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It is clear that Joe Biden has little time for Boris Johnson. Not only is Johnson a blowhard and a buffoon, whom he once described as a clone of Donald Trump, but in 2008, Johnson was profoundly offensive about Barack Obama, sneering that he had moved a bust of Winston Churchill out of the Oval Office because his “Kenyan ancestry”  meant that he had “an ancestral dislike of the British Empire.” As Obama’s Vice President, Biden was unimpressed. And given that Biden is of Irish ancestry, he is not at all dewy-eyed about Britain in the way that Donald Trump claimed to be, what with his old mum leaving Scotland to marry Trump père and live unhappily ever after. This Special Relationship is not very special at all.

It is therefore unsurprising that Johnson’s visit to the US this week failed to secure a trade deal, or even a promise of one, because Biden is in no hurry to do Britain a favour, and he is also unimpressed at our Government’s attempts to skirt around the Northern Irish Protocol. Readers will recall that despite Johnson’s promise that there will be no border between Britain and Ireland, there now is one and with large numbers of Congress of Irish extraction, that is not the sort of thing they will let pass unremarked. This was however news to the idiot former MEP Daniel Hannan, a man who has been wrong about almost everything, but who nevertheless scored a seat in the House of Lords. It was Hannan who assured us in 2016 that “No one is suggesting that Britain will leave the single market after Brexit” which shows the analytical skills of Comical Ali.  However, Hannan is not the sort of chap who allows his being completely wrong about everything to deter him in any way, popping up on Newsnight to insist that a deal was indeed on the cards. Rep. Brendan Boyle, who sits on the House Trade Committee, expressed surprise at this statement, pointing out that he would have heard of it were it an actual thing. Hannan was undeterred, describing the Congressman as “an Irish lobbyist” and assuring bemused viewers that Boyle was not talking to the people I’m talking to”.  That is doubtless true because Hannan is talking to half-witted, ill-informed bullshitters like Hannan while Boyle is talking to, you know, people who get to vote on trade deals with the UK, not that there is a trade deal with the UK because if there were one, he would know about it, and would certainly know about before Hannan.

But then, as we have seen with this shower, being wrong and also being utterly useless at your job is not an impediment to remaining part of the political elite. Mislead everyone about the consequences of Brexit and you end up in the House of Lords. Be the worst Education Secretary in the history of ever and you get a knighthood for your services to failure. Stay on your luxury sun lounger instead of heading home to save Brits and Afghans who risked their life for Brits, and you still get to be Deputy Prime Minister.  Is this what is meant by levelling up? That the rubbish ones get to be as powerful as the less rubbish ones?


We start our review of the week’s fashion follies in London with the British Vogue x  Tiffany dinner to mark London Fashion Week. This is celebrity son Jaden Smith wearing MSFTS, a label he partly owns.

If a Yeoman of the Guard at the Tower of London got bored and started doodling snakes’ innards on his uniform, this is what he would look like. And his boots are scuffed, which would not be tolerated by any self-respecting Yeoman. And for the necklace OVER the collar and tie, WTF prefers not to speak of it.

Also there was British model Jourdan Dunn ( who was first spotted in Hammersmith’s Primark aged 16) wearing Miss Sohee.

WTF aficionado Gita aka @MsAlliance tweeted WTF the day after the event in great excitement, pointing out that Jourdan was “so shiny! Is she encased in plastic?”. Well, Gita, the answer is that it certainly looks like it. Mattel had the same idea for Barbie some years back……

And finally from that bash, this is German-born artist and fashion photographer Juergen Teller and his partner Dovile Drizyte. Scroll down slowly……

Yikes! Juergen seems have to drawn his inspiration from fellow German, Arsenal’s goalie Bernd Leno, and then thrown on any old tat over it. That jacket is too small and WTF fears that Juergen has been overdoing it on the bratwürst. And why are his legs ten times darker than his face?

While we are at London Fashion Week, here is designer and Mulberry Muse Alexa Chung wearing Simone Rocha at Simone’s show.

This is sort of kinky Jane Austen meets a bundle of washing. WTF asked this question some time ago and she continues ask it…..what is the point of Alexa Chung? An answer is still required. Feel free to comment below or tweet on @WTF_EEK. 

And now to the Emmys in LA where silliness was in great abundance, starting with Australian actor Bowen Yang wearing a suit by Zegna (OK-ish) and boots by Syro (not OK).

WTF would have been prepared to overlook the fact that Bowen needed to take a size up in the tuxedo, but not the silver boots last seen on something having a drink in the Cantina in Star Wars.

Here is actor and comedian Amy Poehler wearing who can even say what?

You cannot see the top of the dress but it seems unexceptional. Why she has put that dreary belted jacket over it, WTF cannot say. Either there is droopage or her waist is but inches from her boobage, but whichever it is, the effect is like a designer tramp.

Now we have actor Issa Rae, wearing Aliette.

The good news is that those are her own tits. The bad news is that we can see them. And the dress is just an elongated string vest, like something worn by Rab C Nesbitt.

Here is actor Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek) wearing Valentino

The jacket is a cross between a judo jacket and a dressing gown, worn with baggy trewsies and hobnail boots, like Hugh Hefner getting street.

And finally we have actor Emma Corrin (The Crown), wearing Miu Miu.

If Ofred from The Handmaid’s Tale went to a fancy dress party as swimmer Esther Williams, this is what she would look like. The talons would have come in very handy for Ofred, who could have fended off Fred and had a good go at Aunt Lydia.


This week’s It’s Got to Go comes from WTF aficionado WTF, who is sick to the back teeth of electric scooters whizzing along the pavement, scattering terrified pedestrians. Get off the pavements. Get in the cycle lanes – they bloody cost enough. Or better still, just bugger off and get the bus. It’s Go To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Send in your suggestions coming in for It’s Got To Gonot to mention your very top comments. WTF is having a little break next week but she will be back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on 8 October. In the meantime, be good x.


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