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This has been a horrible, awful week of murder, mayhem and hatred, a week that tests your faith in people and decency and humanity to the utmost. On Sunday, 49 people were shot dead in a gay club in Florida by a man who may or may not have been gay himself, who professed an affiliation to ISIL, a Muslim who, in contradiction of the tenets of Islamic faith not to kill, murdered innocent people out because of their sexual orientation. He was an American citizen, free to obtain the gun to carry out his intent because of the Constitutional right to massacre your fellow citizens with lethal weapons, regardless of the cost to society. 11,000 shot dead every year and that excludes the suicides and accidents. Every time there has been a massacre, President Obama has appeared on TV and deplored the country’s gun laws but he knows he can do nothing because Congress will not let him. This week he told his fellow Americans “we have to decide if this is the country we want to be”. And you know what, Readers? Apparently it is.

And apparently, a large number of his fellow Americans want Donald Trump to be the President of the country they want it to be. Trump, that bombastic, bigoted, buffoon. A man who, in the wake of the murders in Florida tweeted “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!”. Congrats for being right. By meeting death born of hatred with boasts of continuing hatred. By demonising a whole community. By creating an atmosphere of fear and loathing and xenophobia and Islamophobia. It has to be said that if America elects Trump, God help them and all of us.

And then on Thursday, a lovely, feisty, humanitarian, decent woman of 41, the mother of two young children, an MP elected only last year, was going about her business in her constituency when she was stabbed and shot in the village square of Birstall in West Yorkshire. 90 minutes later, she was pronounced dead. She was passionately pro-EU and took a particular interest in refugees, having previously worked for Oxfam. The assailant was a man who may or may not have shouted “Britain First” or perhaps he shouted “It’s Time To Put Britain First”. It is not clear what sort of gun he had, and witnesses say it looked vintage or even home made. The far-right organisation Britain First has denied any connection with the man and it is too early to know what happened or why it happened. But we too in Britain have to decide if this is the country we want to be. A nation where certain people, a particular brand of politician and certain members of the public spout hatred about foreigners and Muslims and Jews and anyone who does not share that hateful, little Englander ethos, who sneer at human rights and at expressions of humanity in others as “wet” and “politically correct”. A nation where it is acceptable to make it unacceptable for others to hold political or religious opinions different from your own, whichever way that hatred goes, left to right or right to left, where universities try and stop people speaking if their views are deemed wrong. Because if that continues, God help us all here as well. 

Jo Cox MP –  you can be proud of everything you achieved and we can only mourn what you will never now achieve. Rest in Peace.


The rest of the blog (pre-written) is its usual silly and frivolous self. You may feel you need to cheer yourself up. Or you may want to come back and read it another time. ………

We start the week’s sartorial nonsense with Samantha Cameron, seen here with husband David, wearing L K Bennett and a stupid hat.

This is a sundress. You do not wear a sundress and bare legs in St Paul’s Cathedral, except as a sightseer. Plus the cathedral is chilly, what with all that marble and high ceilings and such. And you certainly do not wear a sundress with bare legs on a formal occasion like the Queen’s 90th Birthday Thanksgiving Service. As for the hat, she appears to have been caught in a downpour because it seems to have collapsed.

Also there were the Yorks – Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie wearing Eponine and the ineffable Princess Beatrice wearing Burberry.

The button on the Duke’s suit jacket is hanging on for dear life. As far as WTF is concerned, the Duke is a waste of a large amount of space. Eugenie’s dress is lovely but there are fit issues round the chest. And that fascinator – and indeed all fascinators – has got to go. As for Beatrice…. this is an overpriced Halloween costume (£2,990!) and a belted coat always makes you look like Friar Tuck if you are busty. And long hair under a hat? Never.

To the Tony Awards in New York and Broadway star Zachary Levi wearing who knows what.

No adult should be dressed as a bellhop. Except a bellhop. And probably not even then.

Singer Emily Estefan, wearing who knows what.

WTF does not even know what this is. The sleeves look as if they have water damage, the jacket is plain weird and the last time WTF saw shiny leggings like that, they were on Jane Fonda in an aerobics video in 1980. Which is where they should have remained.

Next up we have TV Broadcaster Keltie Knight wearing Walter Mendez.

Yes, she has a fab figure but do we need to see so much of it? The bodice is virtually redundant, not to mention ill-fitting,  and there is only half a skirt, like a split condom.

Oh no! here is actress Cate Blanchett wearing Louis Vuitton.

This may be Vuitton but it is so terribly, terribly, terrible that even the sainted Kate cannot get away with it. WTF sends a lot of time complaining about too much tit being flashed but a leather faux-bra is just as offensive, especially when teamed with some of the most expensive off-cuts in history….

British actress Cynthia Erivo won  Best Actress for The Color Purple, which is brilliant. She is wearing Roberto Cavalli, which is not.

Sorry, but this looks exactly like those piles of discarded clothes turned into artworks…..

Finally, we have Readers’ favourite Nancy dell’Olio.

Ummmm…. Is she doing panto?


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Next week you will have the pleasure of the WTF Summer Stinker 2016 when you can vote for the worst dressed person of the year to date with 18 candidates for you to choose from. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good  x


7 responses to “WTF Sad Special”

  1. Ah yes, the land that we are constantly reminded gave the world the Magna Carta. Self-satisfied smugness is no substitute for taking on board the present reality.

    1. fashionshark
      1. Absolutely not. You are more than exceptionally compassionate and tolerant on every issue you have ever discussed. You have never, to my knowledge ever claimed that the Magna Carta is a document of continuing relevance today (other than a scintillating of historical record). This is not so with many of your important political and legal figures.
        I wept while I read your comments..not just because of its contents but for all the humanity the world seems to have lost and the trotting out of banalities which are supposedly a substitute for a real and effective tolerance even for tenets with which we do not agree.

      2. fashionshark

        Ah! I agree with every word of that. Compassion is now a dirty word for many. And intolerance is key. I really feel that our present society is toxic and riddled with hate. It is both frightening and depressing.

  • Actually for once I couldn’t even bear to read the silly stuff. It’s all got too horrible this week. I am still stunned by the news of Jo Cox yesterday and am struggling to function properly today. This is what I wrote last night on Facebook at 1am in the morning having read Polly Toynbee’s Guardian article: ‘Sit up and take note. It’s getting very ugly out there. Hate is corrosive and it destroys. Jo Cox’s murder is a seminal moment for deep reflection and the power of love and hope over experience’. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/16/mood-ugly-mp-dead-jo-cox?CMP=share_btn_fb

  • Is Nancy feeling ok? She seems to have used 50 times the amount of fabric that normally goes into her outfits. The eye make up is beyond nasty. Perhaps she is covering up an eyelid lift….

  • Needed your comments on fashion disasters to cheer up after such a terrible week.

    Kate Blanchett has lost the plot – her recent forays on the Red Carpet various have been an embarrassment. She also looks like she’s had plastic surgery……..

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