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WTF  is off on her holidays this week so instead of the usual post, this is your chance to vote for the Summer Stinker featuring WTF’s selection of the worst fashion disasters so far in 2013. All you have to do is to consider the 18 ghastly candidates below and then vote for the worst one.


This is not a dress. It is a pair of tights with a bird embroidered on it. And those tits look like footballs. WTF suspects they may not be her own.


This was shortly after Christmas so one can only assume that Loretta was recycling her old wrapping paper. The results are not flattering and she looks more shrink wrapped than gift wrapped.


Stylist Jay looked as if he had been caught in a pigeon-shit-storm. Even Alfred Hitchcock in The Birds would not have dared present us with something as spattered as this horror show.


Sigourney attended the SAG Awards in this Lanvin dress which she turned back to front, thus giving the impression of wearing a large frilly cushion cover. Can you imagine how Bad it must have looked the other way around?


Brandi took time off from her never-ending feud with ex Eddie Cibrian and his new wife LeAnn Rimes to attend the Oscars in a dress of her own design with her tits spilling out of a bodice 3 sizes too small and a skirt made out of poodle hair. It was probably not a coincidence that she had recently had a new book out.


Anne was all set to wear a Valentino frock at the Oscars (she was shoo-in for Best Supporting Actress) but switched at the last minute and ended up in this pastel-pink Prada effort with seams that looked like an ice cube had been applied to her nipples. And it’s creased.

7. KE$HA

Ke$ha is dressed as Queen of the May, which is offensive enough, and with a garland on her head which is worse, but those sausage-skin shiny tights are just unforgiveable.


Designer to the WAGS Nadine attended a ball in Manchester in this vile dress of her own design with a full-on minge moment and a revolting seam running along her thighs like a tapeworm.


Alan is Scottish. Can you tell? This nonsensical outfit seems to have been inspired by Fred Flintstone and his pale, hairy legs are most unappealing. As is the rest of him.



Billionaire’s wife and socialite Lisa Marie had a hand in designing this thing by Zaldy, which is part rocket, part banana, held together with rivets and worn over a black rubber bra. Extra minus points for the gloves which make her look like Venus de Milo and which have a missing index finger.


Of course Kim is entitled to put on weight when she is pregnant but she is not entitled to attend the Met Ball dressed as a sofa with built-in gloves.  Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy tried to defend his creation but even Kim’s sisters hated it – and said so.


There was probably a good reason why Charlotte decided to put on this gold robot outfit with stockinged feet. It is just that WTF has no idea what it might have been. And it made her look enormous.


After this Antonio Berardi dress got the bird from all and sundry,  Gwyneth tried to maintain that she only realised that it was sheer on both sides moments before leaving the house. Since the panels are sheer from top to toe showing her arse and putting onlookers in imminent fear of a minge moment, WTF suggests that she takes a trip to Specsavers or gets a new stylist.  Or both.


Readers are still in shock after seeing this Alexandre Vauthier “dress” and with good reason. In fact there seemed to be little point in her wearing it at all, given that it  neither covered her breasts nor her nether regions. Whatever that was hanging out of the red panties, nobody wanted to see it.


Another Givenchy horror. Even gorgeous supermodel Adriana looked like a sack of shit in this nonsense. WTF also took great exception to the black sparkly knickers although given the current fashion climate, we should only be grateful that she wore any at all.


Why anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond WTF’s comprehension. Mollie is very pretty without an ounce of fat on her, but Alexander Heal’s dress made her look large, especially with that gold tape measure around the waist.


Now Zang has better legs than most women (and a lot smoother) but even so, the ensemble of white silk tennis skirt, white tie and black brogues was just not on, like a waiter who has forgotten his trousers. And the electronic tag on his ankle made him look as if he was on bail.


Lizzie just happened to be on the balcony wearing a red condom with underboob when a random paparazzo was underneath with his camera. Really? Especially as Tamara Ecclestone had rented out the whole of the Hotel du Cap Ferrat to keep her wedding celebrations private. Funny that…..

OK Readers, that is the selection. Now it is up to you so get voting. And you can also leave some of your excellent comments. Meanwhile, we shall meet again next Friday. Be good x

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8 responses to “WTF Summer Stinker Poll Special”

  1. and do I get a prize for being the first vote?

  2. Soooooo difficult. I’ve run through the list twice and decided it’s impossible to have just the one winner/loser – so here is the voting from the Verrinder jury…………..
    .in third place – Alan Cumming, apart form the whole silliness of the outfit, he committed the cardinal sartorial sin of……tucking in his tie!!!!
    .in second place – Zang Toi, that look gets you a free stoning in a Glasgow gay bar!
    .in first place – Emanuelle Seigner (by a country mile) whose bottom appears to have the equivalent of a ‘double chin’
    And that concludes the voting from the Verrinder jury.

  3. Alan Cumming got my vote. Where the others displayed either cluelessness or desperation for attention, he showed contempt. He had a perfectly good kilt that should have been an homage to his heritage but instead played it for laughs. Ha, ha, ha.

  4. The gynecology shows are very disturbing but I remain bowled over by Charlotte Church’s Flash Gordon suit. And please WTF, after your well earned rest trawling horror for our delectation, may you consider addressing the taboo subject of Carol Vorderman?

  5. oh God it has to be Mena and Murabi.
    So awful and shameless I actually feel sick and Murabi I think would just win the no 1 vote as despite the short dress, Mena’s essentials are still more covered up than Murabi’s.
    Oh God how did she go out in that I mean- you could SEE her nether regions! yuk yuk yuk.

  6. Can you tell I’m shocked..?

  7. You think it just can’t get any worse and then you scroll down ….. now come back prontissimo and keep us entertained

  8. These are sights that once seen can never be unseen. I voted late, but often.

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