WTF Labour Special

Hallo Readers,


It has been an interesting week to be a Jew. We have had the antisemitism Jews declaring that they have had enough of the Labour Party’s failure to take antisemitism seriously and the Jeremy Jews accusing the antisemitism Jews of pretending this is about antisemitism whilst they are really just anti-Jeremy Jews. Or Blairite Jews. Or Tory Jews. Or Zionist Jews. Or all of the above. And then there are the non-Jews who support the antisemitism Jews and the non-Jews who support the Jeremy Jews. They all gathered in Parliament Square on Monday and the row has raged on all week, culminating in the Head of the Disputes Panel hearing complaints of antisemitism, Christine Shawcroft, intervening on behalf of one Alan Bull who had been suspended from the party for denying the Holocaust. She has now stepped down from that role but remains on the National Executive Committee.

In 2012, Corbyn commented on a Facebook complaint by Mear One, whose antisemitic mural had been removed by Hackney Council. Corbyn asked why it had been removed and compared this to Rockefeller removing a mural by Diego Viera which depicted Lenin. Had Corbyn looked at it, he would have seen that the Hackney mural depicted a group of grotesque, hook-nosed Jews playing Monopoly at a table held up by naked bodies. But either he didn’t look at it, in which case he had no business commenting on it, or he looked but made the comment anyway.  WTF explained to those who did not know what a grotesque caricature of Jews looks like that it looked like the Hackney mural, and explained why it was antisemitic. Education is key. WTF does not think that Jeremy Corbyn is antisemitic. But she is confident that he is not doing enough to ensure that the party he leads does more to get rid of antisemitism. And she is confident that a man who is MP for a North London constituency,  a man well versed in the history of fascism, a man whose mum stood in Cable Street, a man committed to fight racism and discrimination, knows exactly what an antisemitic caricature looks like. And if he doesn’t, then he damn well should. Roll on to 2018, where the mural was raised by Jewish MP Luciana Berger who had come across the comment. Corbyn’s people said he had not looked at it properly and he apologised. At which point, the antisemitism Jews, Labour and non-Labour, declared #enoughisenough. Not just because of the mural, but because of everything that has happened in the Labour Party. The failure to take timely action against anti-Semites. The whitewash of Shami Chakrabati’s report into antisemitism, claiming there was none when Corbyn this week apologised for “pockets” of it and for not doing enough about the thing that apparently didn’t need anything done about, and which, according to union leaders and the Jeremy Jews and the Jeremy non-Jews, doesn’t exist and is being used as a fig leaf to get rid of Jeremy and help the Tories.

You know what, Readers? Given the stereotypical views of some on the Left and some on the Right and some with no politics at all, that Jews run the banks, run the media, run the arts, run the courts, control the World, it is pretty damn galling to be told that the antisemitism Jews are not really upset by antisemitism at all and have ‘an ulterior motive’, that Jews are not allowed to complain about antisemitism without being called liars and a ‘very powerful special interest group’  (oh, the irony), that Labour MPs supporting the complaints should be deselected and are traitors. WTF doesn’t give a stuff if the Jeremy Jews deny antisemitism in the Party. The fact that they seek to silence those who have the temerity to complain is not just outrageous, it is frightening. It is one thing to say that attacks on Israeli policy are not attacks on Jews. Not all Jews agree on this, although WTF can see the difference. But comments that Jews in power are bringing in ‘backdoor Zionism’ is antisemitism. Comments that Jews control everything is antisemitism. Denying the Holocaust is antisemitism. And that bloody mural was antisemitism. And WTF will not tolerate being told to shut up, or called a liar or a Tory if she complains about it. Corbyn has got to sort it out – and sort out those who deny others the right to complain about the very racism and prejudice they and he claim to despise.


It’s Easter. It’s Pesach. Let us cheer ourselves up with silliness in the form of the week’s sartorial survey, starting with singer Ashanti out and about. 

Ashanti is an iconic figure as she is WTF’s avatar. Every item of clothing here is foul, made more foul by their being worn in combination. As WTF aficionado Andrew Purcell points out, the disproportionate size of the Gucci lettering on her hat makes her look like a billboard. WTF has taken particular umbrage at the tit-enhancing dirndl-belt with the smily face like grinning Gretchen from Gelsenkirchen.

Back comes celebritee Charlotte Dawson at the Miss Swimsuit UK in Newcastle, wearing not enough. 

Tawdry, titsy and taffeta. Charlotte Dawson’s usual attire. Although, to be fair, it is markedly less mingy than her usual attire. Do not forget that this is a distinguished winner of the WTF Christmas Turkey 2015.

Actor Win Morisaki at the premiere of Ready Player One.

It was all going so well. Until you get to the terrible trousers and the white socks with the winklepicker shoes like an extra from Grease.

Here is Australian model Shanina Shaik at the amFAR gala in Hong Kong wearing Galia Lalav.

The dress in itself could be lovely were it not for her clavicles like a couple of coat hangers and some frankly mis-matched accessories. But here is a WTF Rule. If you have to hold your handbag over your hooha, there is something wrong with your dress. And with you for wearing it.

Also at the Gala was Hong Kong property rich person, Stephen Hung wearing his bedspread.

I mean it is a very nice bedspread. But it is a bedspread. And the bow tie looks ridiculous.

This is actor Taraji P Henson at the premiere of Acrimony, wearing Roberto Cavalli.

Stephen was in a bedspread and Taraji is in her dressing gown. This dressing gown thing is getting seriously out of hand. First Rita Ora at the MTVs. And now Taraji.  Adding saucy sandals does not make this less of a dressing gown. And it was done ever so much better half a century ago. 

This is how you wear a dressing gown….indoors.

To the Kids’ Choice Awards and former Spice Girl and TV celebritee Mel B’

It is stunningly inappropriate for a kiddies event but Mel does love a sparkling condom. This one is made out of chain-mail and looks like a knight’s long johns. 

Finally, we go to the Junos Music Awards in Vancouver and meet Canadian singer Lights.

WTF does not know which is the more offensive – the hair colour, the Minge Moment dress, the boots or the posterior patch. Frankly, it would have been much better to have turned the Lights off…..


