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Churchill said that democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others that have been tried. But ever since people voted for Brexit in June 2016 and then voted for Trump in November 2016, WTF’s faith in democracy has had a bit of a wobble and when you look around the world at the moment, you see examples of people in government, elected democratically, many of whom should be in jail and the rest nowhere near the exercise of power. And that includes the Israeli government which, thanks to the multiplicity of parties, has allowed Benjamin Netanyahu to remain as prime minister. And that includes Hamas elected in 2005, although admittedly Gaza has not held elections since then, probably because Hamas didn’t think it would win. And that certainly includes the entirety of the Republican Party in the US Congress, which, after 22 pathetic days of backstabbing, infighting and grandstanding, finally, without any dissenters, selected a religious bigot who opposes any form of abortion, thinks gays are disgusting and that allowing them to marry will lead to paedophiles running riot, and who is one of Trump’s acolytes in maintaining that the 2020 election had been stolen and that the orange moron was the rightful winner. WTF speaks of Rep Mike Johnson from Louisiana, better known as Mike Who? Johnson bolted out of nowhere after four other candidates had bitten the dust, and won because as nobody knew who he was, nobody had time to work out if they hated him or not. They will soon find out.
And here we are in this country on our second unelected prime minister of the country falling to pieces.

Please don’t say cheer up because there is not very much to be cheerful about. Every day we watch Gaza bombarded and Israeli politicians, including the hideous Mark Regev, failing to acknowledge the horror of what they are doing. And every day we watch people seemingly lacking any sympathy or empathy for the 1400 dead from Israel, and across the world, who were in Israel on that fateful day 7 October, and who are still quibbling as to whether babies’ heads were cut off, or whether they were just slaughtered and left out like rotting trash; and we watch people defacing posters with pictures of kidnapped women and children or tearing them down from the walls. And it is completely impossible to envisage how on earth this nightmare is going to end. and of course remember, because it is not today’s news, the democratically elected government in Ukraine and its people continue to fight off the Russian invaders while it appears that people have simply either got bored because nobody has actually managed to win yet or like the vile US Republicans and the government of Slovakia, have decided not to support Ukraine any longer financially or with arms, and that it is time for peace, as if peace is something that Putin is interested in, any more than he is interested in democracy, or any form of freedom does not suit his purpose. And perhaps let us ask ourselves what on earth happened to decency and compassion.

There was never a better time for WTF to head off for a holiday and try to put some of this behind her for a couple of weeks. So she will be back on Friday 24 November. See you then…..


We start our review of the week’s comical clothing with fresh-faced young actor Christopher Briney wearing Thom Browne at the WWD Honors event in NYC.

Thom Browne loves a shorts suit. WTF does not. Except on kiddies. And she hates the one striped sock and one plain, as if the laundry messed up at the hotel.

Thom Browne did not stop there. He put actor Will Poulter into this stupid coat.

Thom has obviously been reading The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills. The Rag Coat is about a little girl in Appalachia who wants to school. but does not have a coat so the neighbours get together and contribute rags to make her one. When she does get to school, her classmates all tease her unmercifully, schoolchildren being vile little scrotes and all, but she wins them over with the story of its origin. If only Will could do the same.

Also out and about in New York we have singer Lady Gaga wearing this bizarre ensemble at the launch of the Rolling Stones’ new album.

Like a titsy medieval minstrel out on the razz.

To the Time100 Next gala and West Side Story star Rachel Zegner, wearing Dior. Scroll down slowly….

Yes, we are back in the land of the toilet roll wedding dress. It is just that these three jolly ladies below are out on a hen night and know they look ridiculous…

Also there was singer Kelsea Ballerini wearing Stella McCartney. 

Regular Readers will know that it has long been WTF’s view that Stella is taking the piss and this dress confirms her view. What are those giant iron bolts? It is as if she has been in a fight like Barbarella after one of her many scraps…..

This is model Nancy Moeller wearing who knows what?

Good grief. Nancy went skinny dipping and when she emerged from the sea, someone had stolen her clothes. In order to avoid a Lady Godiva-like moment, she covered herself in seaweed from a nearby rock with an extra bit covering her right tit. And borrowed a fur stole to ensure she did not catch hypothermia.

And finally, it’s her again. WTF speaks of blog stalwart and sometime actress Julia Fox wearing her dry cleaning bag. Or something.

No she is not hiding behind it or carrying it. She is WEARING it. Yes, really.  Mind you, it is more than we usually see her in, so there is that. The side view is also notable. Last time we saw Julia she was wearing giant bloomers. This week she is wearing a nappy. And boots. She is getting ever more ridiculous. Can she go any lower? At this rate, there will be a Christmas Turkey Poll with just her in it.

This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado WTF from Islington who is incandescent about Islington Council’s plans to introduce a whole host of Low Traffic  Neighbourhoods, ie showing a load of hazards into the middle of the road and then fining the shit out of you when you get lost and have to back out of a one way street. Their latest plans for leafy Barnsbury mean that it will be virtually impossible to drive from place A to place B without it taking an additional half hour to get there as every side road will be blocked off.

So if you have to ferry kids or someone disabled or someone elderly or heavy shopping or you are expecting the plumber or the electrician or the builders, Islington Council thinks that you should fuck right off. Well you know what Islington Council? YOU can fuck right off with your sanctimonious carping and your self-declared right to decide what is and is not an essential journey. Everyone hates you. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Please keep sending in your suggestions for It’s Got To Go and your top comments, which WTF likes more than anything. Let us meet again on Friday 24 November. Be good x

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