• WTF Christmas Turkey Poll 2022

      Hallo Readers, We will shortly get to the main business of today, which is your selection of the WTF Christmas Turkey 2022. But first let us reflect briefly on the past year, which many of you will agree stank.… Continue reading

    WTF Christmas Turkey Poll 2022
  • WTF Kangaroo Bits Special

    Hallo Readers, Rishi Sunak has completed his second week as PM. It is confusing trying to keep up, and perhaps he should be referred to in terms of his predecessors to put everything in context, like Elkanah in the story… Continue reading

  • WTF Second Chance Special

    Hallo Readers,  Until 6 September 2022, Boris Johnson was Prime Minister. Well, sort of. He had in effect checked out on 22 July when he announced he would resign after the election of the new Tory Leader and between then and the handover to the next incumbent,… Continue reading

  • WTF Cheney Special

    Hallo Readers,  Had anyone told WTF two years ago that she would come to extol Congresswoman Liz Cheney, WTF would have expressed considerable surprise and suggested the speaker seek immediate medical assistance. Not only is Cheney the daughter of disgusting, war-mongering,… Continue reading

  • WTF Scheherazade Special

    Hallo Readers, This Government has a habit of saying no which turns out to mean yes. More specifically, it means no when it says no, but then it finds itself unable to progress with no because no comes under remorseless… Continue reading

  • WTF Success Special

    Hallo Readers  Jacob Rees-Mogg popped up on the radio this week in an interview on LBC. For some people the big takeaway was his admission that he had never owned a pair of jeans or a tee shirt. Of course he… Continue reading

  • WTF Volodymyr Special

    Hallo Readers, This week a man was recognised for his contribution to making the world a better, braver, more ethical place. Such courage! Such charisma! No, not Volodymyr Zalenskyy. We will get to him shortly. WTF speaks of village idiot and Frank… Continue reading

  • WTF Back to 2001 Special

    Hallo Readers, WTF’s heroes are not so much falling from Grace as plummeting. Last week it was New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. This week it is US President Joe Biden. He told us that he would always be straight with us and would admit… Continue reading

  • WTF Election Special

    Hallo Readers, For those whose geography is a little rusty, Belarus is a small country in Eastern Europe which used to be part of the Soviet Union. It has been an independent republic since 1991. The United States is a big country… Continue reading

  • WTF Gerontology Special

    Hallo Readers When WTF was growing up, (if she ever did – discuss), Russia and China used to be run by very elderly men in grey clothing with faces to match. If one of them was not seen for a while, it was a… Continue reading