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The scenic county of Shropshire is the Land that Time Forgot and Telford is the Constituency that Shropshire Never Bothered to Remember, a collection of a few former industrial towns and a bit of the Ironbridge Gorge with some 65,000 electors. In May this year, they voted in a Tory MP, Cameron Cutie Lucy Allan. Allan is married to a stockbroker and lives in leafy Wandsworth in South West London, doubtless with a charming pied-à-campagne somewhere in Shropshire subsidised by the taxpayers. Allan had already courted controversy in April when she gave her support to a local Tory Council candidate, Connor Furnival, whom the Daily Mirror had fingered for assaulting his former partner. Furnival  pleaded guilty to assault but Allan could not see what the fuss was about, tweeting “Why is a young working lad shoving his girlfriend national news?”  Despite this, the electors returned Allan as their representative with a whopping majority of 730 votes.

Scroll forward to December when Allan trooped through the lobby in support of the motion to bomb IS. Like many others on both sides of the House, Allan then received messages from her constituents expressing their disapprobation, including an email from bearded, ginger Adam Watling, 27, writing under the pseudonym Rusty Shackleford.  Allan then took to Facebook and wrote as follows:

Those words suggested that Rusty had either, at best, wished her ill or, at worst, threatened to do her in and Rusty was in great indignation at this on the entirely reasonable grounds that he had never written those last three words and produced his original email to prove it. So what did Allan do? Did she apologise? Of course not. She maintained that she had posted “comments actually posted to me on the same day, though not in the same email. Comments were added to the post as they came in. I posted them to show examples of unacceptable online abuse that comes in most days and which most people tolerate in silence”. 

Now Allan has a Masters degree in employment law. There is a legal term for her explanation. It is called “bollocks”. You do not have to be Lady Hale to understand that if you write, “This is from Rusty from Dawley”, it means that the contents that follow are from Rusty from Dawley, not from Rusty from Dawley and A N Other from some other Godforsaken place. Making up your own death threats is political Munchhausen’s Syndrome, showing contempt for her own constituents and contempt for the truth. Allan has never produced the email from A N Other which used the phrase “unless you die”  and has since taken herself off all social media in an attempt to avoid further examples of “unacceptable online abuse”,  save that in her case it is impossible to be abusive enough.

So far only the Mail Online, the local BBC, The Independent and LBC’s excellent James O’Brien have picked up on the story, although it caused a Twitterstorm. Why has it been buried? Had Allan been a Corbynista, we would never have heard the end of it. Or are we so used to MPs lying to us that it is simply considered not to be a story? Tory HQ is busy trying to keep Lord Feldman afloat but when someone next draws up a schedule for mucking out the Augean stables, he or she might assign time to clean up after Allan because she clearly has absolutely  no intention of cleaning up after herself.

We start our foray into the fashion farmyard with Katie Price promoting her new app Katie Price Official which, we are told, gives access to every area of her life. 

WTF feels compelled to enquire whether there is any part of Katie’s life which is unknown to any bugger between here and Botswana and if there is, what can it be other than her preferred choice of tampon? At least the App is free. Katie, on the other hand, just looks cheap, the school swot at McTrinians. She is a ghastly woman and it would be really nice if she just went away.

Next we meet Bryshere Y Gray, aka rapper Yazz the Greatest. He also stars in Empire.

WTF is all for recycling so Bryshere is to be congratulated for finding a use for all those discarded Ferrero Rocher wrappers. And his trousers seem to have fallen out with his ankles.

Here is Amal Clooney wearing vintage Lanvin. 

This is the same stuff as those foil blankets they throw over you when you collapse at the side of the road half way through a marathon, just after you have been overtaken by an octogenarian and two fat boys dressed as a cake. Just because it is vintage does not mean that it is nice. Fact.

This is Oscar nominee, young actress Hailee Steinfeld wearing a Yeezus crop top and John Paul Ataker lace trousers.

Keen Readers will be aware that WTF hates lace trousers almost above all things and they seem to be proliferating. Last week we had Myleene Klass flashing her arse in some and now Hailee is wearing what looks like shorts sewn into a net curtain and teamed with a crop top from Kanye West’s fashion label. Kanye is to fashion what Kim is to fashion – only very distantly related. Still Hailee has a terrific midriff and gets brownie points for not showing her bellybutton.

