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It was bad enough that Bradford MP Naz Shah made her comments about Israel. She wanted Israel moved to the USA as a solution”. Perhaps a final solution? Is she really so stupid as not to know the association of those words? Maybe she is. She used the phrase “the Jews are rallying”. Worse was the fact that once elected as an MP, she denounced a Tory councillor for making anti-semitic remarks and demanded that he should be made to stand down. And then her words came to light. To be fair, Shah apologised and admitted what she said was wrong and anti-semitic. But then the nonsense really started. Out came the Zionist conspiracies. Shah was a Zionist puppet used to get rid of former Bradford MP, George Galloway. Shah was the victim of Zionists. Zionists were out to get Jeremy Corbyn. Oh, and her remarks were not anti-semitic. Even though she herself had accepted that they were. Ah, but those nasty Zionists had made her apologise. And so it went on.

And then Ken Livingstone popped up to defend Shah and crank up the Zio-meter. Hitler, he informed us, was a supporter of Zionism. (In other news, Pol Pot was a big fan of capitalism). Livingstone was in fact referring to the Havaara Agreement of the 1930’s when the Nazi authorities allowed German Jews to emigrate to Palestine in exchange for allowing German goods to be exported there. Hitler wavered in his support for the deal, but he allowed it because it helped rid Germany of some Jews, not because he supported a Jewish State. Livingstone then continued that Hitler’s Zionism was “before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews”. Apparently, Der Führer woke up one morning and thought “Oooh, I’m not feeling well, I think I’ll go and build some gas chambers”. Finally Livingstone opined that there was a difference between anti-Semitism and racism. Why? What do you suppose would have happened had he said there was a difference between Islamophobia and racism? Actually, the Zionists would probably have been blamed for that one as well.

WTF, the daughter and granddaughter of Jewish refugees, does not believe that criticism of Israel is the same as anti-semitism. WTF does not even believe that denial of the right of the State of Israel to exist is the same as anti-Semitism. But she knows anti-Semitism when she sees it. She knows anti-Semitism when she smells it. And although anti-Zionism is not automatically anti-Semitism, an awful lot of people are hiding their anti-Semitism behind the cloak of anti-Zionism. Jews know that they are never far away from the next reference to the blood-libel, to the fat capitalist Jewish crook, to the Zionist conspiracy of Marxist bankers. We wait for it because we know it is coming, just as it always has come. And now in some circles it has again become acceptable to denigrate Jews and to view all Jews who do not denounce the State of Israel as Zionist scum, But the introduction of Hitler into the equation is beyond offensive. Livingstone, whose track record on these matters is deplorable, has become more than a embarrassment. He is a liability. 


We start our dip into the sartorial slurry with Sky Sports presenter Hayley McQueen at the British Sports Awards, wearing House of Ikons.

This is basically an elongated Bunny Girl’s outfit with an ultra tacky necklace. Whoever told Hayley that this was flattering clearly does not like her very much. 

Next, we have Girls actress Allison Williams, wearing Nina Ricci.

The dress looks as if it has succumbed to mildew. It also appears to have been designed for someone about a foot taller with arms like an orang-utan.

Here is singer Nicki Minaj wearing Givenchy.

Nicki, who has gone respectable, is asking the Good Lord whether it was worth going respectable if she has ended up in this lacy froth-fest with hooker boots. Fair question.

Meet singer Tinashe, wearing Alexander Wang.

If the dress had been hoicked up about 6 inches, it would have been OK. But it wasn’t and so it isn’t. “Saggy” is the kindest epithet available. Tinashe should do her stylist a mischief by kicking him or her somewhere warm and personal with those lethal studded shoes. Hard.

Yikes. This is actress Mia Farrow.

Er… this is sort of  Henley Regatta meets Cell Block H, And not in a good way.

Now we have actor Lamont Van Hook at the ascap Awards.

He actually looks rather adorable in a preposterous sort of way. But, in the same way of the Emperor of Austria told Mozart that his music had too many notes, Lamont has gone one whimsical step too far. WTF would have ditched the shoes and then thought very hard indeed about the bow tie.

Next, we have former TOWIE personage, Abi Clarke out and about in London. This one is BAD.

First of all, a bra is not a top. Fact. Even if it has a lacy under-hang. Second, whatever is in that bra are not tits. They are not even an approximation of tits. They are like a pair of giant oranges glued onto her front. In short, they are the most ridiculous tits WTF has seen for a quite a while. Just go away woman and get a proper job.

Finally, the newest member of the Kardashian clan, Rob’s new fiancée Blac Chyna.

As WTF aficionado Naomi remarked, this is just a package of bad. If an undercooked sausage had plaits and tits and went clubbing, this is what it would look like. I mean, what the actual fuck is going on here? Blac, you may recall, is the ex of rapper Tyga who is going out with Rob’s half sister Kylie Jenner, so Rob’s choice of wife has gone down like a cup of cold sick with his nightmare mother and siblings, half-siblings and their consorts. However, dressed like this, Blac is obviously a kindred spirit to the Kardashians and she will fit right in.

This week’s It’s Got To Go is as plain as can be. I refer to South Yorkshire Police.  It stinks to high heaven. The Augean Stables is a veritable flowerbed in comparison. Officers’ incompetence led to the death of 96 people. As people lay dying, police standing idly by and ambulances forbidden from driving onto the pitch, those officers concocted a vicious lie about the victims. They doctored witness statements to obtain a verdict of accidental death based on that lie. They maintained that lie for nearly three decades. The Force apologised in 2012 when new evidence came to light. But in 2014, when the inquest started, the same old lies were trotted out again. The fans were drunk. They stormed the gate. They pissed on the dead. Vile, vile, vile. The Force – the same Force that did nothing in Rotherham for years whilst children were pimped out and abused – has Got To Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. There were loads of comments last week and WTF was grinning from ear to ear like an idiot. Keep it up and those top nominations for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good  x

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  1. I can’t help thinking that the Carcrashians and the rest of the extended family lead a life like the plot of a Wagner opera! – Cousins marrying cousins, ‘x’s’ hooking up with any vacant relative etc.

