London Fashion Week

  • WTF London Fashion Week Special

    Hallo Readers, Just like those films where a deranged nutter rampages about, wreaking havoc and destruction in their wake, is then seemingly vanquished and thrust out, only to make a horrifying reappearance in the final reel, Monday saw the return… Continue reading

  • WTF Folly Special

    Hallo Readers, Last week, you hardly dared to pop into the loo for fear of missing the latest debacle. In fact it was better to stay seated because the constant U-turns, and U-turns on the U-turns, idiocies and mis-judgments make… Continue reading

  • WTF Not So Special Relationship Special

    Hallo Readers, It is clear that Joe Biden has little time for Boris Johnson. Not only is Johnson a blowhard and a buffoon, whom he once described as a clone of Donald Trump, but in 2008, Johnson was profoundly offensive about Barack Obama, sneering that… Continue reading

  • WTF Right Royal Rumble Special

    Hallo Readers, These are tough times to be Royal. Her Majesty the Queen is ninety-three years old. Her knees probably hurt (all that horse-riding) and she must have the odd aches and pains, like you do when you are a nonagenarian. Her… Continue reading

  • WTF It’s a No Special

    Hallo Readers, It’s a No vote and Scotland remains in the UK – for now. But whilst WTF is happy about it, she has the following observations… 1. Westminster shouldn’t crow about this because they made a real mess of it. This was success… Continue reading