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You know what. Readers? I really wasn’t going to write about former London Mayor and now “househusband” Ken Livingstone and his views on Hitler’s support of Zionism before he had a turn and went all murderous. I wrote about it last April when he was suspended. On Tuesday, Livingstone was found guilty of bringing the Labour Party into disrepute and banned from holding any office for another year. But as the week has gone on, I have become more and more outraged. Outraged at Livingstone not only standing by what he said but repeating it ad nauseam on every radio and TV show that would have him. Outraged at idiots glibly tweeting that he was only stating a fact. Outraged at the suggestion that this is all faux outrage by the anti-Corbyn lobby and the Blairite lobby and the Zionist lobby. Outraged that instead of chucking him out, the Party let him stay on terms that made no difference to his life.  So I’ve changed my mind. Here goes.

WTF is Jewish. As a child, several of my parents’ friends had tattoos on their arms, people whose parents and grandparents died in the gas chambers. That said, I am not a member of any lobby or caucus (except the Labour Party) although I am a member of a synagogue and even go occasionally. I hate Tony Blair. I hate the Israeli government. My outrage is not faux. It is not prompted by a desire to get Corbyn out or to bring Blair back. I am just fucking furious at the lies attempting to link Hitler and Zionism and angrier still that some people are going along with it.

Last year Livingstone chose to wade into a dispute involving Naz Shah MP who posted antisemitic rubbish about Zionism on Facebook a few years back and proposed a solution by moving Israelis to America. She accepted she was wrong and apologised but after her apology, Livingstone went on the radio arguing Shah had not been anti-semitic, even though she said the opposite, He claimed that Hitler had “supported Zionism” before “he went mad and killed 6m Jews”. Livingstone hates Zionism He wants to link Hitler and Zionism. He wants you to think that the most evil bastard in history was in favour of a Jewish state and that the Jewish State now acts as Hitler once acted. The man who murdered 6m Jews was their former champion. In fact, it’s bollocks. Hitler saw the desire for a State Of Israel as a cynical ploy for Jews to defraud the world in a haven where they could escape censure, not because they wanted to live there. The word support had a genial connotation, in the sense of rendering assistance. It does not apply to a man who alloŵed some Jews to leave only on condition that their goods were confiscated and in effect bought back by people in Palestine buying German goods to beat the international boycott. That is not support, it is blackmail. And while Hitler was supposedly all cosy with Zionists, laws were passed to ban Jews from practising law, from editing papers, from the army, from being teachers, from being pupils. from being vets. They had to wear yellow stars. They had to surrender their passports, they had to surrender their businesses.  You think that is supporting Zionism? He was getting a few out,  getting some goods sold and biding his time whilst he plotted the final solution.

Equally offensive is the idea that Hitler only started killing Jews after he went mad. Is that supposed to be an excuse? “M’Lud, my client pleads not guilty to murder by reason of diminished responsibility”. Poor chap. If only he had not driven all the Jewish psychiatrists and psychotherapists into exile and gassed the rest,  he might have been cured. Again, in fact it is bollocks.  This was always his intention. Read Mein Kampf.  

So when Jews and non Jews say they are outraged, they are. And that is why they are outraged. It is conjuring up every smear against Jews, just like when Livingstone said London Jews were rich so he wouldn’t bother canvassing them as they wouldn’t vote Labour. That trope of the grasping rich Jew behind every ill. He diminished the Holocaust. I don’t want to hear about other people who haven’t been thrown out. like Blair. What Livingstone said was offensive and disgusting and he is still saying it. Corbyn has to act, which it seems he now will. And those supporting Livingstone, in the real sense of the word, have to stop their specious excuses for him. 


We are lightening the mood and revisiting the week’s sartorial shockers, starting with model Shaun Ross at the Front Row Fashion Awards in Los Angeles, wearing Ports 1961.

The hair looks like he has been plugged into the mains during a power surge. The boots are of different lengths and the thing around his waist looks like a Lego castle. Fashion?

To the GLAAD Awards and actress Victoria Justice, wearing Raisa & Vanessa.

She looks like a bad bedspread. What’s with the Minge Fringe?

Also there was Michael’s Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson, wearing Yanina Couture.

If Salomé had done the Dance of the Seven Veils with shower curtains, this is what she would have looked like.

Now we have model and “star” of TV reality rubbish Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey.

Tits. Legs. Laced-up labial seam. Peekaboo. The whole nine yards.

Here is a newcomer to these pages, country singer Chris Lane, at the American Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

The suit not only resembles chintzy curtains but his ankles and his trousers are not on speaking terms. Not to mention the brogues without socks, which WTF hates almost above all things.