  2. Dear WTF, you have far too much information on the K family. Sorry but my eyes glazed over when you attempted to elicit interest in the irrelevant goings-on of extended family members. You’ve sadly fallen off the wagon again and need to go ‘cold turkey’ as there are other wannabes who could surely do with your attention!

    1. fashionshark

      But how could I leave that outfit out, Joyce? Or should I just have omitted the narrative? xx

      1. Perhaps the flesh coloured body stocking that KK has taken to wearing recently – even to the beach is some kind of surgical pressure garment? I seem to remember a friend having similar stockings to create pressure on her legs that tend to fill with fluid. Maybe KK has had shedloads of fat cells sucked out….

      2. Okay – I acknowledge the ‘outfit’ is horrendous as is the pneumatic body! The Who’s Who in the K circus should’ve been binned. But as always – stiletto sharp commentary!

  3. I do believe the fashion disasters are actually getting worse.

    On Ken, I don’t believe that he is anti semitic or racist nor is Corbyn but I do believe that there is a massive campaign to a/ curb free speech and b/ get rid of Corbyn by the Blairites.

    Funnily enough many people were screaming out for the right of free speech during the Charlie Hebdo incidents including the right to offend the religious sensitivities of Muslims, however the polar opposite is the case when it comes to free speech when it is deemed to be offensive to Jews who support the State of Israel. Not Jews as people, not the Jewish religion but the State of Israel and the conflation of these issues is dangerous for all Jews. So why are the Board of Deputies of British Jews, The Jewish Chronicle, BICOM and so many organisations that claim to represent British Jews (but are most obviously Israel advocacy lobbies and groups) insisting that the big issue that all Jews support and hold most dear is Israel? This is plainly not true, many many Jews both Orthodox and secular deplore Israel’s existence/policies, but their voices are not heard. Since attacks against Jews increase (wrongly) during Israel’s periodic slaughters in Gaza, why keep implicating world Jewry in Israels crimes? Linking all Jews with the State of Israel is plainly not beneficial or safe.

    The most positive aspect of this blog post is that despite WTF Fashion Shark and I having different views on Israel, we can still express them in public without fear, so far we are enjoying having the right of free speech something our leaders and many of our leading institutions no longer enjoy.

  4. OMG Abi Clarke. That is horrific. Sue the surgeon that did that to her (same one as used by Blac Chyna?). Those are horrors.
    I totally agree with all that you have said on the Ken Livingstone affair. I await his cummupence. I do believe that both Ken and Corbyn are anti-semitic, that they don’t believe that the stereotypes of Shylock fit with their socialist beliefs. Fine, but a) he’s a fictional character and b) it’s a stereotype.
    What’s more it scares me, actually scares me, that in 2016 we are still having this argument in the UK. History is so cyclical; the recession, the anti-semitism, I just hope we can break this cycle.

  5. I always understood Zionism to be the belief that Jews should have a homeland and that homeland should be what is now known as Israel. When did Zionist become a dirty word? And just because the state of Israel makes mistakes, it doesn’t taint the concept of Zionism itself. The UK is governed by a bunch of half-witted, under-educated posh wankers. Doesn’t mean the whole country is that way.

    As for the clothes…. each one is worse than the one before. Blac Chyna – I suspect her real name is something like Doris Scroggins – puts me in mind of that Peta thing about it takes twenty poor bitches to make a fur wrap and one dumb bitch to wear it.

    1. fashionshark

      nee Angela Renee White. Her son is called King Cairo

      1. King Cairo sounds like one of those gambling places you get on seedy high streets these days, the ones with all the slot machines.

  6. There are people who are using this Shah/Livingstone thing for political reasons. I’m not impressed. You have to realize that I live in a country where one of our two major political parties is about to nominate Donald Trump to be their candidate for president. There was one televised appearance where Trump and his rivals debated whether his pecker was large enough to be presidential timber. You can’t beat that. I thought Monty Python’s Flying Circus had taken the stage with a new routine skewering the American political system.
    Occasionally I transpose the letters in some of the words I read, so I did a double take when I thought I read the words “Zionist conspiracy of Marx Brothers”. Then I realized that it was “Marxist bankers” (Groucho would have been proud of me).
    Is a Marxist banker anything like an Islamic usurer? If nothing else it sounds like a poor business model.

    1. I don’t think you will ever be able to explain American politics to us in a way that will help us understand.

      Haven’t you heard the one about the Shariah compliant building that the Government bought? It may well become the place our elected reps decamp to when the refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster begins ? I thought the story might have been filched from Pamela Gellars blog. The Government wanted to promote Islamic banking (Shariah compliant) in City so they used Islamic finance to buy a building but the headlines were “M.P.s won’t be able to drink alcohol in Shariah controlled zone”.

      1. “M.P.s won’t be able to drink alcohol in Shariah controlled zone”.
        Well, that will save us taxpayers a fortune!!

      2. I don’t know how things work on your side of the ocean, but over here the idea of sober legislators scares the hell out of me.

      3. fashionshark

        I am starting to think that a few drinks might knock some sense into our lot!

    2. You’ll have to get them off the coke first.

    3. fashionshark

      *throws up hands in horror* a very scurrilous allegation

  7. Ooopsie. Forgot to add ‘allegedly’. Sozz.

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