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WTF Boris Special

Hallo Readers, Sometime in the 14th century, Dick Whittington and his cat were trudging up Highgate Hill heading North to escape his creditors when he heard Bow Bells ringing out and a voice saying “Turn Again Dick Whittington Lord Mayor of London”. Nowadays … Continue reading

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WTF Charity Begins At Home Special

Hallo Readers, Last Friday, the whole of BBC1 was devoted to Comic Relief Red Nose Day,  in which so-called comedians and celebritees do silly things with the aim of inducing the Great British Public to open its wallet and give … Continue reading

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WTF Sickbag Special

Hallo Readers, Gosh, there is such a cornucopia of horribleness awaiting you today.  But before we get to that, we need to consider the question of  standards in public life. As you know, Chris Huhne and his ex Vicki Pryce have … Continue reading

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WTF Ooh La La Special

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WTF Oscars Special

Hallo Readers, There is something magical about Oscars night on the Red Carpet. Magical as in a Grimms’ fairy tale filled with evil hobgoblins pushing past each other on their way to interview the stars, trampling on their borrowed finery and … Continue reading

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