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Dodgy as F**k Special

Hallo Readers, To employ one iffy professional is a misfortune. To employ more than one looks like carelessness. To be surrounded by dodgy professionals looks like you yourself are dodgy as fuck. WTF speaks of Donald J Trump, who is as dodgy as … Continue reading

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WTF Sovereignty Special

Hallo Readers, Here’s the thing. For the last 18 months the country has been at each other’s throats over Brexit. The Brexiteers think that the Remoaners are refusing to honour the outcome of a democratic vote and, worse, are out to sabotage it. The … Continue reading

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WTF Furious Special

Hallo Readers  Last Saturday, WTF was so outraged by everyone and everything that she practically exploded. She was put on the Twitter naughty step and was generally homicidal and downright furious. (Admittedly, this was not helped by Arsenal losing at home to Manchester United). … Continue reading

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WTF Oscars Debacle Special

Hallo Readers, WTF is no fan of the House of Lords, an unelected ragbag of former politicians, academics, lawyers, arselickers, moneybags, ageing luvvies and people whose great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother had it off with Charles 11. The whole thing is undemocratic, even though many of them … Continue reading

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