This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado and Comments King Andrew Purcell, who has managed to find something American even more horrible than Donald J Trump (It originally said produce but Andrew took great exception to the word as he has no responsibility for the horror that follows). These are Family Cloth Wipes and they are  – WTF is not shitting you – reusable arse wipes. Yes really. You use them and then you wash them and you reuse them. Presumably that is why they are brown.

 Andrew says  “I can make several really bad puns too! A choice between saving the environment and reusable toilet paper? There are some things I’d rather not pass around. Or have passed around to me”.  He is not wrong. It’s Got To Go.


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Keep sending in your top comments and your excellent suggestions for It’s Got To Go. WTF is taking a break and will be back for your reading enjoyment on Friday April 20. Happy Easter, Happy Pesach, Happy Everything. Be Good. x




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WTF Data Special

Hallo Readers,

Do you know who these two are? You should. They have a finger in all sorts of rightwing apple pies. They have the majority of shares in the cloaca that is Cambridge Analytica. They prop up the Alt-Right shite-site, Breitbart. They donated a fortune to the Republicans to try and beat Obama in 2012 and  have given $11 million to the Media Research Center, an organisation which exists “to expose and neutralize the propaganda arm of the Left: the national news media.” They gave millions of dollars to Donald Trump’s election campaign, and insisted that he used Cambridge Analytica to run the data. They put Steve Bannon, involved in both Breitbart and Cambridge Analytica, in touch with Trump and stuck by him until Bannon turned on Trump, at which point  they told Breitbart to sack him as Chairman or they would pull the plug. The woman sat on the Trump Transition Team. You get the picture. Meet father and daughter  Bob and Rebekah Mercer.

Bob is 70 and a self-made billionaire, a technical genius who got into hedge funds in his 50s and hit the jackpot. His firm has $25 billion under management. Bob has a model train set which cost him $2.3 million. Rebekah is 43, has four children and lives in an apartment (knocked together from six apartments) in Trump Place on New York’s Upper West Side. The Mercers are not so much right wing as off the planet and still going. Despite the fact that they live the lifestyle of the super-mega-ultra-rich, complete with a 235 foot yacht, they are, apparently, anti-establishment, except the establishments they own. Bob in particular believes in minimal government, hates the Washington elite, loathes the Republican Party bigwigs and just wants to tear everything down, presumably excluding the institutions whose $25 billion he manages. They liked Trump because he was a human wrecking ball who also wanted to tear things down, deregulate everything and make America a better place for billionaires. And so they showered him with gold and helped propel him to victory. For which they deserve the torments of the damned.

Which brings us back to Cambridge Analytica. As we now know, Cambridge Analytica got hold of data concerning millions of Facebook accounts and used them to target disaffected US voters. Interviewed yesterday, Bannon, who once headed up Cambridge Analytica, was coy about how this information had been acquired, asking “everyone buys Facebook information, don’t they?”. We now know from Channel 4’s undercover film that Cambridge Analytica’s CEO, Alexander Nix, and his little gang used dodgy strategies to blacken Clinton’s name, poison the debate and spread lies. Nix, who looks like one of the members of the Drones Club running about with Bertie Wooster nicking policemen’s helmets, boasted of his role in getting Trump elected. Here is another Old Etonian with questionable morals and an overweening air of entitlement. On film, he also boasted about other campaigns he had been involved in and framing them by bribing candidates or sending Ukrainian hookers to their homes. Nix is also said to have asked Julian Assange for the Hillary emails (Assange denies it). And so all the threads draw closer. The dirty tricks. The Russians hacking Clinton’s emails and the DNC emails. Wikileaks publishing the emails. Trump’s new pal, Nigel Farage, visiting Assange, holed up like an amoebic rat in the Ecuadorian embassy. 

After Nix spilled the beans on TV (he says he was stringing the “client” along – yes and WTF is Tinkerbell), the Board of Cambridge Analytica got out the smelling salts, came over all moral and suspended him. They were shocked, shocked, that the employees of company that ran the data for political campaigns, that helped get Trump elected, and is funded by the Mercers, could do anything dodgy. Or was it because suddenly the biters got severely bit? Meanwhile, the Mercers have set up Emerdata, another UK data company with Mr Nix as one of its directors. Associates of various other billionaires are also directors because hey, how anti-Establishment to have billionaires and Etonians threatening the fabric of civilisation as we know it. As long as the Mercers can keep their homes. And the train set. And the yacht.


We now get frivolous and go to our review of the week’s worst wardrobes, starting with TOWIE person, Bobby Norris.

It is a relief to see Bobby with his clothes on after his victories in the WTF Summer Stinker 2014 AND the WTF Summer Stinker 2015,  both times clad in nothing but a cocksock. Newcomers, be careful clicking on the links!!!! That said, there has to what Tony Blair used to call the Third Way between a cocksock and a tartan three-piece suit as worn by chorus boys in Brigadoon. And those are very terrible trousers.

Here is actor Phoebe Price. out and about in LA.

Phoebe’s principal purpose is to have her picture taken looking quite bonkers. Even the dog is facing the other way. Most nutters wrap themselves in tinfoil to avoid electrical current and whatnot but Phoebe has wrapped some round her legs, put on a sheer lace body over a thong and a silly hat and called it an outfit. One can be grateful for the thong. 

Singer Rita Ora, wearing La Perla.

Yes. La Perla. The company that makes lingerie and boudoir attire. WTF can only conclude that Rita was about to get dressed when the fire alarm went off in her apartment building and headed straight to a party wearing what she stood up in.

Actor Tallulah Rose Haddon at the Empire Film Awards.

This is red latex perve-wear. She must be so sweaty. WTF is concerned that after spending two hours putting this on and three hours taking it off, poor Talullah will, in the words of the splendid Sister Pooh, have a BEASTIE yeasty.

Businesswoman and trans activist Angelica Ross. WTF does not even know what she is wearing.

Angelica looks like she has gone through five or six takes of the attack scene in Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Singer Halsey at the Blossom Ball, wearing J Mendel.

Halsey looks like a bride in a snowstorm. There were also buttocks on display, but rather more decorously than Phoebe’s, so here they are.

WTF aficionado Tom was asking after Lewis Hamilton the other day. Here he is with Tommy Hilfiger, for whom he has just been made a Global Brand Ambassador. Astonishingly, Lewis is not the worst dressed of the pair. 

