So sorry…….you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

Hallo Readers

I have let you down. There is no blog today. There should be – but there isn’t. It will be tomorrow instead. Saturday at 8 15 am. Don’t worry, it will be worth it…

Meanwhile, tide you over,  this splendid example of total horror has been sent in by WTF aficionado Ruth-Anne Beckett  who saw them on Facebook and they have so GOT TO GO!!!!


See you tomorrow……



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2 Responses to So sorry…….you’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

  1. Roger Haxby says:

    thst is surprising. it made me smile. very happy to wait for my weekly fix.

  2. PINK ROSS says:

    Dear WTF

    You are ALWAYS worth waiting for!

    That picture is hilarious.. will keep me giggling all day..

    Pink xx

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