Naomi Watts

  • WTF Shutdown Special

    Hallo Readers, Normally employment works like this. The employee does stuff at the employer’s request. Then at whatever period is stipulated in the contract, the employer pays the employee for the stuff he or she has done. But in America, if the Government shuts down because… Continue reading

  • WTF Christmas Turkey Poll 2015

    Hallo Readers, A very Happy Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays and WTF hopes you are all having a perfectly wonderful day. This is the first time that the Christmas Turkey has actually come out on Christmas Day and WTF… Continue reading

  • WTF Jez We Can Special

    Hallo Readers, Well, Labour has gone and done it. It has elected Jeremy Corbyn, a man with no experience of Government, no experience of leadership, no experience of running anything except a bath. He got off to a bad start. First he shunned… Continue reading

  • WTF Outrage Special

    Hallo Readers In Copenhagen last Saturday, a young Muslim man shot through a café window where people had gathered to discuss blasphemy and cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed. Amongst those present was  Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks who had drawn a caricature… Continue reading

  • WTF Mega-Bumper Yurgle Special

    Hallo Readers, This week saw another chapter in the saga of the ex-Cabinet Minister, his Economist Ex-Wife and one of Britain’s first black judges, all of whom were incarcerated for perverting the course of justice. Chris Huhne, a sneering, supercilious little… Continue reading