Lewis is dressed as Kevin the Teenager and is about ten years too old for those boots. Tommy is dressed as a children’s entertainer in a grey suit with a red and white trim, worn, for reasons we can only guess at, with a blue tie, black trousers and a black belt. And that little wave reminds WTF of Donald Trump’s horrible little hands.

Finally, here is singer Beyoncé at the Wearable Art Ball, wearing Falguni Shane Peacock.

Why does everything she wears have to be so sheer? She looks like a minge menorah in gold wrapping paper. Just plain disturbing,


This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado The Justified Sinner aka @Wringhim, who directed WTF’s attention to the new phenomenon of the Boob Blazer. Read and shudder…..

 Not only is it really ugly and very draughty, but it makes your boobs look like a couple of malevolent eyes behind a bank robber’s mask. The Justified Sinner rightly points out that it isn’t even a trend yet but even so, It’s Got To Go.


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Keep sending in your top comments and your excellent suggestions for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x









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WTF From Russia With Love Special

Hallo Readers,

As fans of Midsomer Murders can attest, living in an English idyll does not preclude murder and mayhem but no-one associated leafy Salisbury with attempted homicide until a fortnight ago, when a father and daughter were found in a bad way on a public bench, poisoned with Novichok, a Russian nerve gas developed decades earlier. The father and daughter were  Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy turned double agent and now living in the UK and Yulia, who was visiting him from Moscow. They had wandered out on a Sunday afternoon for a drink and a spot of lunch and ended up in intensive care where they remain in critical condition. The police sergeant who found them, Sgt Nick Bailey, also fell seriously ill, but is recovering. A number of people were treated in hospital immediately after the incident and were discharged  but anyone who was in the pub or in the restaurant has been advised to wash their clothes and to isolate anything that cannot be washed, which is hardly encouraging. No one knows what the long term effects will be. 

The gas was developed in Russia, the victims were Russian and Russia has a grim history of murdering its political opponents, including here in the UK. In 2010, Vladimir Putin warned “traitors will kick the bucket, believe me. Those other folks betrayed their friends, their brother in arms…”. Not to mention the newsreader on Russian television who after the Skripal attack warned “traitors or those who simply hate their country in their free time, don’t choose Britain as a place to live. recent years there have been too many strange incidents with grave outcomes there.” Theresa May clearly believed that Russia was bang to rights. Most people do except Jeremy Corbyn, who is urging caution and finding himself accused of high treason as a result. Certainly, anyone could have manufactured the gas, as the instructions are available if you know where to look, and the way that the attack was carried out was sloppy. The Sun speculated that the attack had been lodged by Yulia’s ex boyfriend’s mother, which seems a trifle far-fetched. Russia has form and motive. Who else would have wanted one or other of the Skripals dead? 

May suddenly grew some balls and condemned Russia. Her reaction was more impressive than the Defence Secretary, pipsqueak Gavin Williamson, who told the Russians to go away and shut up. They must be quaking. Nor do they seem too crushed by our sanctions. 23 Embassy diplomats (i.e. spies) are to be expelled, Russian intelligence will be “degraded”, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s invitation has been withdrawn and Prince William will not go to Russia to support England in the World Cup. And er, that’s it. Does anyone think that Putin is bothered by HRH’s no-show or that Lavrov will miss his chat with Boris Johnson? They will expel British diplomats (i.e. spies) and continue to deny all knowledge of what happened. 

The only way to hurt Russia would involve something more. Like persuading many other countries to boycott the World Cup – but why would they? Europe is hardly frienly at the moment. The South American countries are unlikely to care. Saudi Arabia and Iran are not exactly bastions of human rights. FIFA and the sponsors of this bloated corruption-fest will never let it happen. Or we could confiscate some of the Russian properties in London owned by the oligarchs who owe their success to Putin’s patronage. Neither will happen and so May can threaten all she likes. We are a little country.  We cannot hurt Russia. And so Russian traitors and passers-by will continue to be injured or killed in our green and pleasant land because there is damn all we can do about it.


We turn to more frivolous matters and our weekly sartorial survey of shame, starting with Madonna and Kim Kardashian giving a You Tube beauty seminar.

Beauty seminar? These two have hardly got an original working part between them and their faces are fuller of Botox than a convoy of lorries loaded with Botox leaving the Botox factory. And they are both wearing underwear as outerwear, although at least Madge is wearing a jacket.

We pop into the TRIC TV and Radio Awards in London where we encounter WAG and fledgling celebritee, Rebekah Vardy, wearing Whyte Studio.

Rebekah appeared on last year’s I’m a Celebritee, Get Me Out of Here and she will doubtless next pop up on Strictly Come Skijumping, although she has no obvious claim to fame save that she is more orange than an orange and is married to footballer Jamie Vardy.  But she got to have her moment on the Red Carpet, dressed, for reasons that can only be guessed at,  as a pastel Poldark.

Next up we have actor Penélope Cruz at the premiere of Loving Pablo in Madrid, wearing Versace.

Several years ago, Jean-Paul Gauthier went through a very annoying phase of sending out beautiful women in stupid half-and-half outfits. Now Versace is at it. At first glance, Penélope seems to have slipped a long evening coat over one shoulder, but there is nothing to go on the other shoulder. The whole outfit makes her look like a shimmering black beetle.

Here is Mel B launching yet another series of America’s Got Talent Even If The Judges Don’t. 

This dress is typical of Mel’s wardrobe choices, i.e. it is tacky, tawdry and far too short. It appears to have been stitched together from heavily embroidered place mats, the sort you get when you go to tea at your granny. In case you are wondering how it stays up, it has an illusion panel and you can see the seam running from breast to clavicle, like the joint on a doll.

To the iHeart Radio Music Awards where a variety of very badly attired people got together for no obvious purpose. This is rapper Young Thug, wearing who knows what?

The techicolour vomit artist’s smock is bad enough but WTF’s main disapprobation is reserved for the ridiculous white trousers exposing plenty of purple-socked ankle. In Victorian times, women flashing their ankles was considered to be erotic. in 2018, it is the men doing it.

Actor Jackie Cruz, wearing Death by Dolls.

If she were to spin round, she could take half a dozen people’s eyes out with those tassels. Those people whose eyes were not already tight shut to avoid seeing the horror of this dress.

