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The Equalities and Human Rights Commission is a statutory body which does what it says on the tin. It spent 18 months looking into whether the Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, broke the Equality Act 2010. On Thursday, having looked at 70 sample complaints of antisemitism, it concluded that it had, and found that:

  • Two officials of the Party, Ken Livingstone and Pam Bromley, harassed members of Jewish origin in comments they had made. However, this was only ‘the tip of the iceberg’. Because they were officials, the Labour Party is legally liable for their actions.
  • There were 18 other ‘borderline’ examples of antisemitic behaviour from people, where there was not enough evidence to show that they were acting as officials for the Party.
  • There were other numerous examples of antisemitic conduct by ‘ordinary’ Labour members who were outside the control of the Labour Party in law;
  • Head Office had interfered with the conduct of 23 complaints,  i.e. almost one third of them;
  • The disciplinary system was a mess, and previous recommendations had been ignored.
  • The Party leadership had showed. ‘a lack of leadership within the Labour Party on these issues, which is hard to reconcile with its stated commitment to a zero-tolerance approach to antisemitism.’

For some time, Corbyn supporters had maintained that this was not about antisemitism at all, it was about hatred of Corbyn and suppression of anti-Zionism, and that Jews saying otherwise were just pretending to be upset in order to get Corbyn, because they were Tory, Blairite, Zionist, shills and probably getting paid by the Rothschilds or George Soros. And even after the EHRC  produced its report, they are still saying it. yes, there may be little bit, an infinitesimal bit, of antisemitism, which of course is very bad, BUT…followed by every sort of conspiracy theory and what-about-ery trotted out. Muslims are badly treated! People of colour are badly treated! That was no doubt true, but when they complain about it, they are not accused of trying to bring down the party or being paid to say so. Any more than all women complaining about sexual harassment are doing it for an ulterior motive…..

Corbyn, still in denial, put out a statement admitting there had been some  antisemitism but maintaining that it was greatly exaggerated ‘for political purposes inside and outside the Party’. and got suspended as a result. And he had tried to stop it but had been stopped from stopping it (conveniently forgetting that when some Labour staffers alleged the opposite on Panorama, and had been called liars by the Party, they sued and the case was settled in their favour. Whoops.) And so yet again, war is about to break out.  But what might have helped yesterday was some sort of recognition from the man that his failure to do enough, to say enough, to look as though he actually meant it when he did say something, helped foster the toxicity, where MPs, particularly women MPs, had received death threats and physical threats and vile abuse and were hounded out of the party. Of course, there is a difference between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.  But read the damn report. Because blaming British Jews for the actions of the Israeli Government is as offensive as blaming all Muslims for the vile murders in Nice and the teacher in Paris – and it is antisemitic. Because maintaining that the world is run by a vicious cabal of Jewish bankers and media owners is antisemitic. Because denying the Holocaust, and telling Jews that Hitler was right, is antisemitic. Because assuming that Jews are all rich and selfish and venal and heartless is antisemitic. And until that mindset changes, Labour will never move on.


We start our review of the week’s fashion flotsam with actress Tracee Ellis Ross, wearing Loewe. She was en route to appear on Jimmy Kimmel.

Tracee and Jimmy could both fit into one of those legs. If Ali Baba went to a black tie party, this is what he would look like.

Next up, we have singer Rosalía out and about in New York, wearing Balmain.

Balmain is pushing this logoed nonsense very hard, and stars various have been photographed in it, including Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, but Rosalía actually went out in public, thereby inflicting severe damage on New Yorkers’ eyeballs and gag reflexes. It is very unflattering around the crotch and she seems to have forgotten to remove the hanger from inside the top.

Meet young actress Emma Corrin, soon to be seen as St. Diana of Landmines in series 4 of The Crown. She is wearing Cecilie Bahnsen for an Elle photoshoot.

WTF could have lived with the juxtaposition of the flopping bananarama dress and Prisoner of Cell Block H warder’s brogues, but for the life of her, she simply cannot understand why Emma’s tits have their own sunglasses.This next one is just terribly, terribly, terrible. Here is celebritee Chloe Ferry of Geordie Shore infamy, wearing (as per bloody usual) not enough. Careful how you go…….

Chloe, who is parading the streets in a Minge Moment condom and a Daenerys Tagaryan wig, has had more plastic surgery than those World War 2 pilots burned to bits when their planes crashed; sadly the effect on her face is not dissimilar. There is a fish swimming around in an ocean somewhere missing its lips….

And this is what Chloe looked like before going under the knife….

Now we have another newcomer to this blog, model Ella Baig wearing Jessica Baah. Well, I say wearing….

Ella’s chief, if not only, claim to fame is that she is the girlfriend of Olympic boxer and current Strictly contestant Nicola Adams, and she is milking the opportunity. In this case sporting a Mingerama net curtain and bare buttocks.

We’ve missed actor Jared Leto of late and so it is good to have him back, clad, as he is always is, in head-to-toe Gucci. Scroll down carefully as it gets worse and worse as you go….

Those socks! They cost £115 and the sandals £275. They are both putrid, as are the spangly shirt (£700) and the matching shorts (£600). If Merlin went metal detecting, this is what he would look like. ….



This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado  Honsa from West London, who spotted this horror in the shop window of DSquared2 in Conduit Street, Mayfair. 

Those are probably the world’s smallest shorts. Even one of the Seven Dwarves would struggle to fit into them. They are made of alpaca and the scratchiness of the fabric together with the tightness of the fit mean that anyone who is mad enough to spend £350 on them will be in a quandary whom to call first, her overdraft manager or Canesten. Ouch. It’s Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Do not forget your excellent suggestions for It’s Got To Go and your top comments – there were no comments at all last week and WTF was beside herself with worry that you don’t love her any more (Needy? Moi?). Let us meet again next Friday. Be good, be careful, and keep washing your hands! x




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  1. I’ve three things to say this week.
    1) Spot-on summation of what is rotten to the core in the Labour Party and good for Keir Starmer for calling it out so firmly. Maybe, just maybe the party can now move forward. I bloody hope so as I am currently politically out in the wilderness at the same time as being pretty much shut up in my home.
    2) Rosalia’s lack of a mask (while her two friends/minders wear theirs) is crass to the point of vanity (what a surprise) – perhaps she is holding a Balmain logoed mask? …but we can’t see it for the logo pattern repeat.
    3) Chloe Ferry has turned herself into a living breathing sex toy – as seen in any web search for the same in blow-up plastic. Such a shame – she was a very pretty (and pretty normal) looking girl. Oh wait! That’s why.

  2. I’m afraid I just don’t trust Sir Keir Starmer. I left the party when he was elected because I think he is Blair Mk 2 and just as likely to take the party away from its roots as a socialist party (which is, after all, shown on every membership card). He also bears a staggering resemblance to Max Headroom, which I realise is not necessarily his fault but does not inspire confidence. I find him very bland and quite plastic.

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