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It has been an interesting week to be a Jew. We have had the antisemitism Jews declaring that they have had enough of the Labour Party’s failure to take antisemitism seriously and the Jeremy Jews accusing the antisemitism Jews of pretending this is about antisemitism whilst they are really just anti-Jeremy Jews. Or Blairite Jews. Or Tory Jews. Or Zionist Jews. Or all of the above. And then there are the non-Jews who support the antisemitism Jews and the non-Jews who support the Jeremy Jews. They all gathered in Parliament Square on Monday and the row has raged on all week, culminating in the Head of the Disputes Panel hearing complaints of antisemitism, Christine Shawcroft, intervening on behalf of one Alan Bull who had been suspended from the party for denying the Holocaust. She has now stepped down from that role but remains on the National Executive Committee.

In 2012, Corbyn commented on a Facebook complaint by Mear One, whose antisemitic mural had been removed by Hackney Council. Corbyn asked why it had been removed and compared this to Rockefeller removing a mural by Diego Viera which depicted Lenin. Had Corbyn looked at it, he would have seen that the Hackney mural depicted a group of grotesque, hook-nosed Jews playing Monopoly at a table held up by naked bodies. But either he didn’t look at it, in which case he had no business commenting on it, or he looked but made the comment anyway.  WTF explained to those who did not know what a grotesque caricature of Jews looks like that it looked like the Hackney mural, and explained why it was antisemitic. Education is key. WTF does not think that Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic. But she is confident that he is not doing enough to ensure that the party he leads does more to get rid of antisemitism. And she is confident that a man who is MP for a North London constituency,  a man well versed in the history of fascism, a man whose mum stood in Cable Street, a man committed to fight racism and discrimination, knows exactly what an antisemitic caricature looks like. And if he doesn’t, then he damn well should. Roll on to 2018, where the mural was raised by Jewish MP Luciana Berger who had come across the comment. Corbyn’s people said he had not looked at it properly and he apologised. At which point, the antisemitism Jews, Labour and non-Labour, declared #enoughisenough. Not just because of the mural, but because of everything that has happened in the Labour Party. The failure to take timely action against anti-Semites. The whitewash of Shami Chakrabati’s report into antisemitism, claiming there was none when Corbyn this week apologised for “pockets” of it and for not doing enough about the thing that apparently didn’t need anything done about, and which, according to union leaders and the Jeremy Jews and the Jeremy non-Jews, doesn’t exist and is being used as a fig leaf to get rid of Jeremy and help the Tories.

You know what, Readers? Given the stereotypical views of some on the Left and some on the Right and some with no politics at all, that Jews run the banks, run the media, run the arts, run the courts, control the World, it is pretty damn galling to be told that the antisemitism Jews are not really upset by antisemitism at all and have ‘an ulterior motive’, that Jews are not allowed to complain about antisemitism without being called liars and a ‘very powerful special interest group’  (oh, the irony), that Labour MPs supporting the complaints should be deselected and are traitors. WTF doesn’t give a stuff if the Jeremy Jews deny antisemitism in the Party. The fact that they seek to silence those who have the temerity to complain is not just outrageous, it is frightening. It is one thing to say that attacks on Israeli policy are not attacks on Jews. Not all Jews agree on this, although WTF can see the difference. But comments that Jews in power are bringing in ‘backdoor Zionism’ is antisemitism. Comments that Jews control everything is antisemitism. Denying the Holocaust is antisemitism. And that bloody mural was antisemitism. And WTF will not tolerate being told to shut up, or called a liar or a Tory if she complains about it. Corbyn has got to sort it out – and sort out those who deny others the right to complain about the very racism and prejudice they and he claim to despise.


It’s Easter. It’s Pesach. Let us cheer ourselves up with silliness in the form of the week’s sartorial survey, starting with singer Ashanti out and about. 

Ashanti is an iconic figure as she is WTF’s avatar. Every item of clothing here is foul, made more foul by their being worn in combination. As WTF aficionado Andrew Purcell points out, the disproportionate size of the Gucci lettering on her hat makes her look like a billboard. WTF has taken particular umbrage at the tit-enhancing dirndl-belt with the smily face like grinning Gretchen from Gelsenkirchen.

Back comes celebritee Charlotte Dawson at the Miss Swimsuit UK in Newcastle, wearing not enough. 