Here is a WTF staple, singer Halsey wearing Raisa and Vanessa.

The hair is very Pebbles Flintstone but the outfit is more Jane after becoming Mrs Tarzan. Only, she wasn’t tattooed.

Singer Drake Bell wearing Gucci. Gucci!!!!

The emerald-green Bugs bunny sweater costs £885 and clashes horribly with the Let’s Go-To-San-Francisco-and-drop-a-load-of-acid khaki floral trewsies (£750) and the sparkly trainers (£495). And more ankle activity, this time in red socks.

Finally, here is actor Nafessa Williams wearing Vatanika at the premiere of her new movie Tomb Raider, in which she plays cinema’s first black lesbian villain.

Yikes. If there is one thing worse than a minge moment, it is a faux minge moment. She is actually wearing flesh-toned cycle shorts under her trousers, but the fact you have to ask is unacceptable. WTF stands by her view that lace trousers are as much use as a roof rack on a helicopter.


This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF of Islington who is fed up with people using social media to end relationships. Yes you, Donald J. Trump. You sacked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ON TWITTER. If that is not the definition of classless, WTF does not know what is.

How low can you go?  The White house phone is free – well for you, anyway. Have the balls to sack people in person, you outrageous orange oaf. You have so Got to Go.


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Keep sending on those comments and your suggestions for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x

















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WTF Stormy Special

Hallo Readers, 

Ever since it emerged that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, forked out $130,000 from his own pocket to silence a porn actress by the name of Stormy Daniels, who claims to have the goods on his client, WTF has been wondering where she can find another lawyer offering this level of personal service. Most lawyers do not enjoy a reputation for generosity. They tend to bill you for every moment they spend upon your affairs. Phone them up, you pay. Write them a letter or an email that they have to read, you pay. Draft an agreement, you pay. That is the way that it has been since time immemorial. But apparently Cohen is cut from different cloth. Shortly before the Presidential Election in November 2016, he discovered that Stormy was about to go public with sordid details about her ‘intimate relationship’ with the Donald ten years earlier. The Access Hollywood tape had just come out, the Donald was getting unfavourable publicity despite his denying any wrongdoing. Although Cohen believed Stormy’s story to be false, he felt it best to get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in exchange for a payout. Because of course you always pay people hush money when they are telling blatant lies. To this end, he set up a company registered in Delaware, the state of choice for people who can’t be arsed to fly to the Cayman Islands or the BVI to set up an iffy company, or do not have their passport to hand. The parties to the agreement were Essential Consultants LLC, which is not essential to anyone, and does not offer any consultancy services, a person with the pseudonym David Dennison (allegedly the Donald) and Peggy Peterson (aka Stormy). Cohen wired the money to Stormy’s bank. All this out of the goodness of his heart. You do not get many lawyers like that. Or, indeed, any.

When the Wall Street Journal broke the story, the White House not only denied any knowledge of the NDA or Essential Consultants LLC, it also denied that the Donald had ever dallied with Stormy. Of course he did. Not only would his base not like it but the third Mrs Trump would not like it, not least because the dalliance would have begun just three months after the birth of her son Barron. Cohen stated publicly that he had done everything without his client’s knowledge, even though rule 1.4 of the New York Bar Rules of Professional Conduct requires him to keep his client informed of all steps taken on his behalf and to consult with him about them. No one was much surprised that the Donald may once have dallied with Stormy or, indeed, with anyone else. Or cared much. He was always a serial shagger. But for someone, whether he knew about it or nor, to pay off a porn star to help his election prospects, and then to fail to declare it as an election expense, is not just a probable breach of US Election Law, it is sleazy. As usual, the cover up is way worse than the (alleged) offence.

Last week, Stormy declared that the NDA was void. First, she said whilst she and the company had signed it, David Dennison had not. Second, even if it was valid, she claimed that Cohen had invalidated it by talking about it. Cohen, still apparently acting without any reference to his client, went to arbitration under the NDA and got a retired judge to issue an injunction to prevent Stormy from going public. Whereupon Stormy’s lawyer filed a court case against the company and the Donald alleging that he, Cohen and others had attempted to intimidate Daniels and shut her up and seeking relief. Not the sort that Stormy is said to have offered the Donald, but a declaration that the NDA was invalid. At which point, we all got to see the said NDA, because it was attached in full to the claim. It is quite a document. Amongst other things, it assigns to DD all copyright in “paintings, video images, still images, e-mail messages, text messages, Instagram message, facebook posting or any other type of creation by DD.” Paintings? WTF was unaware that the Donald ever painted anything other than his face. Plus Stormy has to pay DD $1m for every breach of the NDA.

 If St Michael of Cohen really did all this without his client’s knowledge, which is about as likely as orange pigs with comb-overs flying down Pennsylvania Avenue, why did the Donald’s Press Secretary tell journalists that he “had won an arbitration” on an agreement he was not a party to and knew nothing about? But hey. If St Michael is disbarred or disciplined for breaching his professional obligations and if he really did shell out $130,000 of his own money (plus all that travel and company start-up costs), at least he will have the consolation of knowing that he is a really, really, lovely chap. We can but hope that the Donald appreciates it. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his all for his friends.


We are now off to the Oscars to peruse the shocking sartorial choices made both on the Red Carpet and at the after-parties. We begin with director and writer Agnès Varda, aged 89, wearing Gucci.

This is a lot of floral. It is understandable that Agnès would want to cover her décolletage, but the sweater under the pyjamas under the dressing gown, not to mention the stripes, is a lot of a lot. As WTF aficionado Bindy noted, Gucci has given Agnès a rope to hang herself with. She looks as if she has wandered downstairs from the bedroom into her granddaughter’s birthday party.

Actor Timothée Chalamet, wearing Beluti.

Timothée is dressed for his First Communion. His mother kindly shortened his trousers but she seems to have overdone it. Either that or he had a sudden growth spurt.

Skier and Olympic medallist Lindsey Vonn, wearing Christian Siriano.

Lindsey is dressed as a saloon girl in a John Wayne western.

Teenage Mom Farrah Abraham, actress Phoebe Price and German ‘personality’ Sophia Vegas. Sophia is wearing Royal Legacy and Phoebe is wearing Jovani.

