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WTF Brits and Bobs Special

  Hallo Readers, The British Body Politic, which had been ailing for some time, has finally succumbed to massive organ failure and is currently on life support, hooked up to those machines that go beep, beep, beep, like you see … Continue reading

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WTF Hello and Goodbye Special

Hallo Readers,  Apparently Boris Johnson could not stomach Mrs May’s Brexit deal that he had apparently agreed to last Friday, saying it would be like trying to polish a turd. And? We had a turd as Foreign Secretary for two years. Johnson … Continue reading

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WTF Alicia Florrick Special

Hallo Readers, We have been hearing a good deal from Cameron recently about Magna Carta, signed (not that he could actually write) by King John on the banks of the Thames in 1215. According to Dave and his absurd little minion … Continue reading

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WTF Old Bailey Special

Hallo Readers, It is now official. Rebekah Brooks ran a newspaper empire without having the faintest fucking idea what went on in the newspapers she was in charge of. She didn’t know about the hacking.  She didn’t know that Andy Coulson, … Continue reading

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