August 2013

  • WTF Mickey Mouse Special

    Hallo Readers, Wow! Who saw that one coming? Call Me Dave tried to lead us up the garden path into military madness and Parliament stopped him. It was simply astonishing. The majority of MPs realised that the British Public, having… Continue reading

  • WTF Man on the Clapham Omnibus Special

    Hallo Readers, Joan Edwards died aged 90 leaving her life savings to “whichever Government is in office at the date of my death for the Government in their absolute discretion to use as it thinks fit”. Ms Edwards neither married nor had… Continue reading

  • WTF Cowell Baby Special

    Hallo Readers, WTF is stepping away from the issue of trolls as she is more than a little bored with the recriminations over who did and who did not observe Sunday’s twitter silence, a topic generating as much heat and vehemence as… Continue reading

  • WTF Twittertwat Special

    Hallo Readers,  This is what WTF has learned from this week’s Twitter uproar. First, we should acknowledge that the Twittertwats target, abuse and threaten men and women of all races, religions, beliefs and practices. Second, there are some men out there… Continue reading