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Last week WTF lamented the fact that nothing works in this country. Including the Prime Minister. Boris Johnson is back from his holiday this week but you would not know it. For a man who is usually gagging for a photo opportunity, he has been about as visible as Osama Bin Laden. No pics of him in hard hat and high vis jacket pretending to be Bob the Builder. No sign of him lurking in hospital wards, peering at terrified patients who cannot work out if they have died and woken up in the 7th circle of hell. Whatever it is that he is doing, it does not appear to be for the public good. Which is why, in a surprise to absolutely nobody, Downing St announced that this PM has no intention of intervening in the energy crisis, preferring to leave it to his appointed successor to take up the fight in September. His workload does not, it seems, extend to assisting or assuaging terrified citizens who have absolutely no idea how they will pay the gas bill, the electricity bill and the water bill, all of which are heading sky high. Pensioners who foresee the very real possibility of freezing to death in their own homes. Families who will have to make the choice between heating or eating. People with serious health conditions which require them to run machines which help save their lives. People on chemotherapy who overheat during the process but cannot afford to put on a fan afterwards. Army veterans, injured when fighting for their country, let down by the National Health Service in their treatment and now unable to keep themselves warm or cook themselves a meal. None of this matters to Johnson. Nor, apparently, does it matter much to the-robot-whose-batteries -are-running-down and Prime Minister in waiting, Liz Truss, to whom the idea of a profits tax is anathema. For Truss, the only thing that matters is cutting taxes so that those people who already have plenty of money to pay their bills will have even more. She also has a wizard wheeze to cut National Insurance for people who do not earn enough to pay it anyway. This is what we have to look forward  as 2022 draws to an end.

And this, Readers, is what a dozen years of Tory government has brought us. A messianic obsession with profits over people. A commitment to enriching their friends and paymasters rather than the community they were elected to serve. A failure to understand how ordinary people struggle on a daily basis. A gaping void where you would usually expect to see compassion. It just makes you feel so utterly ashamed. This is the 21st century’s version of Thatcher’s poll tax and it needs to be met with the same fury in the streets. Because if our government is indifferent to the fate of its citizens, then its citizens will have to take matters into their own hands. And that includes voting out this shower at the very earliest opportunity.


We start our review of the week’s comical clothing with singer Katy Perry wearing a Cult Gaia dress and shoes from her own new line.

The shoes are horrible, as if she were standing on two pieces of red cardboard. Don’t give up your day job, love. Meanwhile, the sleeves on the dress are like a couple of deflated balloons.

Next, we have singer Kesha (formerly known as Ke$ha), wearing Fanci Club and what seems to be a dressing gown.

WTF was in great indignation when she saw Kesha in what appears to be a dressing gown. Then Kesha took it off and WTF hugely lamented the dressing gown, as what she saw instead was a pair of patterned tights masquerading as a dress with nothing but a tiny thong underneath, showcasing bare arse-cheeks and a globular pair of tits like a couple of melons in the moonlight. Careful now…. Nipples ahoy!

To LA where we find actor, singer and comedian Donald Glover at the launch of Beyonce’s new record, Renaissance.

Is it black knickers week? First Kesha, and then Donald. The party theme was retro. In Donald’s case this appears to mean the era of Edwardian wrestlers, namely a spangly leotard worn with preposterous boots.

And our hostess with the mostest, Beyoncé, with husband Jay-Z.

Oh please. Why does she never wear proper clothes? She is like a Michael Jackson tribute act with added tits and dangly bits.

To London, where we encounter Love Island so-called “star,” Antigoni Buxton en route to the show’s wrap party wearing (!!!!!!) Pretty Little Thing.

It is a shame that Antigoni did not wrap up rather more instead of running around coram publico in a tit-and-belly-button-baring leotard and matching “skirt”,  making her torso look like a squished face peering out of a wimple.

And finally, singer-songwriter Jesse Jo Stark and her boyfriend, singer Yungblud.

Jesse is giving us an imminent Minge Moment. As for her beau, if the Joker went to a fancy dress party as Ronald McDonald, this is what he would look like.


This week’s It’s Got to Go comes from WTF aficionado WTF from Islington and follows on from aficionado Gita’s submission last week.  It is people walking around London wearing less than they would wear on the beach. Look it’s hot. We get it. But bare-chested men in Barnet?  No.  A bra top made from a manky scarf in Stoke Newington? NO!!!! WTF was happily consuming a schnitzel in Stoke Newington Church Street last night when she was horrified by the sight of a giant pair of knockers bouncing away as its owner sashayed along with her partner. It put WTF right off her dinner, and rightly so. Put them away, people!!!! Have compassion for your fellow citizens. It’s Got to Go

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Let us meet again next Friday. And keep those splendid suggestions coming in for It’s Got To Gonot to mention your top comments. Be good x.




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  1. Another splendid rant and set of ghastliness! Thank you. Can I nominate “butt ripped jeans” for It’s Got to Go? Just Google…… and goggle in disbelief

  2. fashionshark
  3. Another ghastliness- backless see through wedding dress which shows your bum!

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