Now we have actress Jenna Dewan Tatum, wife of The Horrible Eight star Channing Tatum, wearing Marchesa at its Hollywood premiere.

There has long been a tradition of women stealing the limelight at their partner’s premieres by turning up with their undies on view. Sometimes, they are not wearing undies at all. This dress ticks virtually every WTF hate box – sheer, bondage, large panties. That is a lot of ticks. A veritable tickfest.

Here is one of our regulars, buxom beauty Mariah Carey. WTF does not know what Mariah is wearing but she does know she wishes she wasn’t wearing it.

This is a very ridiculous look. Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley could probably get away with this leather-trousers-and-corset combo but Mariah is not Rosie. Leather trousers are very unforgiving to thicker thighs and sadly Mariah’s resemble a couple of jumbo-sized bratwurst on sale at a Cologne Christmas Market. But what is really offensive here are the tights underneath the leather trousers. She must be roasting. Mariah! Watch out for that Beastie Yeastie!

Finally we have a newcomer, Bollywood actress Sofia Hayat who attended the London premiere of The Danish Girl in boobacious latex. 

Blimey. She looks scary. You would pay some Madame dressed like this a lot of money to whip you into unconscious delirium and you would still be rubbing cream into the weals weeks later. Those tits are like a couple of hillocks covered in Batman logos for a Batman convention. Those tits are OUTRAGEOUS.

Readers are unanimous  about this week’s It’s Got To Go. Donald Trump. A bigot with a bad combover. Racist. Sexist. Everything-ist. And the trouble is, there are a lot of people in the USA who agree with him. He’s Got to Go.

OK Readers, that’s your lot for this week. The wonderful Andrew Purcell left a top comment last week but he was the only one! You really don’t want WTF to go into decline do you? Have sympathy for her friends and relations. Meanwhile, keep sending your splendid suggestions for It’s Got To Go and let us meet again next Friday. Be good x


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  1. Is it fashionable to wear your tits around your waist? I am puzzled by the amount of droopage displayed by Amal Clooney. Clooney hasn’t had bear the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding neither is she old. Considering her high profile hobby and marriage why does she always look so ill advised about her clothes, hair, weight, face …. well everything really. I am afraid I started to dislike the look of her long ago.

  2. Amal Clooney is looking decidedly `lollypop head lady` these days. As for Mariah Carey.. it might be better if the leathers actually fitted her, but I doubt it. WTF is correct in saying there is absolutely nothing we don’t know about Katie Price.Unfortunately. The app sounds like a desperate bid for the last few people to catch up. When did Bollywood stars start flashing everything like that??
    I am also very bored with see-though/lace trousers.
    Totally agree about Donald Trump. Very dangerous man.God help the world if he should win.

  3. Lord Dodo

    I wrote as follows on a FB post this week announcing the the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen had stripped Trump of his honorary degree following his well publicised comments:

    I’m Jewish. I think the fact that he came out and said what he said is probably the best thing that could have happened. Now hopefully Americans will wake up to the real person that he is and not give him the ticket to anywhere remotely close to the White House because if they do, God help us all.

    I stand by my comments. A lot of people seem to agree with me.

    PS. Jenna Dewan Tatum is wearing the ghost of ‘Corset Christmas Past’. Must be a seasonal thing.

    1. Spot on on so many levels. And apologies for not commenting recently…busy????? Lucie Allan is unbelievable–she should be drawn and quartered. Hard to believe she has a law degree??? And Trump should make the It’s Got To Go list every single week until he maybe disappears. (Americans are idiots–remember when we voted in George W. Bush back for a second term after he had f*cked everything up? Still makes me shiver…) So creepy on so many levels. Now to “fashion”: Katie Price–a paederast’s wet dream? seriously gross but she does have nice legs. Amal: just because it’s Lanvin doesn’t mean it’s lovely. Poor Mariah–such great pipes but she really needs to start doing pushaways–as in “push away” from the dinner table. And Sofia Hayat’s outfit is also gross, but her face would truly scare a dog!!

