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It’s been another very difficult week watching innocent people die. Some died from bombs and some died from rockets and some died in circumstances that are unclear except that they were kidnapped from Israel and taken to Gaza and have now been declared dead. It has been a week of watching people, weeping and wailing with every cause to do so, people whose homes were destroyed, people whose lives were destroyed, people whose families were destroyed, people sitting in their homes or other people’s homes across Israel, not knowing if their children and mothers and fathers and siblings and friend are alive or dead. It has been a week in which WTF has begun to feel worried about being a Jew in the UK, something she has never felt before, but which she felt intensely on seeing some people openly celebrate Hamas’ actions, and others decline to condemn what Hamas did on Saturday 7 October, as people on all sides twisted the truth to suit their narrative. The BBC rushed to hold Israel responsible for the bombing of a hospital in Gaza, despite the utter stupidity of it taking such a step hours before Joe Biden arrived in Tel Aviv, and despite the increasingly growing evidence that this was a misfiring rocket fired from Gaza, not a bomb dropped from an Israeli aeroplane. By the time that truth began to emerge, it was too late. Too late to convince those who wanted to see Israel in the worst possible light that it had not been responsible. Too late to persuade countries like Jordan and Egypt to meet Biden on his trip to the Middle East.  The BBC messed up as did the Guardian and the New York Times. But they cannot undo what they did as the damage is done. Yes Israel has lied about previous deaths it has caused and has earned distrust about its claims. The fact remains that the physical evidence does not add up.

WTF remains opposed to the terrible indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, and Israel’s callous attempt to starve people into submission and depriving them of clean water and power. The Israeli government has many right-wing, corrupt, bigots who were too busy trying to dismantle the judiciary to pay proper attention to the security of their borders. But she remains dismayed at the refusal of those who refuse to recognise how this started on 7 October and to condemn those outrages without equivocation and without mealymouthed phrases like ‘we condemn all violence’  and while ignoring the reality of the Hamas charter and its explicit stated intention to kill Jews, and to reclaim the country from the river to the sea. Explain to me please, the 9 million Israelis, the majority of whom under 75 were born in Israel, where is it suggested that they go? I’ll wait……


We start out review of the week’s woeful wear in Qatar with motor racing champ Lewis Hamilton wearing something daft.

Yes it is hot in Qatar at this time of the year, rarely falling below 26C even at night.  But surely it would be a better idea to wear something light, like a teeshirt, rather than a woollen tank top with a sewn-in air vent.

We are now at the Attitude Awards in London and presenter Amanda Holden wearing who knows what?

If Grover from the Muppets went to a fancy dress party as a 1960s go-go dancer pressed up against a fence, this is what he would look like.

Also there was  Ian H Watkins, formerly of Steps, and former bandmate Claire Richards.

Claire just looks ridiculous. WTF is more concerned about why Watkins is dressed as old Mother Hubbard. Ian H Watkins is NOT the paedophile Ian Watkins’s but an entirely different one and WTF apologises for any confusion about this because no one deserves that label. No one.

Now we are the Glamour Awards, also in London, where we come across the lovely actor and singer Hannah Waddingham wearing Tom Ford.

Via OK, here is the first objection. That is a horribly ugly dress. Here is the second objection. It is very green and very shiny, like one of those vases your granny palms off on you for Christmas and you are too embarrassed to take it to the charity shop except under cover of darkness.  Here is the third objection. It seems to have a pair of red eyes gazing out at you, which is frankly unnerving. And here is the fourth objection. Someone or something seems to have taken a chunk out of her shoulder.

Here is a face we have not seen recently. WTF speaks of actor, writer and director Lena Dunham wearing something frightful.

WTF admires the fact that Lena took off her stilettos and padded about in a pair of yellow wooden socks, but that is so not Lena’s dress. Or, for that matter, anyone’s dress. Not only is it creased but it makes Lena look like a diseased carrot. And her tattoos are the pits.

And here she is again! Our friend Julia Fox, showing a lot less flesh than usual but still looking completely preposterous.

Er….such is the intense level of Julia’s clothing insanity, WTF could almost have lived with the frilly bloomers and weird shoes, but she cannot get over the panties worn OVER the bloomers like some sort of Victorian Superman.

This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado Yvonne from a very soggy Scotland who has has enough, and then some, of Kerry Katona, the former member of a band called  Atomic Kitten. She last sang with them in 2017  before quitting to concentrate on her life as a professional car crash. This week Kerry got into an argument on TV with TV personality Kim Woodburn about tattoos. Kim said all tattoos were horrible, Kerry’s were particularly horrible and that she looked ‘common as muck’. Kerry defended her tattoos as art and noted that none of the Cabinet had one and maybe they should get some.  She then appeared in a thong swimsuit showcasing said tattoos. Here she is. Careful now.

 Enter Yvonne, who says ‘I don’t want to find her in showbiz news wearing a next to nothing swimsuit disappearing up her ample derrière.  She was last in the band in 2017. It’s time to retire from the limelight with some dignity intact’. Agreed. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Please keep sending in your suggestions for It’s Got To Go and your top comments, which WTF likes more than anything. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x


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  1. Think you have Ian Watkins mixed up. The paedophile one was in Lostprophets and is still locked up. Didn’t realise H had the same name though, awkward…

    1. fashionshark

      Corrected. More than happy to say that Ian H Watkins is NOT the scumbag Ian Watkins from the Lostprophets.

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