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Hallo Readers,

 In November 2024, the American people will vote to select the person, most probably male, who will be sworn in as president on January 20 2025. And the choice, if such it can be called, will be between former president Donald Trump, 77, currently facing 91 counts for being a lying shyster and trashing the Constitution, and current president Joe Biden, 80, whose son has just been indicted for the rather more minor crimes of owning a gun for 11 days which he purchased after filling in a licence form in which he denied he was a drug user, despite being hopelessly addicted to crack. Oh and he will likely be done for late tax returns. The general view of the majority of electorate seems to be that they do not want either Trump or Biden on various grounds including their age, a suspicion that both of them are well past it, and that one or other of them, depending on your political affiliations, is dodgy as fuck.

Trump was of course impeached twice, once for trying to strong-arm President Zelenskyy into dishing the dirt on Biden père et fils as a quid pro quo for some missiles to defend Ukraine  against invasion from Russia, and then for instigating the insurrection on January 6 2021. In both cases he was predictably acquitted by a Republican Senate. And now he will be forced to spend more time in court than the combined casts of The Good Wife, Ally McBeal, Suits and Perry Mason, smack in the middle of campaigning. To even up the score, Republicans have been investigating Biden and his family for alleged corruption and keep babbling on about the Biden crime family.The problem with this is that although Hunter Biden, despite being a crackhead with no business experience, was busy clearly cashing in on his father’s name and earning vast sums of money in Ukraine and elsewhere, plus having lots of sleazy sex, there is not a shred of hard evidence that his father received so much as a dollar.  However, Kentucky moron Rep. James Comer and loudmouth lunatic Rep. Jim Jordan, (their combined I.Q. in single figures) do not intend to let facts stand in the way of a good story, and now Leader of the House, hapless Kevin McCarthy, perambulating proof that you do not need vertebra to be in public life, has been pressurised, on pain of losing his job, into ordering an impeachment inquiry into Biden despite the absence of anything that could loosely be described as evidence. Not that it matters, because it seems that a large number of Americans now believe that Biden has done something wrong, not that they know exactly what. Meanwhile the Three Stooges (prop. Donald J Trump) are untroubled by the millions trousered by Trump’s daughter Nepotism Barbie and her Ken lookalikey husband when they were acting as White House advisers, not to mention the $2 billion the Ken lookalikey was handed by the Saudis on leaving office.

So whatever lies ahead is an unappetising prospect. Trump is a crook whose only agenda seems to be to stay out of gaol. Biden, only three years older than Trump, has, to quote WTF ‘s late mother, ‘gone old’ and looks and sounds like Methuselah are on a bad day. Both of them are prone to gaffes and periods of inconsequential rambling. In an ideal world you would have neither. But if this is to be the choice, there is no choice at all because one of them, as all of his actions have shown since losing the 2020 election, does not believe in democracy and one of them does. And it really is that simple.


We start out review of the week’s woeful wear with Madonna’s daughter, ‘model and singer’ Lourdes Leon at the Victoria Secret’s Party in NYC.

Lourdes is one of the celebrity-offspring who pop up in public by virtue of being the product of a famous someone’s womb or sperm, or sometimes both. WTF can think of no other reason why she is invited anywhere and yet here she is dressed in a cobweb and a pair of panties. Just. Go. Away.

Still in New York we pop into Paris Fashion Week where we encounter Broadway star Harvey Guillén wearing Christian Siriano.

Harvey is what our Australian friends would call a big unit, and to be frank, WTF is not sure whether a sheer top is appropriate. As for the cloak, he looks like Calaf ready to belt out Nessun Dorma in Turandot.

More Fashion Week Front Row foolishness on actor Kate Beckinsale wearing Bach Mai.

Kate is wearing her gym kit and the full windows from the salon of a Victorian brothel. And something very weird is happening in the tits area.

We are briefly back in Blighty where we find presenter former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts off to a wedding wearing Christopher Kane with Sophia Webster sandals.

Do not adjust your eyeballs. This is really happening. She has bank-robber mask tits, which are downright disturbing…

Although the tits are not nearly as disturbing as the little perspex belts round her midriff. Christopher Kane has spent too much time looking at pictures of macho toss-pot Andrew Tate…..

The rest of the week’s nonsense comes from the Video Music Awards (VMAs) in Newark, New Jersey where a number of ladies paraded their bits on the Pink Carpet. The men are all covered up or in. manky jeans. The women are a different matter. Note – THIS IS 2023. FFS!! WHY IS ThIS STILL HAPPENING?? Let us begin with rapper Doeschii here wearing not very much at all by DSquared2.

Doechii is giving us buckets of tit and a number of dead snakes masquerading as a dress complete with a built-in pussy pelmet. There is more material in the hat.

Next up we have TV host and singer Justina Valentine wearing Amekana Boutique.

If Herry Monster from the Muppets went to a fancy dress party as a fanny flower, this is what he would look like.


It gets worse. This is rapper Yung Miami, girlfriend of P Diddy, wearing Han Kjøbenhavn. Mind how you go with this one…..

MINGE!!!!! MASSES AND MASSES OF MINGE!!!!!! And WTF is not going there but if you enlarge the picture, you will something peeking out which should not be peeking out, not even at all. Yurgle. And why you would even want your Minge tattooed? Double Yurgle.

Finally, if you though Julia Fox was bad last week, look at singer Tinashe, wearing Stella McCartney.

This, Readers, is what now passes for fashion. Pass the sick bucket. A sparkling fishing net over two X-Marks-the-Spot nipple pasties and a snatch square like Hitler’s moustache. 

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Please keep sending in your suggestions for It’s Got To Go and your top comments, which WTF likes more than anything. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x 

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  1. Lord Dodo
    Lord Dodo says:

    I. Am. Speechless.

    A rare occurrence.

  2. Alix Nicoll says:

    Rapper Doeschii is also wearing what we in Canada use as hockey socks from Marks work warehouse on her arms – really strange!!!

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