Melissa McCarthy

  • WTF Megacockup Deluxe Special

    Hallo Readers, As Lady Bracknell nearly said, to fuck up one Budget may be regarded as a misfortune; to fuck up two, looks like carelessness. To fuck up a third is taking the piss. And what a mess George Osborne has… Continue reading

  • WTF Awards Season Special

    Hallo Readers, In one of WTF’s favourite films, The Fugitive, starring one of WTF’s favourite actors, Tommy Lee Jones, a train has crashed and several prisoners (including Harrison Ford, who is of course innocent) have escaped from the bus it… Continue reading

  • WTF Bumper Golden Globes Special

    Hallo Readers, Jeremy Corbyn made a right balls up of his reshuffle. Of course he did. He is King Midas in reverse, in that everything he touches turns to shit. One is beginning to wonder whether he could find his arse… Continue reading

  • WTF Golden Globes and Other Bits Special

    Hallo Readers, During her holiday Down Under (it was glorious, thanks for asking) WTF caught up with the seventh and last series of The West Wing (aired in 2006) where Republican Alan Alda and Democrat Jimmy Smits battle to succeed Martin Sheen… Continue reading