Farrah has gone very Jessica Rabbit with the hair. Her dress is nice and surprisingly modest but having made two full-on sex tapes, everyone has already seen her wares. Phoebe and Sophia are giving us the full pastel minge waterfall look. They are all doing that forward knee thing that WTF really, really hates and she would prefer it if the three of them just went away.

Actress Salma Hayek wearing Gucci.

salma gucci

It’s here! The ultimate Gucci luxury loo roll cover with diamanté trim. Meanwhile, whoever did Salma’s hair and makeup needs a slap, a P45, and another slap.

Actress Haley Bennett, wearing Christian Dior.

Dior assembled this dress from a roll of garden turf over mosquito netting and the illusion panel polo neck with a visible seam is like a large tracheostomy scar.

Young actor Darrell Britt-Gibson, who needs a word with his tailor.

Love, love, love the shocking pink jacket and the skinny tie but those trousers are half up his shins and his shoes are too big.

Actress Andra Day, wearing Zac Posen.

It is as if Cath Kidston had taken up residence at Versailles making curtains. And Andra’s mules are the same colour as the carpet. 

Self-publicist Blanca Blanco, wearing who knows what?

By Blanca’s very low standards, she is positively covered up – remember her effort at this year’s Grammys – but this is not so much a gaping tit window as a conservatory with the roof off. As for the sandals, the thick ankle strap makes her look as if she is wearing an electronic tag.

Actress Nicole Kidman ,wearing Armani Privé.

The colour is fantastic and the bodice is fine but from the waist down it is far from fine. Indeed, fine can be sighted only with a telescope. The huge bow is excessively labial and Armani has lumped in some genitalia curtains for good measure.

TV person and actress Paris Jackson, (daughter of Michael), wearing Atelier Versace.

paris jackson versace

Paris is dressed as a trapeze artist with shoulder pads. Hate the tattoos. Hate the floaty bits. Hate the pose. Hate the pop-eyed gaze. Awful.

Actress Taraji P  Henson, wearing Vera Wang.

Vera Wang giveth and Vera Wang taketh away. The skirt is lined but there is a thigh high split provoking fears of an imminent Minge Moment. And the top is unlined, giving us full view of a couple of giant nursing pads.

Singer St Vincent, wearing St Laurent.

She looks like a bedraggled Playboy Bunny half way out of her hutch. She has a pointy pubes pelmet and one of her bunny ears is hanging from her waist. What happened to the other one? It is all so terribly, terribly, terrible.

Albanian shocker Bleona Qereti wearing not much at all. WARNING!!  NIPPLES AHOY!

Bleona wore something very similar at the AMAs in 2014, to whit, not enough. It comes to something when one can only be grateful that she is wearing panties. After the 2014 AMAs, such was their shame that Bleona’s parents in Albania barricaded themselves inside their house and refused to come out, Wait until they see her in another sparkling fishing net, but this time her chest fully on show. WTF hopes that their local hospital has dusted off its defibrillator…. 

Finally, skater and Olympic medallist Adam Rippon, wearing Moschino and “styled” by Moschino director Jeremy Scott. 

WTF aficionado Andrew from Holborn was so appalled that he messaged WTF as follows. If you don’t feature Adam Rippon’s Oscars’ outfit (with the accent on ‘out’! – he looks like a posh extra from the movie Crusing) in next Friday’s column, I will send you to an ophthalmologist!’ Andrew, do not worry. Here he is. WTF has a lot of time for Adam, who, as an openly gay man, refused to meet homophobic horror, US Vice President Mike Pence, at the Winter Olympics. However, turning up as The Gimp in a tux with cutaway shoulders just will not do, even if would cause Pence to choke on his cornflakes.


This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF stalwart Yvonne Ridley who has alerted WTF to an utterly foul new phenomenon – the halo eyebrow.

No. No! NO!!!!!!!!!!! This is not heavenly or holy.  As Mephistopheles said in Dr Faustus: ‘Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.’ This has very definitely Got to Go.


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Thank you for your top comments last week and for your suggestions for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x







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WTF Chumocracy Special

Hallo Readers, 

It has been a bad week for the Johnson Brothers, Boris and Jo. And a worse week for the taxpayer who had to pay for their mistakes, not to mention the enquiries into their mistakes. Both have been roundly criticised for failure properly to follow process but do they care? Boris and Jo both went to Eton and Oxford, where they were waited upon hand and foot by minions various. Why bother to clean up your mess when someone else  can do it?

Boris needs no introduction, a shambling, rambling, mendacious mess of a man without morals and with an overwhelming sense of entitlement. He is currently engaged in steering HMS Brexit onto the rocks but yesterday, he was dragged before the London Assembly as its former Mayor to explain the shambolic Garden Bridge project which wasted £40 million of public funds, although construction never actually started. This proposed Eden was supposed to provide pedestrians with a leafy stroll across the Thames amidst bushes and trees, even though Blackfriars Bridge, (admittedly not leafy because it’s a bloody bridge), is close by and though the public would be kept off the bridge much of the time whilst it was hired out for corporate events with the profits going to private owners. The concept was dreamt up by actress Joanna Lumley, a friend of the Johnson family, who prevailed upon Boris to champion the scheme. And he did. The tendering process was a fix with the design contract going to a firm of architects with little experience of bridges and with which by sheer coincidence, Lumley was associated. Guarantees were given by various public bodies, all spending our money but matching private funding never materialised. Last year, new Mayor Sadiq Khan pulled the plug to avoid further losses. Boris neither saw a problem nor apologised. Instead he bemoaned the lack of vision in killing Joanna’s scheme. But then when you’re about to plunge the whole British economy into chaos, who cares about £40 million?