She’s back! I refer of course to rapper Nicki Minaj who had a go at looking respectable and then got bored and gave up. Here she is bouncing around Beverley Hills wearing Charbel Zoé and Philipp Plein gladiator sandals.

 Nicky is allowed one ridiculous garment at once.  But not two.  She looks like an extra from Up Pompeii. 

Time to duck behind the sofa. Take care before feasting your eyeballs on US TV personality Savannah Chrisley, wearing Alice & Olivia.

Savannah appears on a programme called Chrisley Knows Best. On this evidence,  WTF begs to differ. Particularly on the inverted crotch cut-outs.

Finally we have WTF’s favourite Z-lister Lizzie Cundy, out and about in Mayfair -Mayfair!!!!!

The dog is trying to make a getaway. He looks mortified, but then everyone else was as well.  The Residents of W1 pay through the nose to live in that poshest of posh areas. They do not expect to see Lizzie’s bits and pieces on parade around the streets. They wear more clothes in Shepherd Market,

This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from an appalled Yvonne Ridley, who nominates Michael Howard, another failed Tory leader on a nice little earner in the House of Lords. Last Sunday Howard popped up on our TV screens calling for Britain to go to war with Spain to protect the tax free shopping street and ape sanctuary that is Gibraltar. We needed to sort those dagos out like we sorted  out the Argies when they grabbed the Falklands in 1982. Never mind that we no longer have a navy capable of defending Southend, let alone the Mediterranean. Let us invoke the spirit of St Margaret of Thatcher. Hell, it will take everyone’s mind off the Brexit fiasco.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. There was only the one comment last week which drove WTF even more mental than she is normally. She needs your comments at the moment. Keep those suggestions for It’s Got To Go coming as well. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good  x

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7 Responses to WTF Ken Special

  1. Joyce W says:

    I love your column but can I suggest that you leave triple Z listers off the blog as they’re simply ‘dressing or not dressing’ to catch your attention. Can you consider stopping the oxygen supply as they need to disappear? It’s the fashion disasters of those who should surely know better that should grace your blog not these desperadoes who will show all their bits – real or not for – to validate their sad sack lives?

  2. Sally Cowen says:

    Excellent. I fully agree. I’m disgusted by KL and chakrabati too.

  3. Anna Garrood says:

    Just wanted to record my total agreement on Ken Livingstone. It is a shame that instead of being remembered for the good things he did as Mayor and his fine speech after 7/7, he will now be remembered as being a nasty anti-semite, but it is entirely his own fault. And he needs to be booted now. Lizzy Cundy – WTAF? Was that this week? Wasn’t she cold? I mean I know it’s been unseasonably warm for April, but it’s hardly St Tropez. Need some brain bleach.

  4. Howard says:

    Love your column – a highlight of friday early evening here in Oz

  5. Gill says:

    What no trump this week? Other than that it was still laugh out loud funny. Thank you.

  6. Don’t usually follow politics on your side of the Texas Channel (also known as the Atlantic Ocean) so I had to look up Mr. Livingstone’s recent activities.
    I’m an enthusiastic amateur historian (amateur as in I don’t get paid for it), and the idea that Hitler was a Zionist is difficult to support with the available documentation. He did create a postwar sense of guilt and shame among the victorious Allied Powers for having done nothing to stop or hinder the progress of the Holocaust. This helped lead to the creation of the Jewish state and it makes him an accidental midwife to Israel, but that is irony, not policy.
    Reading Mein Kampf is a tough slog. I’ve tried it a couple of times. It’s like wading through Karl Marx’ Das Kapital. It takes the dedication of either a true scholar or a true believer. Hitler’s oratory may have been spellbinding, but his prose was the equivalent of molasses flowing uphill.
    Paris Jackson. I don’t buy the metaphor. If Salomé had danced in that outfit, John the Baptist would have kept his head. Herod was king. He couldn’t have been that desperate for a lap dance.
    I hesitate to argue with the formidable Yvonne Ridley, but the United Kingdom “took” the Falkland Islands from Argentina (and everybody else with a claim) in 1833. The 1982 exercise merely evicted a few short term squatters. But she does have a point. Declaring war on Spain would indeed accomplish Brexit, but I understood that Mrs. May was going to invoke the provisions of Article 50 as the more efficient method.

  7. Emma says:

    Minge Fringe!!! Hahaha…your blog is better than watching Housewives! Can’t wait to read more. Have you ever thought of doing a WTF newsletter?

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