WTF Human Scum Special

Hallo Readers,

On our side of the Atlantic, we have become sadly all too familiar with the concept of attacking people in public service as a way of deflecting blame from the politicians who are busy buggering things up. Social media unleashed the furies and Brexit sent them scattering in all directions more vile and irrational than ever. This was never better illustrated than the nonsensical attack on the judges for upholding Gina Miller’s claim that Parliament had to have a say before Mrs Maybe (remember her?) invoked Article 50. The judges were ‘The Enemies Of The People’. The Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence Etherton, copped it for being gay, Jewish and an ex-fencer. Baroness Hale was a “feminist who hates marriage”. Some other judges were partial to a spot of Brie. You get the picture. If you were involved in anything that impeded the country’s slow trundle towards the exit, you were inimical to the interests of the UK and you were a traitor.

Across the Atlantic, we are seeing the same thing. Only there, it is personal. If you are in any way opposed to the President of the US, you are not just wrong or misguided, you are a criminal, a conspirator, and treasonous. Trump attacked the FBI and CIA during the Mueller investigation, calling them crooks and corrupt. Then he called for the impeachment of various senators and congresspersons who had called for his impeachment, despite the fact that the Constitution does not provide for any such process for elected representatives in either the Senate or Congress. Conversely, he has suggested that attempts to impeach him are unconstitutional, even though the Constitution expressly provides for a President to be impeached. Now he is attacking Ambassadors and members of the State Department, career diplomats who have devoted their life to public service. After Ambassador Bill Taylor gave evidence to Congress about Trump’s demand that Ukraine dish the dirt on the Biden family or forego millions in military aid, the White House Press Secretary (who has yet to give a press briefing, despite it being her actual job), described Taylor as a ‘radical unelected bureaucrat’ conspiring with ‘far-left Democrats’. Taylor was in fact got out of retirement by Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to be the Ambassador to the Ukraine. Trump then weighed in, describing Taylor, on no apparent evidence, but then, what’s new, as a Never-Trumper, and called all such persons ‘human scum’.  So this is where democracy is going in the US. Trump, who has never criticised Putin or a bunch of other dictators and murderers, who claims he and Kim Jong Un are ‘în love’, and who has hitched his wagon to President Erdogan while he massacres the Kurds, thinks it is treasonous to either criticise him or to try and impeach him, and that any Republican who objects to his lying, profiteering, incompetence, and hatred of anyone and everyone who does not kiss his ass, is human scum. This is frightening. Almost as frightening as the hold he has over the supine, Republican Always-Trumpers, who allow him to become ever more outrageous, intolerant and dishonest. And this is the man who is championed by our Prime Minister, and the Country to which we crawl begging for a trade deal when we walk away from the trade deals we already have.


We start our examination of the week’s sartorial silliness with actress Kate Beckinsale appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show, wearing Georges Chakra.

She seems to have some waffles attached to her chest. Which is, to say the least, weird. And then some….

Next up we have Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden. wearing Azzi and Osta.

Not only is there a preponderance of tit, Azzi and Osta appear to have run out of fabric at a crucial moment. Either that, or the family dog got the munchies.

And here is actress Denise van Outen, wearing Nadine Merabi.

Nadine Merabi is herself a distinguished winner of the WTF Christmas Turkey 2012, and this is the sort of tawdry, WAGtastic, nonsense in which she specialises, sheer with an imminent Minge Moment. WTF will say it again. When you have to hold your bag in front of your front bottom, there is something seriously wrong with your dress. Or with you for wearing it. 

This is actor Cody Fern, wearing Louis Vuitton.

WTF deplores visible nipple activity (VNA) on anyone, male or female, including on Cody. Something has gone awry with the trousers, both at the top and at the bottom.  If an ice skater went to a fancy dress party dressed as a Christmas decoration with nipples, this is what he would look like.

Next up, we have actress Eva Longoria at the Global Gift Gala wearing Balmain.

Balmain? This resembles a bin bag with buttons. And it is not often that WTF says this, but Eva needs to take several sizes down.

To the Latin American Music Awards in Hollywood, where we encounter musician  Yashua wearing who even knows what.

WTF could walk along the Embankment and encounter a number of homeless people who are better dressed than this, and who also have more need of the mask. To add mental insult to visual injury, Yashua hired a stylist by the name of Justin Lynn to put it all together. Yes, Readers. HE ACTUALLY PAID SOMEONE TO MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE THAT… Why not just make a bonfire of $50 notes on the driveway?

And now we come to lovely actress Tessa Thompson, wearing Loewe. Scroll down slowly to get the full appalling effect…..

A cream leather trouser suit with a black witch’s collar starts off life being problematic; and life gets no easier when the jacket has a peplum like a traditional Greek dancer’s skirt, and the trousers end in floor-length folds like a particularly dramatic marble column.

Finally, we have actress Hailee Steinfeld, wearing Francesco Scognamilio.

Eve was not wearing much less when she and Adam were wandering around the Garden of Eden having a lovely time and not having to worry about the neighbours. It turns out that Hailee is wearing flesh-toned leggings under the sheer skirt but that is not the point. There is an appearance of nakedness which could put people off their foodstuffs. Will this never end?

This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado WTF, who has had enough of online retailer ASOS flogging really stupid clothes to the gullible public. And how gullible would you have to be to buy this?

This is supposed to be a tee-shirt, but it looks more like a pack-a-mac, and, as WTF has already made clear, visible nipple activity in men is no more acceptable than in women. This whole sheer schtick must end. No ifs, no buts. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. You ignored WTF’s request last week to put a smile on her face by sending in your comments  to stop her going into a panic and in panic is not where she wants to be. How heartless are you? And don’t forget your splendid suggestions for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good. x


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3 Responses to WTF Human Scum Special

  1. quixote
    quixote says:

    Don’t panic. (It’s in an authoritative book!)

    The reason I don’t comment is what is there to add to a perfect post? Both the commentary and the fashion. And I say that as someone with three, maybe four, changes of clothes bought somewhere twelve years ago when they were on sale. Yet you have me chortling out loud. Why would I want to dilute a good mood, which occurs rarely these days, by having to listen to myself piffling on?

  2. sammyb3e
    sammyb3e says:

    Great post as always. I have a suggestion for it’s got to go – following this appearing on my twitter feed…

    Camel Toe Boots – by Mason Martin Margiela – here is a link to a picture…

    Looking forward to your next newsletter,

    Best wishes, Samantha

  3. sammyb3e
    sammyb3e says:

    Ug – I am not sure if my last response when through or got lost. Anyway, great post, always enjoy them and if you need inspiration for its got to go, this appeared on my twitter feed recently… Camel toe boots is brown. Seriously.

    Apparently they are by Mason Martin Margiela:

    Looking forward to the next letter!

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