Meanwhile, Jo was also playing the chumocracy card. As Minister for Universities, he set up a pointless quango called the Office for Students. Advertisements were placed for Non-Executive Directors and for a “Student Experience” representative.  220 people applied for the NED role and 131 for the Student role in a process that was supposed to be fair and impartial and result in a diverse board. But Jo approached Boris’ mate Toby Young, a journalist and champion of Academy schools, suggesting he apply. Young was duly appointed by the all-male, all-white selection board, despite Jo’s boss, the Secretary of State, querying Young’s suitability and despite his reputation as a foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed, eugenics-espousing, snobbish pig with a back catalogue of revolting tweets about women’s breasts, anal rape and admitting proles to Oxford, his alma mater. His social media accounts and public utterances were never checked, unlike the choice for the Student Experience candidate, whose every tweet was closely scrutinised and who was rejected by no 10 “advisers” and Department of Education officials because he was seen as too lefty.  Jo and his colleagues wanted people like Young, white, Oxbridge, “one of them”, avid supporters of Tory education policies and good fun at garden parties. Fortunately, Young’s appointment prompted such an outcry that he was forced to resign within a week and before even taking office, despite (or perhaps because of) vocal support from the Brothers Grimm. As for the Student Experience post, none of the candidates got the gig and an interim appointment had to be made. If only one of them had hobnobbed with the Johnsons over cocktails, it could all have been so different.


We start our review of the week’s outlandish outfits with professional showoff Frankie Grande, who hosted the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards, looking very shiny.

The jacket is cute but he has a couple of toy cars on his feet and his hair is like a badger that some cruel child psychopath has plugged into the mains.

Actress Kira Kosarin was at the same event, wearing not a lot.

Kira tweeted that the dress had ‘shifted off-centre’.  She would have done better to have shifted it into the bin. There is a silly slanted tit window, the halter neck is strangling her and there is a serious Minge Moment in progress.

Something is peeping out of that thigh-high slit, and whatever it is, it should not be on display. Yurgle. 

Now we visit the premiere of A Wrinkle in Time attended by actress Angela Bassett, wearing Greta Constantine.

Never mind a Wrinkle in Time, this is a Throwback in Time to Studio 54 in 1979. Any woman would be proud of those abs, let alone someone of 58. However, that is no excuse for going out in public looking like Scheherazade on the pull.

Here is pointless person Kim Kardashian out and about in New York, wearing a big black jacket, baggy trewsies and Celine mules.

Where to start? The My Little Pony hair? The preponderance of plastic tittage (Kim has revealed that she prevents nipslips with industrial strength gaffer tape – ouch! Imagine removing gaffer tape from your nipples – they would be would be more raw than a steak tartare). The jacket big enough for both her and Kanye, should he be so minded? The horrible trewsies? The mules whiter and brighter than any toothpaste ad? Not that she ever had it, but Kim has seriously lost it. Just go away.

Billionaire fashionista James Goldstein at Milan Fashion Week.

WTF has no idea who Ms Cameltoe is or why she is dressed as a titsy astronaut in kinky boots or what that thing is around her waist. James, who is wearing his usual leather hat and ridiculous, eye-wateringly expensive designer togs, is the colour of stewed tea and looks like Crocodile Dundee’s granddad.

To a charity do in LA and singer Britney Spears, wearing Gucci.

Britney always looks the same, wearing a tight, tiny, tawdry, little thing no longer than a tunic and barely covering her crotch. What distinguishes this outfit from her other outfits are the sandals.

 Her toes are overhanging like gargoyles projecting from a church….

This is actor Keesha Sharp at the BET American Black Festival Honors, wearing who even knows what.

You know when you slow- roast a shoulder of lamb and the bottom of the pan is thick with encrustations that are near impossible to remove, no matter how long you leave it to soak? That is what this dress looks like. It also seems to have been designed for someone about a foot taller than Keesha and WTF cannot but remark on the very visible belly-button, which she hates almost above all things.

Here is actress Jennifer Tilly, wearing a most remarkable ensemble.

Sometimes you might wear an oversized teeshirt at home, perhaps with a pair of bed socks. Or slip one over your swimsuit to nip down to the beach on a Greek island. But you do not go out to an evening event in one, particularly when it is very sparkly with a nightmarish logo. And you do not style it with what appears to be matching spats and the world’s ugliest clutch. Sack the stylist. Or get one. Or something…..

Finally, here is actress Sharon Stone at the Forbes Travel Guide launch.

Another stunning woman in her late 50s in a truly terrible dress. Last week we saw a hairy merkin on the catwalk. Now we have a sequinned merkin onstage. For some reason, Sharon has a broom head around her waist whilst the bottom of her dress is made from the remains of a bedraggled blackbird.


This week’s It’s Got To Go is the Daily Mail’s disgusting “journalist” Sarah Vine, aka Mrs Michael Gove. That is reason enough to hate her, Heaven knows, but Vine continues to provide new reasons to keep that hatred fresh. This week she slammed the BBC women who had the gall to complain that they were underpaid compared to men doing the same work.  She wrote” ‘No one else is going to say it, so I will. Some people get paid less than others, not because they are not posh enough (see Steph McGovern, who claims she is underpaid at the BBC on account of being from Middlesbrough) or a certain gender (Carrie Gracie, former China editor for the BBC who resigned over equal pay), but for the simple reason that they are not as good at their jobs as others’.

Not only is this untrue, it is vicious, cheap, bullshit from a woman who would probably not hold on to her piss-poor column were she not married to a Tory grandee, let alone earn a six-figure salary for writing it. Sarah has so Got to Go.


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Thank you for your lovely comments last week and your suggestions for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday to consider political developments and to review the Oscar Red Carpet. Be good x


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WTF BAFTAs, BRITs and Other Shockers Special

Hallo Readers, 

On the face of it, the Parkland school shooting, where 19 year old Nicholas Cruz murdered 17 people with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, was just one more incident when a homicidal maniac exercised his inalienable right to murder innocent people at random with a deadly weapon. In Florida, you can buy a semi-automatic rifle at the age of 18 but you have to be 21 to buy a beer. A few days after Parkland, the Florida senate refused to pass a motion banning AR-15s but voted to condemn pornography as harmful to teenagers. In Texas, you can own as many guns as you like but you are not allowed to own more than six dildos. Wanking, it seems, is more dangerous than bullets. Politicians, many of whom fortified by fat cheques from the National Rifle Association, wrung their hands and offered up the customary thoughts and prayers. Donald Trump, who trousered $30m in NRA campaign contributions, paid a flying visit to the local hospital and to the Sheriff’s department, where he was photographed grinning broadly and giving a thumb’s up sign. He then went to Mar-a-Lago, 40 miles down the road, where he had been going anyway, and showed his respects by abstaining from golf for two whole days. Everyone assumed that once the funerals were over, everything would return to normal – until the next time.

