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WTF Paella Special

Hallo Readers, The old adage that the apple does not fall far from the tree was never more true than in the case sexist oaf Luis Rubiales, the man who thought it was perfectly fine to celebrate Spain’s winning the … Continue reading

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WTF Drowning Street Special

Hallo Readers,  Yesterday, as four of Boris Johnson’s top advisers packed their bags and made for the exit, Radio 4’s Evan Davies inadvertently referred to Drowning St, for which he immediately apologised. But was he wrong? Policy Director Munira Mirza was … Continue reading

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WTF Emperor’s New Clothes Special

Hallo Readers You would think that being a veteran and having fought in I-raq would be the quintessence of the flag-waving, Trump-loving, law-and-order-insisting MAGATs’ beliefs, not to mention donning the policeman’s uniform to hold the line against the unruly mob. But Readers, you would  be so wrong, as wrong as wrong … Continue reading

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WTF Dip in the Bran Tub Special

Hallo Readers,   Lunacy rages in the USA with wild allegations of conspiracy, corruption, and nefariousness of all kinds; on top of vote fiddling, there are allegations that Hugo Chavez masterminded dodgy electoral software to keep Trump out of the Presidency (Chavez died in 2013 … Continue reading

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