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If there is one thing worse than than an ignoramus, it is an ignoramus who does not actually want to know anything because s/he is going to do it anyway. And that is the Trump Presidency. It is ignorant. It is arrogant. Just do it. To hell with it. Knee-jerk Government by jerks. Justify it. If you can’t justify it, deny that you said it, even if it is written down or recorded. 

From the moment he assumed office fourteen ghastly days ago, there has been some daily affront to decency, shimmering under the aura of menace, mendacity and monstrous ego. Refugees are “illegal immigrants” with no rights. A Supreme Court nominee is picked to stymie abortion and equal rights, the announcement trailed and staged like the final of The Apprentice. Iran was wrongly accused of firing on an American warship and put “on notice”, although it wasn’t Iran who had fired and it was a Saudi warship. The appalling Steve Bannon, Cardinal Richlieu without the robes, is now admitted as of right to the National Security Council whilst Chiefs of Staff are not. Frederick Douglass, an iconic figure in Black American history, was praised by Trump introducing Black History Month as “someone who has done a terrific job that is being recognized by more and more people” even though he died in 1895 and Trump clearly had no idea who he was. Oh and Holocaust Day was marked by a Presidential Statement which failed to mention the Jews. At all. When asked about this, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus refused to apologise but claimed that the Holocaust was “a horrible time for Jews”.  So that’s alright then.

The main outrage was of course the ban on citizens of 7 countries, all predominantly Muslim, from travelling to the US, imposed without notice and by Executive Order.  We were told it wasn’t a Muslim ban because everyone from those countries was affected. Only it was a Muslim ban because if you were from a minority religion in one of those countries, an exception could be made for you. And later it turned out that it was not actually a “ban”. Even though Trump had called it “a very, very, strict ban”. And it was still a “ban” on Sunday. And on Monday. But on Tuesday, hapless numbskull Sean Spicer, who had himself called it a “ban” on Sunday, told the White House Press briefing that it was not a “ban”. It was “extreme vetting, plain and simple and the President had made that clear.. the words being used are derived from what the Media is calling this.” So the Media quotes Trump using the word “ban” and he says he only then used the word “ban”  because the Media used the word “ban”. I hope that’s clear.

And there was more. Those 109 people “inconvenienced” by the “extreme vetting”, not that there were only 109, included a five year old boy pictured in handcuffs. Handcuffs. That’s pretty damn inconvenient. But Spicer said that you can’t make assumptions based on age. So the “very very strict ban” that wasn’t a “ban” was keeping Americans safe from homicidal kiddies. Although not the ones who are actually American and shoot other Americans with guns by accident.  In America. To Spicer, the events in Canada, where a white supremacist Quebeçois murdered six men in a mosque, were proof positive of the need for a “ban”, not that it was a “ban”. Even though the victims were, er, Muslim and praying in a mosque. And even though the man who murdered them was, er, not Muslim. And even though he hadn’t entered Canada because he had never left Canada in the first place because he was Canadian and so he didn’t need to come in because he was already there. And even though countries that have actually produced terrorists who killed people in the name of Islam were Not on that list. Not Saudi. Not Jordan. Not Afghanistan. Not Pakistan. The fact that Trump does business with them is of course a coincidence. Believe me.

Outraged protesters gathered at airports to demonstrate. Lawyers acted for free to get people out. Judges issued orders to stop deportations. Members of Congress phoned Border Officials to enquire about constituents and had phones slammed down on them. Lawyers were denied access to their clients, even after producing court orders that they could do so. Obloquy rained down from everywhere – except from our Prime Minister who had already issued the invitation of a State Visit on meeting him a few days earlier and now realised that she couldn’t get out of it. Theresa May, let that be a lesson to you – don’t give it all up on the first date. Even if you’re desperate. Because once it’s out, it’s out and it’s too late to put it back in. As Trump himself would say – Sad.


