Elton John

  • WTF Blame Game Special

    Hallo Readers, Welcome to another edition of ‘No, I Didn’t Say That’, the popular political game where Boris Johnson says one thing in the morning, has it explained away in a wholly different light by his spokespersons at No 10 within the hour… Continue reading

  • WTF Sweet Womb Alabama Special

    Hallo Readers, Alabama, the land that time forgot, has just passed a law which, in effect, bans abortion. It was voted for by twenty-five white male senators and signed into law by hatchet-faced Governor Kay Ivey, clad appropriately for the occasion in… Continue reading

  • WTF Grammys Deep Horror Special

    Hallo Readers, Would you put the Chief Rabbi in charge of the Pork Promotion Programme? You would not. So why would you put climate change deniers in charge of your environmental policy? In the US, the idiot President appointed Scott… Continue reading

  • WTF Christmas Turkey Poll 2016

    Hallo Readers, It’s here!! The WTF Christmas Turkey is back and more horrible than ever. No really – what follows is a series of really revolting fashion disasters, as bad as any collection WTF has ever compiled. WTF has no idea… Continue reading

  • WTF Entitlement Special

    Hallo Readers, Everyone was already very worked up by the Cameron Resignation Honours List, which was leaked to the Sunday Times last weekend. WTF certainly was. Regular Readers will know that she is a dogged opponent of the honours system. In… Continue reading