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Hang on in there, 2020 is almost done. What a vile year it has been. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world dead from something we had never even heard of in 2019. Worse, the whole thing was handled in many countries, including our own, with a level of incompetence that you could not have imagined. Trump and his mate from Brazil started off by ignoring the whole thing, and then, when it proved to be impossible to ignore and started killing people in droves, he mocked those who tried not to die of it whilst simultaneously taking credit for fighting it off. Johnson started off in the same vein, but then took it seriously after it out him in Intensive Care, since when he has veered wildly between excess and indecision. But as we have seen across the world, Government action is only as good as the willingness of its citizens to observe it. And many citizens here and in the US and elsewhere are very unwilling to observe it. They don’t believe in Covid, and it’s all a hoax, or just like the ‘flu, and they don’t know anyone who’s had it, and even if they have had it, they got over it, and I’m going down the pub without a mask and thence to shop in a crowded Oxford Street. And then the infection rates shoot up and those self same people complain that their unalienable right to infect the hell out of everyone else has been infringed. Because this is 2020 and the apotheosis of Fuck You All.

Many take the view of those who have died that, to quote Macbeth, they should have died thereafter. They had underlying conditions. They were old. They were fat. Some of them had underlying conditions, were old and were fat. WTF was however unaware that this guarantees an automatic death sentence. Some of her best friends have underlying conditions or are old or are fat and some of them qualify under more than one heading, probably including her. The selfishness of consigning others to the morgue so that you can sink a pint of beer and stuff a scotch egg into your face shows the callousness to which society has sunk. The legacy of 2020 saw us applauding health workers who sacrificed their lives to help others while continuing to ensure that they had plenty of work to do, and to abuse those who tried to point that out.

And let us not forget George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks and the slow dawning realisation on white people that black people had a point. When taking the knee became a mark of respect (except at Millwall and Burnley Football Clubs). And that some white people could not hear the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ without resounding chippily ‘well White Lives matter too’, completely ignoring the fact that no one had to say that aloud because that was never the issue.

Sadly, despite the heroism of some, the hope brought by the vaccine against Covid, the vaccine against Trump that is Joe Biden and a new administration of grownups waiting in the wings, WTF will remember 2020 not just for the initial fear of dying, the deprivation of the company of her friends and family, and the sheer tedium of being stuck at bloody home, but for the growing recognition on her part that a lot of people are irredeemably stupid and a lot of people, and sometimes they are the same ones, are horribly selfish, and that hating people is the new Christianity. So let us hope that 2021 is better.  Because how could it possibly be worse?

Happy Holidays Readers. WTF will be back on Christmas Day with a cracking WTF Christmas Turkey Poll, and then back again on Friday 8 January 2021. 


We start our final 2020 survey of the week’s clothing cloaca with Trade Minister Liz Truss, wearing something unpleasant.

This was brought to WTF’s attention by WTF aficionado Sue Peters, who was not happy with Liz’ crumpled and ill-fitting trousers, badly-cut, too-short, jacket and mumsy blouse. Even the shoes are terrible. It’s all terrible. WTF would not pop into the supermarket wearing this, let alone wear it to hobnob with Swiss Leaders on UK business. She looks like a bar mitzvah boy in a new suit. Only this kid looks way better than Liz does…. (and he can read Hebrew).


Next, more evidence that singer Harry Styles and Gucci are a lethal combination.

The jeans-shorts are called ‘jorts’ and they are foul, especially when worn with white socks and lounge-lizard loafers. The whole look is very reminiscent of Prince Louis on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Only he is a toddler and very cute.

Next up, two looks from the US version of The Voice. First, singer Kelly Clarkson. wearing Bronx and Banco.

If the Sheriff of Nottingham had sex with a drawing room curtain, this is what their lovechild would look like.

Here we are at the Scottish BAFTAs with host Edith Bowman wearing Anna Mason.

Not only does the colour take her out like a Granit Xhaka tackle, but she is also a dead ringer for a brown paper Christmas tree.


And here is singer Gwen Stefani, wearing Zoe Charbel.

Minge Moment Alert! It is as if Odile from Swan Lake had attempted to crawl out of a casement window and got stuck while flowers died around her…..

To the MOBO Awards, where nonsense abounded, including You Tuber Zeze Millz wearing Asissata Levi Ibrahima.

And here’s another Minge Moment Alert. This whole thing is even worse than Gwen’s effort because it is ugly and looks like cheap satin and polythene. WTF has said this before and she will say it again.  See-through trousers are neither use nor ornament. Not to mention that the jacket was designed for, ahem, a smaller person with less tit, and her napkin is still in her lap on her leaving the dinner table.

To end on a low note, here is English model Leomie Anderson wearing Jean Paul Gauthier. CAREFUL NOW!!

It’s a trio of Minge Moments, but this one has every other sort of Moment as well. Move over Eve…..

This week’s It’s Got to Go comes from anyone with a brain who just wants Donald Trump to go away, which he seems very reluctant to do. And when he does, if he does, in a few week’s time, he can also take that ridiculous hair with him. Have you ever studied the back view?

 It is fair to say that the back view of Donald stepping aboard that helicopter on the South Lawn for the last time is what we are all praying for, but what is that ridge thing on the back of his head? Is it a wire planted by Vladimir Putin? Is it some large staple which sticks that mass of hair down? What the actual fuck? Anyway, whatever it is, both he and It’s Got to Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Your comments have started coming in again as well as some tip-top suggestions for It’s Got To Go so keep them coming. Let us meet again on Christmas Day. Be good and stay safe.


7 responses to “WTF 2020 is Nearly Over Special”

  1. Thank you for the mention!
    I can only assume Leomie Anderson was a) Paid a lot of money by Jean Paul Gauthier b) desperate to be noticed or c) both of those.
    I wish Trump would just go away too.

  2. A top-drawer WTF to end the year. Thanks for keeping this going throughout the direness that has been 2020. An always reliable source of wit and wisdom. Have a lovely Christmas break.

  3. Thank you for WTF – you keep Friday’s sane for me – and I miss you when you’re not here. Or actually here – in Cornwall – where visiting IS allowed! Have a safe and Happy Holidays and roll on 2021 please… (although with Bloody Brexit I’m not so sure…)

  4. Has Andrew told you of our suggestion: this weekend it’s the Strictly final, and we’d like to see the WTF treatment given to the string of disaster outfits worn by the judges and compares. xx

  5. Liz Truss’s suit really does have the look of corporate uniform for junior managers in the kind of organisation that really really hates their workers.

    She has form for turning up to important events looking woefully underdressed. Remember the silky shirt dress that made her look like her trousers had been stolen? She seemed to have carpet burn on her knees too that time.

  6. quixote

    Somehow, the Liz Truss outfit doesn’t bother me. Frumpy isn’t the same as avert-your-eyes awful. (I mean, *I’m* frumpy. Maybe my tolerance is too high.)

    Leomie Anderson. Now there’s an interesting one. Edit out the irrelevant flecks here and there and she has one of the most perfect bods I’ve ever seen. So much so, she just about overwhelms the flecks.

    The Dump’s hair, on the other hand … beyond cringe-inducing. Hideousness exudes around him.

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    Definitely going to follow your blog!

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