Except that did not happen. The kids from Marjory Stoneham Douglas School, shattered, angry, in mourning, resolved to take a stand. And so they spoke out. They rallied. They railed against the NRA and those GOP Senators, including Florida’s Marco Rubio, who took NRA funds. They blamed Trump for repealing Obama’s law that people suffering from mental illness should not be able to purchase a gun. They abused him on Twitter after he claimed – shamefully – that the FBI had failed to act on tip-offs about Cruz because it had been too busy pursuing him about Russian collusion. They called for a ban on weapons. They descended on Tallahassee, the State Capital, lobbying their representatives and seeking out the Governor. They demanded that other kids in other schools should not have to watch their classmates shot, should not have hide in cupboards whilst texting their parents goodbye, should not have to attend the funerals of people they grew up with. They were critical. They were vocal. They were articulate. They were astonishing. This week, some of them (the less vocal ones) attended a meeting at the White House, where their President was forced to listen to their stories. Others appeared on a televised CNN Town Hall where they confronted Rubio (who at least had the balls to turn up, unlike the Governor who stayed away) and Dana Loesch, a representative of the NRA. President Trump claimed that he will now take action. Let us see whether he does and what it is. He also claimed that the NRA are ‘great people’ and ‘true American Patriots’.

Inevitably, it did not take long before the slime slithered out to attack the kids. They were ‘actors’. They were ‘fame whores’. They were coached and manipulated by the Liberal Left, the Fake News, George Soros, the Deep State and, probably, Beelzebub. One of them had a father who used to be in the FBI! Some of them were not even injured! To these scum, any criticism of either Trump or guns is intolerable. They love the Second Amendment but they really hate the First. At the CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night, Loesch, the Bullshit Breitbart Barbie, was emollient to the victims who berated her but yesterday, in a speech to the Far Right CPAC conference, she showed her true colours, asserting that these slaughters were the fault of Law Enforcement, not guns, and that ‘many in the legacy Media love mass shootings” because ‘crying white mothers are ratings gold’. Of course, she did not say that during the CNN event to the crying white (and non-white) mothersShe complained to CPAC that she had been in fear of her life the previous day when some of the audience had (wrongly) rushed at the stage in fury. Really? Try hiding in a cupboard whilst gunfire rages around you and then emerge to find your friends and teachers lying dead in a pool of blood, having been shot with one of the lethal weapons you are sworn to protect. Then come back and talk about fear.


Let us turn to something a little more cheerful. This is one of WTF’s favourite weeks in the fashion calendar, the week where the BAFTAs and the BRITs coincide in a cornucopia of cack. We start our survey of the week’s sartorial slop-bucket at the  BAFTAs ceremony itself and actress Alison Janney, wearing Bibhu Mohapatra. 

WTF has adored Alison ever since The West Wing and the dress itself is spectacular, but the shrug looks like the metal bit at the top of a hinged corkscrew.

This is young actress Anya Taylor-Joy, wearing Dolce & Gabbana.

Anna’s lower limbs are in full mourning but the upper thighs are out and proud. Clock the tiara. Anna is the princess of peekaboo.

To the pre-BAFTAs party and actress Kate Mara, wearing Valentino.

Yes, Valentino. This pink thing (the dress, not Kate or Signor Valentino, he is the colour of creosote) is the product of a one night stand between a prawn and a puffy pelmet. And just in case you were insufficiently appalled, Kate has added a red cross-body bag and a pair of pewter pumps, neither of which has anything to do with the price of fish. Kate’s stylist deserves a slap, a P45 and another slap.

To the BRITs and actress Noomi Rapace, wearing Matty Bovan.

This is just weird, like looking at someone’s innards through a kaleidoscope in a trippy version of Silent Witness.

Rapper Rich the Kid.

A very swirly suit, a Mayoral Chain and silly sunglasses. But kudos for carrying the  white rose.

Popular singing troupe Little Mix, in a variety of vulgarity.

From left to right, Jade Thirlwall looks nice in a long black dress and red lippie; Leigh-Anne Pinnock looks more like Leigh-Anne Pillock in a negligée by Stella McCartney who, once again, is taking the piss; Jesy Nelson is giving us the full cameltoe thing in thrush-inducing slime green leather; and Perrie Edwards is wearing a nightdress that appears to go with Leigh-Anne Pillock’s negligée but is in fact by Amanda Wakeley.

Singer Dua Lipa, wearing Giambattista Valli

Dua is very pretty but she is standing in a sea of candy floss.

Singer MNEK.

MNEK has come straight from his day job as a  short-order chef in a corner diner.

Finally, we have OITNB actress Dascha Polanco at an NBA Party. Heaven knows what she is wearing….

Let us not beat about the bush. (Indeed, WTF has never seen a bush that she has beaten about).  This is a shower curtain over baggy thermal long-johns. And the back view is even worse.

This is NOT a size thing. Dascha is gorgeous. This is a fuck-me-that’s-terrible thing.


This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado Annie Bishop, who sent in one of THE MOST REVOLTING things WTF has ever seen. SO THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO SEE LADY PARTS, LOG OFF NOW AND COME BACK NEXT FRIDAY.


Ready? You won’t be….

All together now…..


This merkin is brought to you courtesy of “South Korean-born polymath” designer KAIMIN, who featured them in his New York Fashion Week show. And not just merkins but hairy-bearded merkins. And WTF has a question to ask? Why? WHY? Minge Moments are bad enough but Merkin Moments are quite beyond the pale. KAIMIN and these hairy things have SO Got to Go.


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. Thank you for your comments last week and your – in some cases quite astonishing – suggestions for It’s Got To Go, although whether WTF should be thanking Annie Bishop for the merkin is up for debate. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x






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WTF Embassy Special

Hallo Readers,

You know when you invite someone to dinner and they just stay on after everyone else has gone home, drinking their way through your booze and ignoring your scowls, yawns and heavy hints to leave? Eventually, you are forced to offer him the spare room just so you can get some sleep. Next morning, he is up demanding a cooked breakfast, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee whilst hogging the hot water and clean towels. That evening, he is still there, waiting for his dinner. And he just stays. And stays. And stays. Now multiply that by half a decade. That is Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012 to avoid arrest. He does not like it there. His living quarters are spartan, a small bedroom converted from a ladies toilet, with a bed, a sunlamp, a running machine and internet access. The Ecuadorians, who took him in for reasons they probably can barely remember, hate the sight of him and want him out. The Met Police lurk outside, at huge expense to the taxpayer. No one is happy.

