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  • WTF It’s a Blessing Special

    Hallo Readers, We should never forget the old adage that it is an ill wind which blows nobody any good. There are many who believe that Donald Trump was sent by God unto us to Make America Great Again. And now… Continue reading

  • WTF Brexit Update Special

    Hallo Readers, Here is your Brexit update as at 11 30 pm on Thursday 14 March 2019. Parliament does not want to Brexit with Mrs Maybe’s deal. It has now said so twice. No one wants her crap deal, not… Continue reading

  • WTF Size Matters Special

    Hallo Readers And Happy New Year, Size matters, and it certainly matters a lot to Donald J Trump. He is 6’2″(and almost as wide as he is tall – he has, in the words of WTF’s late mother, gone double). He has silly… Continue reading

  • WTF Inauguration Special

    Hallo Readers, Last month, WTF ranted about the new contempt for facts, learning and experience in a blog entitled WTF Wrong is the New Right Special which made Cassandra look cheery, warning that it boded ill for 2017. Trump’s election has not turned out to be as bad as… Continue reading

  • WTF Big Sam Special

    Hallo Readers, WTF has just returned from the US where the UK’s national game, football, is referred to as “soccer”. Which is just so wrong. What the US calls “football” is basically unarmed combat where men the size of small trucks run into… Continue reading

  • WTF Wimmin Special

    Hallo Readers, Well, Michael Gove, let that be a lesson for you. No-one likes a turncoat. No-one likes a back-stabber, or for that matter, a front-stabber. No-one likes a double back-stabber, or for that matter, a double front-stabber. No-one likes a candidate whose campaign… Continue reading

  • WTF Mega-Shocker Special

    Hallo Readers, 9 years ago, Neil Shepherd, his two children Christi aged 7 and Bobby aged 6 and his then partner Ruth (now his wife) went on holiday to Corfu which they booked through Thomas Cook. They were entitled to expect that… Continue reading

  • WTF Outrage Special

    Hallo Readers In Copenhagen last Saturday, a young Muslim man shot through a café window where people had gathered to discuss blasphemy and cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Amongst those present was  Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who had drawn a caricature… Continue reading

  • WTF Robin Special

    Hallo Readers, On Monday, Robin Williams, aged 63, hanged himself whilst his wife lay sleeping in the next room. After the body was taken away, the family issued a statement asking to be left alone to grieve. Fat chance… within… Continue reading


    Hallo Readers, It is that time of the year when you, dear Readers, get to choose which one of the following fashion atrocities will have the dubious honour of being accorded the title of the Summer Stinker 2014. You can… Continue reading