WTF likes to keep a eye on what the White House wears as well as what it does, so we start our weekly review of crappy clothing with Ivanka Trump, pictured with husband Jared Kushner, on the night Daddy signed his Executive Order. Ivanka is wearing a dress by Carolina Herrera costing $4,995.

$4,995 is a lot to pay for crumpled tinfoil. You can buy a large roll from the the corner shop for £1 and crumple it yourself……

Not to mention that whilst many people spent Saturday night worried sick about the Constitution, Ivanka thought it appropriate to post a picture of herself at a posh charity do. These people just don’t get it, do they?

This is radio presenter and former stylist (!) Gemma Cairney.

More tinfoil. When did tinfoil become an actual thing, sartorially speaking? With or without thick black tights? And why does she have a Dunkin’ Donut on her head?

This is American reality star Carmen Ortega at the All-Star National Hockey League (NHL) Event in L.A, wearing not nearly enough.

This was a charity event benefiting the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and Carmen turned up dressed like a kinky Nazi stormtrooper. Who knows why?

To the Harper’s Bazaar 150 Most Fashionable Women event and OITNB star,  Danielle Brooks, wearing who knows what.

WTF? She looks like she is standing in a giant asparagus steamer. Who brings a giant asparagus steamer to a gala? And attaches it to their frock to avoid carrying it?

Greet philanthropist Linda Ramone and musician J.D. King at the same do. 

If this is one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 150 most fashionable women, WTF is a banana. Linda looks like the Mad Hatter in drag. J.D. looks like Guy Fawkes on his way to blow up Parliament.

On the whole, the Screen Actors Guild Awards Red Carpet was disappointingly respectable but there were a few stinkers, including actress Julie Bowen wearing J Mendel.

Mingetastic. The dress resembles a cheap shower curtain and is there any need for the crotch to be quite, er, crocheted?

Here is Nicole Kidman, wearing Gucci.

The colour is great but there is much frothiness and a LOT of exposed chest. And there are parrots!

Who does this remind you of? Come on…. you know the answer.

Yes! Nicole has come dressed as Long John Silver!! All she lacks is the eye patch and the missing leg. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…..

Also very bad was OITNB’s Jessica Pimentel, wearing Malan Breton.

She gets brownie points for body confidence. She gets minus points for sense. There is an unwarranted amount of flesh on display. Just think how nice this dress would have been had there been more dress.

This week’s It’s Got To Go is Paul Nuttall, the new UKIP Leader, who is seeking to become MP for Stoke in the upcoming by-election. Nuttall gave his address on his candidacy form as 65 Oxford Street, Stoke. But he had never even seen the place, let alone lived there, when he registered although he now claims he intended to live there. Today, Nuttall posted a picture of himself sitting on a mattress on the floor of his new “bedroom”, although it looked more like the broom cupboard in a flophouse. He is either thick or dishonest or both but he is not fit to be an MP.  He’s Got to Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Luckily you came though with comments this week and extracted WTF from the deep gloom into which she had sunk the previous week when there weren’t any at all. And keep those top suggestions coming in for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x

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  1. never mind the mingetastic, this is LOL fantastic! Brightening up a very dull Friday. X

  2. Dear WTF, could you consider running a competition on the best description of the new President? I thought ‘Mango Mussolini’ was funny! If we don’t laugh and it’s only Day 13 we’ll all want to slit our wrists! Excellent commentary today too! It looks like Nicole Kidman has lost the plot as she’s now a confirmed regular on the blog – maybe she’s gauging her current popularity by reading this every Friday for some form of validation?

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    I am going to wake up & discover Bobby walking out of the shower … it’s all a bad dream & I’m back in the 70s.

  4. Lord Dodo

    Thank you WTF – as usual on point in every way. The asparagus steamer was my LOL highlight today! Regrettably I have become so obsessed with watching for every new Trump pronouncement and increasingly despairing and your providing the opportunity to laugh every Friday morning is a tonic that we all should take. x

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