This week, Assange sent M’learned Friends to court to ask the Chief Magistrate to discharge the arrest warrant against him. That warrant is extant because he skipped bail, stuffing his sureties in the process, and sought refuge in the said Embassy to avoid being shipped out to Sweden to face charges of rape. Assange maintains that those charges were trumped up so that, on arrival in Sweden, he could be extradited to the US to face charges of publishing State Secrets on Wikileaks. M’Learned Friends argued that as the Swedes had got fed up and dropped the charges (one of the charges is now time barred in any event), the bail matter was disproportionate and should also be dropped, and that he has been punished enough after so many years of house arrest in the Embassy, suffering from depression, deprived of natural light, a dentist and his liberty. It was, it was said, the equivalent of a prison sentence.

The Chief Magistrate was unimpressed. She pointed out that it was not for Assange to dictate how the law should operate. He had skipped bail, which is an offence. She felt that he was not detained in the Embassy; he had chosen to enter it, he was free to leave it at any time, people could come to visit him whenever they wanted, he could eat and drink and retire to bed when he chose and that denizens of HM Prison Wandsworth might well prefer his living conditions to their own. She might have added that Pamela Anderson was able to visit him. And Nigel Farage could come as well (actually, the old lags definitely have the edge on that one). In short, she ruled, he could fuck right off. And so say all of us.

Assange’s whining, deluded portrayal of himself as a cross between the Prisoner of  Zenda and Nelson Mandela on Robben Island could not be less accurate. How likely is it that he will be extradited to the US when Donald Trump proclaimed during the US Election campaign “I love Wikileaks”? And how can you allow Assange to skip bail unpunished? What happens at Knightsbridge Crown Court when some hardened criminal declines to appear on charges of burglary and GBH on the grounds that what applies to Assange should apply to him as well? It may not be as luxurious as the nearby Carlton Tower, but Assange is in the Embassy because he is unwilling to face arrest were he to leave. It is a self-inflicted wound. He is no hero. He is a weaselly, self-aggrandising, delusional, coward. He can either stay there and rot or the Ecuadorians can stop serving him food and starve him out. Either way we have all heard more than enough from him.


We start our survey of the week’s sartorial stupidity with the 2018 NME Awards in a rain-soaked London and rapper Stefflon Don.

Stefflon resembles a titsy bird of prey in lacy boots.

The rest of the post is from New York Fashion Week and what a dismal collection of people await you, starting with Beyonce’s stylist Ty Hunter, wearing Younhee Park at the Concept Korea show.

He looks like an extra from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. What is he supposed to be? He has very large feet in very shiny shoes, like a clown, which is fitting.

Actress Selma Blair, guest-modelling for Christian Siriano.

Selma seems to have been scribbled all over by a particularly exercised schizophrenic and she is wearing what looks like a slanket. What is the point of wrapping a slanket around your torso when the wind is whistling up your wotsits?  What happens when you want to do a wee-wee? And why on earth is her body-stocking worn over her shoes?

Stylist June Ambrose, wearing DSquared2.

This is the lovechild of a lumberjack and a giant red squirrel with sparkly bootees and a silly hat.

Model Ping, wearing Negris Le Brun.

Call her old-fashioned, but WTF is struggling to understand how a pair of frayed and grubby bloomers constitutes fashion. Ping is dressed for yet another film version of 50 Shades of Filth, this one set in the Victorian era, in which our heroine does the dirty, kinky-style, with the Master of the house.

Actress Tatyana Ali, wearing Taneasha Prunty.

She is lovely and her smile is infectious but there is more droopage than an overladen azalea plant and it is, ahem, somewhat tight around the lady parts.

Actress Paula Patton, wearing Helmut Lang, seen with actress Roselyn Sanchez, wearing Maria Lucia Hohan. Roselyn looks OK. Paula does not.

Paula has been assembled from two separate people, a City gent and a schoolgirl in white frilly ankle socks. Here is a WTF Rule. No one should wear white frilly ankle socks unless they are under the age of five. And certainly not with heels.

Stripper turned rapper, Nya Lee, wearing Agent Provocateur at Phllipp Plein’s show.

This falls squarely into the category of “That is not even clothes”. Everything is either on display or looks as if it is about to be.

Transgender socialite, model and actress Gigi Gorgeous, at The Blonds show.

Those are two of the most improbable tits WTF ever did see in her life, like a couple of bald men hiding behind a bandana, whilst the shorts, complete with mesh and minge magnolia, are to be deplored.

And finally, makeup artist Amra Olevic and Sammy M (no, WTF doesn’t know who the hell he is either) also at The Blonds show. Careful with this one.

Amra, who is a Kim Kardashian lookalikey, is displaying gargantuan amounts of tit and it is 50:50 whether the imminent Minge Moment will happen before or after the imminent Nipslip. As for Freddie Mercury lookalikey Sammy, his outfit is as silly as anything WTF has seen for a long time. Kilts are supposed to be worn with a sporran, not a bumbag, whether Gucci or otherwise, and with some species of shirt or top. In Scotland, they toss the caber. Sammy, alas, just looks a tosser.


This week’s It’s Got To Go comes from WTF aficionado Yvonne from Jedburgh, who is rightly upset about Tory MSP Jeremy Balfour. Balfour attempted to table an amendment to the Scottish Security Bill in the Scottish Parliament “to review the eligibility of terminally-ill people for benefits if they are still alive after three years.” Yvonne says that this is a new low for a Tory. She is right. What is supposed to happen? Is someone to go round to the terminally ill person’s house and tell them hurry up and die? As often, one is put in mind of the words of Lady Bracknell when told that Algernon cannot dine with her that night because his (made-up) friend Mr Bunbury has taken a turn for the worse. “Well I must say, Algernon, I think it is high time that Mr. Bunbury made up his mind whether he was going to live or to die. This shilly-shallying with the question is absurd”. Mr Balfour has SO Got to Go.


OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. WTF enjoyed your top comments last week and welcomes back Andrew Purcell after an illness – he has been much missed. There were also some excellent suggestions for It’s Got To Go. Let us meet again next Friday. Be good x





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