WTF Dud Special

Hallo Readers,

That this Government is a shitshow is not news. But the depth of its shitshowery continues to take the breath away, a combination of ignorance, arrogance, incompetence and tone deafness that has never previously been seen. It is our misfortune as a nation to suffer it, and to suffer it during a worldwide pandemic. Cometh the hour, faileth the Leadership. Let us consider this week’s prize duds.

Item – The Lord Chancellor/Minister of Justice and the Attorney-General, both of whom studiously look the other way while the Government flouts international law. The Scottish Advocate General, Lord Keen of Elie QC, had the decency to resign when the Government announced its intention to break the law ‘in a limited but specific way’. The reason it has to break it at all is that, in an outcome surprising absolutely no-one, it cannot maintain EU Customs Union freedom of movement for goods in Northern Ireland AND allow Northern Ireland to have a border with the UK  – something everyone knew at the time, said so at the time, and were roundly dismissed by our gung-ho ‘optimistic’ Prime Minister intent on ‘getting Brexit done’. His English counterparts see no problem with Britain reneging on an agreement it signed only months earlier. The A-G, Suella Braverman, commissioned legal advice from three committed Brexiteers which confirmed  what she wanted them to confirm. The woman would have to quadruple her intellect just to qualify as thick. Robert Buckland, the Lord Chancellor, says he would resign if the law were broken in a way he found ‘unacceptable’. The nation awaits his definition of when it is acceptable to break the law. The late Congressman John Lewis, the heroic campaigner for black rights in the US, talked about getting into ‘good trouble’.  This ain’t good trouble. This is chickens coming home to roost.

ItemJacob Rees-Mogg, the mobile nasal mucus who is Leader of the House of Commons. Moggy is a multi-millionaire Old Etonian, who married millions, and made even more millions through fund management. Today, at the same time as the former testing czarina Baroness Harding admitted to a House of Commons committee that demand for Covid19 tests exceeded capacity by four to one, Moggy told the House ‘instead of this endless carping, saying it’s difficult to get them, we should actually celebrate this phenomenal success of the British nation in getting up to a quarter of a million tests of a disease that nobody knew about until earlier in the year’. Phenomenal success? Every day, desperate and terrified citizens are driving miles cross-country to a testing station in another county, only to find no one there. If they do manage to get a test, they have to wait days for the result. Meanwhile, Moggy’s alma mater is testing every pupil, whether they are symptomatic or not. How very dare people carp? They should be grateful for the opportunity of spending money they don’t have on petrol they can’t afford, to go to somewhere they don’t live, not to get a test they want and which, by the way, they were promised last June. If only their parents had saved up and sent them to Eton…… 


We start our review of the week’s sartorial sluice bucket with model Kate Moss and her daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack.

Lila Grace, who is 17, is dressed in not enough. Kate is dressed in some sort of designer dish dash. That is all that can said about Moss mère et fille.

Here is radio presenter Kelly Brook on the way to do her radio show. WTF has no idea what she is wearing. None whatsoever….

WTF has taken against the loose threads hanging down from the shorts. Bigly taken against them. They put her in mind of Stormy Daniels’ description of Donald Trump’s ‘yeti pubes’. And no, you are not getting a lookalikey picture….. 

Next up, we have First Daughter Ivanka Trump aka #NepotismBarbie wearing Emilia Wickstead at the White House signing of the Abraham Agreements, seen with her husband Jared Kushner, aka #KenDoll. 

One wonders whether either of these two ghastly pair has an original working part between them. Or a brain. Ivanka continues to insert herself into every major event, like Zelig, and her upholstered chest in that anaemic flouncerama puts one in mind of a pouter pigeon.

Now we move to LA and singer Justin Bieber, out and about in bright pink leisurewear. 

Really? He looks like a tattooed guava. And extra minus points for the stupid hat.

This is sort of actress Phoebe Price out and about in LA.

Phoebe’s principal purpose is to wear silly things in public so that people will take her photo. And someone did…… she looks like a kaleidoscopic Puss in Boots, while the mirrored lenses give the illusion that the price ticket for the hat has fallen in front of her eye. Just. Go. Away.

Here is World Champion racing driver Lewis Hamilton  and his pet pup Roscoe arriving at Sir Philip Green’s yacht in Monaco. Lewis is wearing MGSM. Roscoe is wearing Roscoe.

Lewis is a grown man dressed like a Wimbledon ballboy. Roscoe however looks good.

And finally here is singer Billie Eilish wearing Gucci.

Billie looks like the love child of a desert tribeswoman and a 1960’s hippy. And if you are going to wear a $$$$$ Gucci blanket, at least wear it the right way round so that the wash label is not on display.






This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado Bindy from Wiltshire who has brought these truly appalling leggings to WTF’s horrified attention.

Er…. look. All women have had a little accident in their lives at a certain time of the month, but we do not need to parade it coram publico. Revolting.  And then some.  It’s Got to Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Do not forget your excellent suggestions for It’s Got To GoLet us meet again next Friday. Be good, be careful, and keep washing your hands! x

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