Jaime King

  • WTF Le Pen Special

    Hallo Readers.  Are you sick of the election already? WTF certainly is. Have you heard anyone say anything interesting? Has anyone inspired you? Does it fill you with joy when Sir Michael Fallon comes on? Or Diane Abbott? Tim Farron anyone?… Continue reading

  • WTF Bumper Golden Globes Special

    Hallo Readers, Jeremy Corbyn made a right balls up of his reshuffle. Of course he did. He is King Midas in reverse, in that everything he touches turns to shit. One is beginning to wonder whether he could find his arse… Continue reading

  • WTF Christmas Turkey Poll 2015

    Hallo Readers, A very Happy Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays and WTF hopes you are all having a perfectly wonderful day. This is the first time that the Christmas Turkey has actually come out on Christmas Day and WTF… Continue reading

  • WTF I Don’t Love Lucy Special

    Hallo Readers, Last week’s splenetic post on Telford MP Lucy Allan had an enormous number of hits, and no wonder. Readers were aghast that an elected MP can, on the face of it, post a death threat from Constituent A,… Continue reading

  • WTF Has Anyone Seen Dave Special

    Hallo Readers, Has David Cameron developed agoraphobia? Or even worse, anthrophobia? I ask because throughout this election campaign Dave has done his best to avoid going anywhere or meeting anyone (including the Leader of the Opposition  – clearly a case of Miliphobia)… Continue reading