4 Responses to WTF Meet the Markles Special

  1. Lottie says:

    Why is Natasha Poly standing like that? Does she need to go to the loo? Should have gone before she left the house.

  2. *Starting with Its Got To Go.
    No It Doesn’t. Haven’t had a good laugh like this in a while. I didn’t recognize the face (and yes, the beard is questionably located), but if it was my face there I’d be wearing that same grin. Oh yes!
    *Meet the Markles.
    I’d rather not. I was aware that there was a wedding, but only because of the debate on how to invite the Obamas without inviting the current President of the United States. I argued in favor of inviting the Obamas and snubbing Mr. Trump. After all, the British monarchy will be here long after that orange kidney stone is flushed from our system.
    While I do congratulate Harry and Meghan and wish them the best of luck, royal weddings aren’t my thing. Too far over the top for my taste. Of course anything more than an elopement is too far over the top, which may be one reason why I’ve never been the guest of honor at one.
    *Li Yuchun. One of us may be dealing with a case of color blindness, but barber poles are normally red and white.
    *Lewis Hamilton just needs to add a yellow star to complete that authentic Dachau look. He even has a tattoo on his arm. Has he not heard of Nazi Germany?

  3. Sairsebourke says:

    Just seen this online. Whilst such adornments could look amazing on a well toned derriere in a burlesque show, the thought of it on the average British bottom in the muddy fields of Glastonbury makes my heart sink. It’s got to go!

  4. Sue P says:

    Amazing to think there is a family more dysfuntional than the Royals. But at least our’s did it with a little bit more style.
    I love the idea of a minge moth hole!
    Thanks for the mention, too.

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