  4. Some lawyers in some common law criminal jurisdictions would be pleased to argue that Alan’s alteration to the email amounts to forgery (dishonestly altering then tendering the document as genuine). If Rusty was identifiable as a known person, some would argue defamation as a head of remedy but…..what would I know? Keith of Melbourne

    1. Even assuming Rusty was real, what reputation could he claim to have that had been lowered [oooh, that’s clumsy] given the comment he’s owned up to? And what kind of rep can his real alter ego have either?
      Allan must have better trolls, anyway. Like this one: http://m.imgur.com/a/Gjcb5

  5. We are expected to believe there are two documents, one a genuine threatening letter and another merely strongly worded letter of protest. Why not just show the threatening one?
    Does she think we are stupid?

  6. Vocabulary.
    “Bollocks” is a legal term?
    When the Sex Pistols released their classic record “Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols” I was told that bollocks was an anatomical term.
    (‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’)
    Political Munchhausen’s Syndrome? I will have to introduce you to the American right wing version, the War on Christianity that is being waged by the liberal elites who control the United States, and its seasonal cousin, the War on Christmas. Despite the fact that roughly 90% of the people living in the U.S. Identify themselves as one form of Christian or another, it makes the righties feel better if they portray themselves as a persecuted minority. And suffering from make believe persecution is a lot easier than being subjected to the real thing.
    Since the planet is spherical there must undoubtedly be a way to locate Texas between London and Botswana. You may have mentioned Katie Price in passing but I’m drawing a blank. Are there really that many people who care about her choice of sanitary products? This is not an area of commerce that draws on a lot of celebrity endorsements.

  7. Didn’t know that Liar Allan lived in the Tory Republic of Wandsworth but it all makes sense. Hasn’t she commited some sort of fraud in public office? Shouldn’t she be in serious schtook with her employers? If I had done that to an email sent to me by a member of the public I would be sitting on the front steps clutching my mug and my spare cardie, whilst security chaps locked the doors behind me. And so should she. Vile woman.

    1. Hear, hear. Liar, liar – pants on fire – it’d be great to see Allan also in the fashion section, dressed accordingly.

  8. PS Amal Clooney’s outfit just proves the adage that money can’t buy class.

  9. It’s got to go! I try to be tolerant about children in restaurants but when parents seem to think it is acceptable to prop them up with an iPad playing horrid, whiney electronic children’s game/video/music? Endlessly? Ok, so it’s probably better than them screaming, but only just! This has happened twice to me recently, is anyone crowdfunding kiddie headphones? If so, sign me up for a few bob…,,

  10. Yvonne Ridley – Yvonne Ridley is a British author and journalist who is the Diplomatic Editor at WTX News. She's an esteemed journalist with four decades of experience in print, TV and radio as well as online media. She is a WTX News champion specialising in politics and current affairs; providing news and analysis on News as it breaks, as well as in depth analytical pieces that everyone should read. Her acerbic column, 'The Week So Far' (TWSF) by Yvonne Ridley, is a round up news around the world; it's a concise summary as part of our news briefing section. Still travelling in to war zones, despite being held by the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan back in 2001, she continues to report from some of the world's hotspot and was the first British journalist to gain access to rebel-held Syria in early 2019. In her early days she worked as a senior reporter with several well-known British newspapers including The Sunday Times, The Observer, The Independent on Sunday and The Sunday Express. It was while working for the latter as Chief Reporter on an undercover assignment in Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 that she herself became the subject of international headlines when she was captured by the Taliban. She is part of the core team that runs WTX News and ensures our work is always based on serving the readers. We absolutely Love her work and hope you will too. When she's not working for WTX News, she's also a published author. Her latest book has received acclaimed reviews and can be bought here: https://www.cambridgescholars.com/the-rise-of-the-prophet-muhammad There's a 20pc discount for WTX readers if you key in the promotional phrase: Prophet20

    Lucy Allan must have nominated herself for next week’s “It’s Got To Go” cos I can’t find her account on Twitter now!

  11. fkarno

    Amal Clooney was sacked by the Greek government as adviser for the recovery of the Elgin Marbles. Now we now why.

  12. “Those tits are like a couple of hillocks covered in Batman logos for a Batman convention…” And yes, of course I would – dressed as The Joker and tied to Big Ben’s big hand.

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