Dear all


It isn’t Friday. Your WTF Next (working title) was prematurely released. If you haven’t read it, don’t. Save yourself until Friday


Yours penitently


WTF xx


ps Sorry


pps Sorry

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  1. Jane Hallett says:

    Oh, I just thought Xmas had come early this week.

  2. Merrill April says:

    And all our hopes were raised….
    Sent from my Blackberry wireless device

  3. Alessandra Fanone says:

    Lol, me too. I had just come out of a meeting at the Inner Temple, what was an hour had suddenly turned into 3 days. :)) It certainly felt that way and then I saw your post. Sorry, couldn’t resist reading a bit. Maybe you should think about doing a mid week teaser.

  4. So there will be more? Goody!

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