has got to be the scapegoat for this madness and Truss is not volunteering. Speaking of U-turns, Kamikwasi had to hotfoot it home early from New York as the scale of the disaster became clear, not to mention the mutinous intentions of shell-shocked Tory MPs. People have had food in the fridge for longer than this particular version of our Government. The truth is it is already long past its sell by date.


We start our review of the week’s fashion flotsam at the Latin American Billboard Awards in Florida with Cuban singer and actress Seidy La Niña wearing Judith Cabrera. 

Whatever it is that is peeking out from underneath the sarong should not be on show and it is making WTF extremely nervous. If a bowl of custard went to a fancy dress party as a Minge Moment with a floral tit decoration, this is what it would look like. 

Also there was Colombian singer Manuel Turizo wearing Moschino.

Manuel is dressed as a sky blue spaceman in motorcycle boots. Who knows why?

To New York and the W Magazine 50th anniversary party where we find newly-single model and actress Emily Ratajkowski wearing Tory Burch.

Emily is doing that thing the Daily Mail always claims newly-separated women are doing when they appear with tits and arse hanging out, namely showing the departed chap ‘what he’s missing’. Given that they are always out, he had probably seen enough of her bits and pieces and we certainly have. This is a fishing net over very small undies. Never was the term ‘scanties’ so appropriate. Rather in the way that ‘dog bites man’ is not a headline but ‘man bites dog’ is, Emily with her tits out is not news. Give it a rest, poppet, for Gawd’s sake.

Next we are in LA where we encounter actor Jessica Biel wearing Giambattista Valli at the Children’s Hospital Gala in LA.

Jessica! What the actual fuck???? WTF hopes that you were paid a lot of money to wear this with the proceeds going to charity. You look like a loo roll doll, heavy on the bows.

Now we are in Milan (we are zipping about all over the place today) at the end of Fashion Week where we find actor Erykah Badu wearing Rick Owens.

Erykah is only 4’11”, which is presumably why she often wears that preposterous chapeau like Dr Seuss’s cat. In this case, however, it appears that she skinned the cat, used its skin as a coat, hung its balls around her neck and put on a trouser thing with furry bottoms inspired by those Cabac street sweeping machines.

Finally, this last one is bad. Not just bad, but VERY, VERY BAD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. IF YOU ARE EATING YOUR BREAKFAST, STOP NOW.

Here is singer Lizzo wearing ….not enough. Ready? You won’t be…..

There is a fine line between being proud off your body and giving everyone too much of an eyeful. This crossed that line a long way back so that it can be seen only with the aid of a Jodrell Bank telescope. There is a LOT of vulva on display. There is a LOT of everything on display. And it appears that Lizzo has one of these outfits in every colour. Here she is in the yellow version…..

Lizzo. Three words. Stop it now……


This week’s It’s Got to Go comes (separately) from WTF aficionados Yvonne in Jedburgh and Cathy from Peckham and concerns the frightful rapper Kanye West.

First, West saw fit to parade about Milan (i) in a White Lives Matter sweatshirt and (ii) with the appalling right-wing, opinionated idiot Candace Owens on his arm. That is enough right there, but West then doubled down by making anti-semitic remarks on Facebook and on Twitter and has now been removed from both. You’re not well, love. You’ve Got To Go. 


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Let us meet again next Friday. And keep those splendid suggestions coming in for It’s Got To Go, not to mention your top comments. Be good x

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  1. quixote
    quixote says:

    Oh my God! The dayglo dead man’s fingers footgear! The real thing h ttp s:// is bad enough! (remove spaces in https and copy to URL bar if you’re curious about the fungus.)

    Lizzo. Isn’t she the one who just had the whole flap about playing Madison’s glass flute? That was well done. She was dressed in less than entirely formal concert wear then too. I guess it’s her trademark? As you say, find a different one!

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