December 2021

  • WTF Christmas Rant 2022

    Hallo Readers, So last week you got the WTF Christmas Turkey Poll 2021 and there’s still time to vote all over the Christmas period. But you didn’t get the rant because WTF was ailing and didn’t even have the energy to rant, which… Continue reading


    Hallo Readers, You know that WTF is poorly when (i) she does not have enough energy to rant and (ii) she is off her food. There are people who keep telling you that they forget to eat. WTF has never forgotten… Continue reading

  • WTF Party-Party Special

    Hallo Readers, Inside no 10 Downing Street, it is about as joyful as National Enema Week. For the last ten days, we have been assured that there had been no Christmas party for the PM’s staff on 18 December 2020, when… Continue reading

  • WTF Fashion Special

    Hallo Readers, It is an ill-wind that blows nobody any good and it appears that the pandemic has blown a veritable gale of opportunity in the direction of mates of prominent Tories. Like the chappie who advised Liz Truss when… Continue reading