Hallo Readers,

 It has been the worst week imaginable. A week that makes you feel hopeless and helpless and angry and appalled and disgusted and dejected and fearful and furious. A week where you think that you know right and wrong and the others do not. A week where you feel unsafe even in your own home, haunted by fears that like those families living in the kibbutzim, someone could come into your house and kill you in the worst ways imaginable. And a week where you know that families in living in Gaza have felt unsafe in their own homes for decades and a million people are now being told to leave their homes to go God knows where at 24 hours notice. A week where there are dead babies on one side and dead babies on the other side and bloodshed and disproportion on every side. A week where people took to the streets to celebrate massacres and savagery and pretended that what had happened in Israel had some justification and where some stupid ignorant white girl with the Palestinian flag painted on her cheek waved her phone with pictures of dead Israelis on it and taunted onlookers with ‘aww, are your people dead?’ And no doubt went home celebrating her perceived position on the moral high ground. And a week where a vile, cruel government whose people had been hit in a wholly unexpected and unimaginable way announced it would leave 2 million people crammed together without light and power and food and would rain bombs onto their heads or make them homeless.  A week where Iran, whose government feels entitled to beat a woman to death because a few strands of  her hair showing under her hijab, and to rape and torture other women who protest at that murder, is supplying the wherewithal for bombs and rockets and machine guns to be used against Israel.  A week where this government of Israel has never been interested in peace and Hammas’ charter talks about killing Jews. And where the supporters of both ignore that fact.

I can’t write anything else. Sorry.


 We are going to have the usual silliness because otherwise I would go mad, and so we come to our review of the week’s woeful wear and it is as if the fabled WTF Christmas Turkey has come early.WTF cannot recall ever seeing such a collection of nonsense on one Red Carpet as adorned to the BET (Black Entertainment  Television) HipHop Awards. Normally, she features one or two shockers but honestly – the 2023 turnout was an eyesore and a half and so we have a coruncopia of nastiness from there. We start with TV personality and rapper Karlie Redd wearing Matija Vuica.

Like a pregnant woman with her bump in a negligee and her head the wrong way round.

Next up, we have TV personality Sukihana wearing Albina Dyla.

Ouch! That bra top must feel like cheese wire and WTF cannot but think that Sukihana should have taken a size up. Or two. She looks like a trapeze artiste being strangled by her own halterneck.

Next up, we have rapper Coi Leray wearing Area Couture. Couture!!!

She has got tails. Tails! Like a Mwanza Agama.

And here is rapper GloRilla wearing who even knows what this is?

Someone has been scribbling on her stomach and drawing in her arms and she appears to have a dead animal around her waist like a character from the movie  Early Man.

We leave Atlanta and go to Florida for the Billboard Latin American Music Awards where we find singer Christian Chavez wearing bridal designer Gustavo Cadile and Dolce & Gabbana

As you know, criticism is alien to WTFs nature, but Christian looks like an idiot. Stupid glasses last seen on Su Pollard, no shirt under the tux, not even of any kind, and for some reason, a wedding veil. Perhaps he is a hermaphrodite and is about to marry himself.

Meet Colombian band Bomba Estéreo with Li Saumet. 

This is Astronaut Barbie with a string of onions on her head.

Finally, we have singer Teyana Taylor at CultureCon in New York wearing Rick Owens.

Did Rick Owens run out of need and thread?

This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado Katie from Highgate who is fed up with having Christmas rammed down her throat at the start of October. In  particular the M&S Food To Go close to her place of work only has about two aisles, one of them crammed to the gills with Christmas Fayre like Colin the Caterpillar Christmas Jumper cakes and other such nonsense.

 Katie points out that she is after a tasty sandwich meal deal for her lunch, not a load of Xmas nearly three months before the Big Day. At least the Christmas music has not started yet. Yurgle. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Please keep sending in your suggestions for It’s Got To Go and your top comments, which WTF likes more than anything. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x 

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  1. quixote

    Thank you for doing the usual silliness. I think I would have broken down and cried without it!

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