Tawdry, titsy and taffeta. Charlotte Dawson’s usual attire. Although, to be fair, it is markedly less mingy than her usual attire. Do not forget that this is a distinguished winner of the WTF Christmas Turkey 2015.

Actor Win Morisaki at the premiere of Ready Player One.

It was all going so well. Until you get to the terrible trousers and the white socks with the winklepicker shoes like an extra from Grease.

Here is Australian model Shanina Shaik at the amFAR gala in Hong Kong wearing Galia Lalav.

The dress in itself could be lovely were it not for her clavicles like a couple of coat hangers and some frankly mis-matched accessories. But here is a WTF Rule. If you have to hold your handbag over your hooha, there is something wrong with your dress. And with you for wearing it.

Also at the Gala was Hong Kong property rich person, Stephen Hung wearing his bedspread.

I mean it is a very nice bedspread. But it is a bedspread. And the bow tie looks ridiculous.

This is actor Taraji P Henson at the premiere of Acrimony, wearing Roberto Cavalli.

Stephen was in a bedspread and Taraji is in her dressing gown. This dressing gown thing is getting seriously out of hand. First Rita Ora at the MTVs. And now Taraji.  Adding saucy sandals does not make this less of a dressing gown. And it was done ever so much better half a century ago. 

This is how you wear a dressing gown….indoors.

To the Kids’ Choice Awards and former Spice Girl and TV celebritee Mel B’

It is stunningly inappropriate for a kiddies event but Mel does love a sparkling condom. This one is made out of chain-mail and looks like a knight’s long johns. 

Finally, we go to the Junos Music Awards in Vancouver and meet Canadian singer Lights.

WTF does not know which is the more offensive – the hair colour, the Minge Moment dress, the boots or the posterior patch. Frankly, it would have been much better to have turned the Lights off…..

This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado and Comments King Andrew Purcell, who has managed to find something American even more horrible than Donald J Trump (It originally said produce but Andrew took great exception to the word as he has no responsibility for the horror that follows). These are Family Cloth Wipes and they are  – WTF is not shitting you – reusable arse wipes. Yes really. You use them and then you wash them and you reuse them. Presumably that is why they are brown.

 Andrew says  “I can make several really bad puns too! A choice between saving the environment and reusable toilet paper? There are some things I’d rather not pass around. Or have passed around to me”.  He is not wrong. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Keep sending in your top comments and your excellent suggestions for It’s Got To Go. WTF is taking a break and will be back for your reading enjoyment on Friday April 20. Happy Easter, Happy Pesach, Happy Everything. Be Good. x




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  1. The thing that always surprises me about pictures of young women wearing clothing slashed to the waist and beyond is that they have such very saggy boobs. How come? They’re young, gravity shouldn’t have affected them yet!

    It’s quite sad that the best photo here is of Marilyn. She has more charisma and style in her (fastened up, non-revealing) dressing gown than these women flashing their hoo-has through bits of fishing net and glitter.

  2. In no particular order.
    *It may just be an example of our common English language dividing our nations (thank you Mr. Shaw), but by any definition I am aware of I did not “produce” the Family Cloth Wipes. I’m just the messenger. Please don’t shoot me. I saw a reference to it and thought that if anything has Got To Go it was this, and I passed it on to you (pun intended).
    *The choice Canadian Lights made about her hair color doesn’t really bother me. I have a teenage niece who at different times has dyed her hair green, pink, purple, white, and multiple shades of brown and yellow. She’s a great kid.
    *Stephen’s suit looks more like the upholstered couch that my grandmother’s older sister used to own a half-century (and then some) ago. She always kept a clear plastic cover on it while my brothers (my sisters either hadn’t been born yet or were too young to cause any damage) and I visited, and even then we weren’t allowed to sit on it. But at least Stephen’s tailor is capable of measuring his inseam correctly.
    *I can see even her gynecologist blushing if Shanina tries to sit down while wearing that outfit, no matter how she holds her handbag.
    *If Charlotte wants to reprise her 2015 glory, she will have to try harder. Unless those mesh side panels extend all the way around the back.
    *That Gucci baseball cap Ashanti is wearing breaks the rules regarding the ratio of the size of the logo to the size of the cap. There is a reason those rules exist. That cap is ugly. She looks like a billboard for Gucci.

    1. fashionshark

      Noted and changed – and a credit also for the Gucci hat. x

  3. I thought Mr Hung’s photo companion’s dress wasn’t too bad, although it could’ve done with a few more stitches in the thigh exposure department…

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